Majesty, Mystery

Wednesday afternoon I sat on the porch, read my Bible, furiously journal-ed & soaked up the gorgeous Spring weather. The longer I sat, the deeper I grew in awe of God’s creation…. His majesty, His mystery. I hear your birds sing as the wind rustles leaves all around. Gazing into your blue sky, remarkably clear, effortlessly smooth, wondering– how the clouds form…. why they float … Continue reading Majesty, Mystery

Honest Heart

My desire for Still Waters and purpose in creating the blog is to share honesty with my readers, no matter how frightening this transparency can be. Honesty regarding my medical experiences, honesty regarding my hardest moments and also most beautiful and intimate moments. Honesty in my very long and impossibly difficult recovery, which I will not share in total-confusing detail but I also won’t minimize … Continue reading Honest Heart

Confessions of a Doubting Patient

**This memo was scribbled into the “Notes” of my phone during the car ride home from Cincinnati on October 3, just days before we received the news that I qualify for an Islet Cell Transplant. My circumstances had been unknown & up-in-the-air for so long; at this time it seemed they were destined to stay that way even longer. God put this message on my … Continue reading Confessions of a Doubting Patient