#ThoughtofThanks: Personal Victories & Powerful Voices 

The last five days have been… WOW. I’m actually a bit speechless in the best way. God’s voice has been ever present, speaking LOUD and CLEAR to my soul. After facing difficult disappointment a few weeks back, God has been showing me that His timing is everything. He has other plans, GREATER plans. I feel like there is a lot He wants me to do … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Personal Victories & Powerful Voices 

#ThoughtofThanks: Babies, Besties, & Big Wins 

In my last post I shared a bit of my heartache after an expected disappointment last week. On Wednesday I’ll be sharing the story & feelings of what lead to my despair. A dark cloud seemed to look over me through the week. I allowed myself to cry & journal, to stay silent & process, but also express my frustrations when the words came upon … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Babies, Besties, & Big Wins 

#ThoughtofThanks: Rounding out summer

We blinked & it seems summer (as determined by the school year) has come & gone. School is back in session. Since my mom is a full-time educator this means that my days with Uncle Vince have started back up. On the days that he isn’t at his day program, I spend the workday hours with him at my parents house. I am his caretaker … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Rounding out summer

#ThoughtofThanks: June & July Roundup

If you keep up with me via social media (Instagram: stillwatersblog) (Facebook: Still Waters Blog) then you know that my summer has been CRAZY. From my best friend’s bachelorette party & wedding, to multiple birthdays (Mine then Tyler’s then Jamie’s), to suffering through additional immense physical pain. It’s been filled with wonderful blessings but also many days of misery.  I try to update those accounts … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: June & July Roundup

#ThoughtofThanks: Wedding Pictures!

We’re just over a month into married life and there’s one word that sums up our experience:   BLISS.   Total bliss in the mundane routines of life, total bliss in paying bills, total bliss in doing dishes and laundry, even total bliss in the suffering and sickness because I have a selfless husband who makes me feel totally taken care of, valued, and loved. … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: Wedding Pictures!

Wedding Video & Vendor Review!

**This week’s #ThoughtofThanks is arriving 12 hours early and is in appreciation of the BEST wedding vendors who greatly contributed to our perfect wedding!   If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a video worth? One million! After watching our wedding recap video (1oo times) I realized how infinitely priceless it is to actually re-watch pieces of the greatest … Continue reading Wedding Video & Vendor Review!

#ThoughtofThanks: The WEDDING! 

15 days of wedded bliss down & an entire lifetime to go.. As the last two weeks have unfolded we are feeling the greatest, sweetest JOY of our lives! We have yet to stop smiling, laughing, squeezing, or praising God for allowing us to enter into this sacred union. Our Father gives the greatest gifts.  Today’s #ThoughtofThanks is in honor of my FAVORITE DAY EVER.  … Continue reading #ThoughtofThanks: The WEDDING!