#ThoughtofThanks: Halloween happenings

BOOO! Are ya scared?  Happy Halloween, y’all!  Halloween can be such a fun day. I know there are lots of people, especially in the Christian community, who do not believe in acknowledging the holiday because of the dark undertones. And I totally respect, and understand that.  For me, however, Halloween was always a blast. My mom is super creative…growing up she could convince me to … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Halloween happenings

#ThoughtofThanks: Personal Victories & Powerful Voices 

The last five days have been… WOW. I’m actually a bit speechless in the best way. God’s voice has been ever present, speaking LOUD and CLEAR to my soul. After facing difficult disappointment a few weeks back, God has been showing me that His timing is everything. He has other plans, GREATER plans. I feel like there is a lot He wants me to do … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Personal Victories & Powerful Voices 

#ThoughtofThanks: Babies, Besties, & Big Wins 

In my last post I shared a bit of my heartache after an expected disappointment last week. On Wednesday I’ll be sharing the story & feelings of what lead to my despair. A dark cloud seemed to look over me through the week. I allowed myself to cry & journal, to stay silent & process, but also express my frustrations when the words came upon … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Babies, Besties, & Big Wins 

#ThoughtofThanks: Rounding out summer

We blinked & it seems summer (as determined by the school year) has come & gone. School is back in session. Since my mom is a full-time educator this means that my days with Uncle Vince have started back up. On the days that he isn’t at his day program, I spend the workday hours with him at my parents house. I am his caretaker … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Rounding out summer

#ThoughtofThanks: June & July Roundup

If you keep up with me via social media (Instagram: stillwatersblog) (Facebook: Still Waters Blog) then you know that my summer has been CRAZY. From my best friend’s bachelorette party & wedding, to multiple birthdays (Mine then Tyler’s then Jamie’s), to suffering through additional immense physical pain. It’s been filled with wonderful blessings but also many days of misery.  I try to update those accounts … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: June & July Roundup

#ThoughtofThanks: Wedding Pictures!

We’re just over a month into married life and there’s one word that sums up our experience:   BLISS.   Total bliss in the mundane routines of life, total bliss in paying bills, total bliss in doing dishes and laundry, even total bliss in the suffering and sickness because I have a selfless husband who makes me feel totally taken care of, valued, and loved. … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Wedding Pictures!

Wedding Video & Vendor Review!

**This week’s #ThoughtofThanks is arriving 12 hours early and is in appreciation of the BEST wedding vendors who greatly contributed to our perfect wedding!   If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a video worth? One million! After watching our wedding recap video (1oo times) I realized how infinitely priceless it is to actually re-watch pieces of the greatest … Continue reading Wedding Video & Vendor Review!