#ThoughtofThanks: Slumber party & church shower 

“Here’s a story  Of a bride named Mally Who was having fun with very lovely girls  All of them were partying  In cute pajamas  Before the 23rd… The bridal bunch  The bridal bunch  Oh how I love this bridal bunch!”   What a joyous Saturday & Sunday! I’m still in disbelief that this weekend brought our pre-wedding festivities to a close as we are UNDER … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Slumber party & church shower 

#ThoughtofThanks: Fav Things Shower 

I’m a week late posting this story, but better late than never…right? Sunday, March 20 was such a special, wonderful, memorable day! And I truly cannot say thank you enough to all of the ladies involved in my “Favorite-Things” wedding shower!    Thrown by Mary Jo & Linda, both of whom taught me in elementary school (kindergarten & 1st grade) and have played huge roles … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Fav Things Shower 

#ThoughtofThanks: Shower Time 

The wedding is barely over a month (what?!) away and the pre I-Do festivities are in full swing.  This weekend we traveled to Tyler’s hometown, sweet Somerset, for a night with his family and a wedding shower thrown by their (our) church family on Sunday afternoon.        To the ladies of Grace Baptist Church: you truly outdid yourselves in the best way! No detail was … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Shower Time 

#ThoughtofThanks: Girl Time

Friendships are hard for this sick chick. Back when I was a regular girl living a normal, full, active life I felt like I had friends galore. Elementary through high school I always had a solid group of girl friends. Looking back, I’m thrilled I spent my young days with solid female friends instead of wasting time on meaningless boyfriends. Part of my college experience … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Girl Time


While writing this week’s #ThoughtofThanks I’m reminded of the true reason behind starting this weekly routine. God laid an idea on my heart to encourage others to see “it’s completely possible to find something to be thankful for no matter your circumstances.” Even in the worst moments, God has graciously blessed ALL of us with multiple reasons to be thankful. How different would this world … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks


Today’s #ThoughtofThanks is posted in gratitude of prayer. Yes, prayer. As Believers it’s essential to recognize the amazing, earth-shattering power that lies in the act of prayer, especially for others. Through the last 2.5 years my family and I have been absolutely showered in selfless, loving, sincere, desperate pray from loved ones and total strangers alike. We’ve seen prayer after prayer answered (lots of no … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks