Food Is Overrated

{EAT} this simple, three-lettered word ignites a firestorm of emotional response through its massive power and universal meaning. To eat = the one act that unifies all organisms on the Earth; from tiny bugs to giant predators, from plants to people, everything under the sun must eat. God created all with a basic instinct, desire and need to eat. We are equipped with hunger as … Continue reading Food Is Overrated

Light is Everywhere

After an overwhelming response filled with love, encouragement & humility to the introduction of Still Waters (thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart), I intended to share more with you during the middle of this week. Unfortunately, my pancreas had other plans for me… doesn’t it always?! Sadly, my pancreas spiraled (even more) out of control, into another miserable full-blown attack, … Continue reading Light is Everywhere

Confessions of a Doubting Patient

**This memo was scribbled into the “Notes” of my phone during the car ride home from Cincinnati on October 3, just days before we received the news that I qualify for an Islet Cell Transplant. My circumstances had been unknown & up-in-the-air for so long; at this time it seemed they were destined to stay that way even longer. God put this message on my … Continue reading Confessions of a Doubting Patient