Purple for Pancreas: Help me by showing your support!

Friends, it has been too long since I have shared my heart. The last few weeks have held some super exciting moments: bringing my wedding gown home from Cincinnati to have local alterations (it’s hanging in my closet right now!), an early Thanksgiving celebration with my family– we have not had one in two years because of my medical issues, and this weekend we are … Continue reading Purple for Pancreas: Help me by showing your support!

Left Behind

Graduations. Earned degrees. Job interviews. The first REAL job. Accomplishments. Achievements. Having something to be proud of. Your first place that’s all your own. Engagements (check!). Weddings (coming 4/23/16). Babies (not for a loong time). Independence. Financial freedom. Work Stress. Bills stress. “I can’t pay for groceries this month” stress. “Mom and Dad I need a loan” stress. Grocery shopping. Errands running. Driving. Normalcy. Friends. … Continue reading Left Behind

Pictures Are Worth Infinite Words

For everyone who has been following my journey, this post is filled with pictures that tell the story of my 23 days in the hospital following my Pancreatectomy, Splenectomy and Islet Cell Transplant in November. During that time we witnessed God’s answers to the unceasing prayers of you the faithful warriors. We saw God’s miracles. I can’t thank you all enough for your loving prayers … Continue reading Pictures Are Worth Infinite Words