Hi there! Welcome to Still Waters. 

I’m Mallory, a 24-year-old Daughter of Christ, born and raised in the Bluegrass.

Still Waters is my story of battling life-threatening sickness through the power of faith, fruit, and family.

In October 2013, at the age of 20, I was shockingly diagnosed with a solid pseudopapillary tumor in my pancreas… a diagnosis which turned my world upside down in ways I could have never predicted. In the two weeks following this diagnosis I would withdraw from college at Western Kentucky University- leaving my whole life behind for what I thought would only be a few months, yet never returned to- move back home, and undergo massive all-day surgery called a “Whipple” to remove this very rare tumor amongst many other parts. My surgery was a success and after eight days in the hospital my parents brought me home to begin the long road to recovery.

Less than two months later, I was struck by my first attack with acute pancreatitis… the force which would soon become my body’s greatest enemy. This was thought to be a rare complication from my Whipple, yet, nothing that couldn’t be resolved with some medical attention. On Christmas night we headed back home…unfortunately not for long. Thus, the cycle of unrelenting pancreatitis began– excruciating pain, followed by vomitting despite not having anything to eat or drink all day/days, calling the doctor, driving 45 minutes to the hospital, crying in the ER, FINALLY being admitted, spending some time in the hospital… back home for a few days, start again.

Pancreatitis is treated through (1) Lots of pain meds (2)Being declared NPO (no drinking or eating) until your pancreatic enzyme levels return to a normal range. Each time I had an attack I would spend several days NPO then slowly introduce liquids and solids to my system. But after a few days at home my pancreas would errupt again, more severely every time. My doctors determined that my pancreas needed a longer period of rest- this is when I got a PICC line in my arm and began TPN (IV nutrition.) After 31 days on TPN alone I took my first bite of food. I remember thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe I went that long without eating..thank you Lord for pulling me through and for your healing! I hope I never have to do this again.”

Unfortunately, about two weeks later I found myself back in the hospital, my pancreatitis wasn’t ready to let go. During this stay, I had surgery to place a feeding tube that would be my sole source of nutrition for, what we hoped, the next two months. I began tube feeds at the beginning of March and stayed on 24-hour feeds, with nothing by mouth other than some clear liquids, for the next 8 1/2 months. My body was not healing the way we so desperately hoped and prayed it would, rather, things continued to get much worse.

Though this time was filled with miserable pain, constant disappointment, confused doctors appointments and great sadness, more importantly, it was also filled with the peace that passes understanding, beauty from ashes moments, the comforting embrace of a loving Savior and treasures that can only be found in the darkness (Isaiah 45:3).

On November 6, 2014, I underwent a total Pancreatectomy, Splenectomy, and Islet Cell Transplant to end the vicious cycle which had made me prisoner to a broken body, and give me a second chance at life.

Now, nearly 3 years post op I’m still dealing with sickness. Pain, fatigue, & major digestive issues plague me constantly. My focus is 100% on healing, trying to teach my body how to eat & digest again, re-entering the world and regaining life, and of course enjoying this new marriage thing!

I’ve been primarily vegan throughout my healing process, but after going 100% vegan in 2017 then implementing a Raw Fruitarian Diet my healing has accelerated times 100. I am PASSIONATE about the healing power of PLANTS, the magic of fruits, greens, & veggies is more powerful than any medicine.

I have no idea what God has in store for my future, but whatever it is, I know it’s more incredible than anything I could ever imagine.

Still Waters is my journal, my story… the song God has given me to share with you in hopes of bringing encouragement, hope, salvation and above all, glory to Him who is worthy of ALL praise no matter the circumstance. Though my experiences are unique, overall, my story is not. It’s the tale of a sinner whose world is shaken by a merciful, powerful God. A sinner whose heart and soul is transformed by the grace of a Mighty Redeemer who provides comfort through every valley, every plateau, and every peak. It’s a story that shares a great many similarities with millions of others. A story marked by One God, One Love, One Death and One Resurrection. The same Deliverer who rescued me, CAN and WILL, rescue you. Living by faith is by no means an easy ride. Yet, it’s undoubtedly the only path that can truly satisfy the emptiest spaces of your soul.

Thanks for reading; enjoy!

All of my love,


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  1. Love you! Read your entire blog site today.. didn’t realize how much was on here. You go girl! P.S. i like the yellow nail polish.. might have to get me some 🙂

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  2. I am not denying your faith but I would be thankful for the doctors and trust in modern science. A loving god would not have done this in the first place. If you could go by faith alone you wouldn’t have even needed to go to a hospital.


    1. Because of my faith I do not blame God for my trials nor do I feel abandoned by him after having such hard times. The Bible makes it clear that a life in Christ will not be easy. Instead, I feel His love for me as so much grander, so much more evident as I watch His strength pull me through moments that human flesh alone could not withstand. I agree with you that I need to be thankful for my doctors and modern science–they are both wonderful! But because of my faith I know that my doctors and surgeons were given their talents and abilities by God. He formed them with His very hands to save lives! And all of the amazing breakthroughs of modern science were guided by God’s hand…the one who created everything in the Heavens and Earth. God alone could heal me instantly, IF that’s what His plans called for. Instead, He is using others for my healing path. I firmly believe that God uses His children to do His work. He uses them (in my case) to build hospitals and be doctors, surgeons, nurses to do His work in caring for the ill. With my whole heart I believe that I can go by faith in Jesus Christ alone to get through anything. I trust Him to guide my paths.


      1. I wonder about this often. Jesus laid hands on the sick and healed them, sometimes he spoke a word and they were healed. He did not send them to hospital and have them go through difficult and painful surgery. He said his disciples would do the works he did , and “you shall lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed”. We as Jesus’ disciples are the doctors, the miracle workers, infilled with the Spirit of God, we are his hands, his feet, his voice……. his servants.


  3. You are well written, I’m sure recovery handed you a lot of painful time. I am a whipple patient and just turned down the Islet, last resort. I spoke with Dr. Hughes he was very helpful. I am coming off an attack right now. I think it’s great your spreading the word to folks like us. The average person doesn’t understand.
    Especially at gatherings with a lot of food, seems at times they are offended when not eating, Sad to say food can be the enemy, it’s part of the conditioning with this disease..

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  4. Beautiful story..wish you all the best! I have different medical condition and just introducing plant based diet into my life. Gerson diet and juicing is where I am starting from, have you tried Gerson?

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  5. You are my hero. Thank you for sharing your story. I had my Whipple in 2017 and have written about my experience.
    I encourage everyone that reads my story to read your story.
    I couldn’t eat for a month and you lasted a year.
    So glad you are doing well.
    God Bless you


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