Contagious Joy

Have you ever met someone who exudes true Godly joy in the midst of every situation? Someone who wears a genuine smile daily and overflows such copious amounts of joy that their joy actually becomes contagious. These unicorns are extremely rare, few and far beyond. It takes someone created extra special by the hands of God to carry this contagious joy.  Unfortunately, not everyone receives … Continue reading Contagious Joy

Eyes on the Prize

It has been a long, excruciating 7 weeks since my last Still Waters post. Seven weeks filled with some blissful highs and frightening lows; there has been an over abundance of vomiting, tears, wet-to-dry wound changes, shots, pills, unrelenting pain and overwhelming sadness, but also, overwhelming love and support. Following my major surgery on November 6, I spent the next 23 days (the first 7 … Continue reading Eyes on the Prize

Farewell, Captain!

“I am the captain now.” These are the commanding words I imagined my pancreas saying to me as it reared its ugly tail and stared me down. Clearly, I was in a state of delirium from unrelenting pain, nevertheless, this encounter felt very real. I had seen previews for the movie Captain Phillips and pictured my pancreas in the role of the hijacker Somali pirate … Continue reading Farewell, Captain!