World Pancreatic Cancer Day in the eyes of a survivor  

Today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day… Go Purple!  And I honestly don’t know what to say. Happy Day? Yeah let’s celebrate? Hmmm. And you would think this day would be near to my heart; yes it is. But honestly a big part of me doesn’t even want to acknowledge days like this. Not because I don’t want a cure, or I’m callous to all those … Continue reading World Pancreatic Cancer Day in the eyes of a survivor  

It’s okay to want more

The last few weeks have brought on a mix of weird feelings. Feelings that I’m not quite sure how to decipher… and sometimes I don’t want to even try. But each time I put pen to paper I find my hand furiously scribbling away, filling up page after page in my journal. It is a free therapy session between Dr. God and me, the only … Continue reading It’s okay to want more

God can use you wherever you are 

Let’s get real for a minute. The mundane routines of day to day life make it really easy to feel lost. To feel unimportant. To feel purpose-less. To question “What on Earth am I here for?” Comparison is such a thief. We look at pictures, posts of exciting lives full of travel, food, riches, and people who seem to have so much direction. Wow, that … Continue reading God can use you wherever you are 

Purple for Pancreas: Help me by showing your support!

Friends, it has been too long since I have shared my heart. The last few weeks have held some super exciting moments: bringing my wedding gown home from Cincinnati to have local alterations (it’s hanging in my closet right now!), an early Thanksgiving celebration with my family– we have not had one in two years because of my medical issues, and this weekend we are … Continue reading Purple for Pancreas: Help me by showing your support!

Farewell, Captain!

“I am the captain now.” These are the commanding words I imagined my pancreas saying to me as it reared its ugly tail and stared me down. Clearly, I was in a state of delirium from unrelenting pain, nevertheless, this encounter felt very real. I had seen previews for the movie Captain Phillips and pictured my pancreas in the role of the hijacker Somali pirate … Continue reading Farewell, Captain!

Food Is Overrated

{EAT} this simple, three-lettered word ignites a firestorm of emotional response through its massive power and universal meaning. To eat = the one act that unifies all organisms on the Earth; from tiny bugs to giant predators, from plants to people, everything under the sun must eat. God created all with a basic instinct, desire and need to eat. We are equipped with hunger as … Continue reading Food Is Overrated

Light is Everywhere

After an overwhelming response filled with love, encouragement & humility to the introduction of Still Waters (thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart), I intended to share more with you during the middle of this week. Unfortunately, my pancreas had other plans for me… doesn’t it always?! Sadly, my pancreas spiraled (even more) out of control, into another miserable full-blown attack, … Continue reading Light is Everywhere