Reflecting on month 9 with our miracle baby, Atch

The theme of March 2021 was GET OUTSIDE. Although spending time outdoors has been a priority for us Atch’s whole life, when spring came around I committed to getting a full 2-3 hours outside every day.

Walking to the lake with our beloved neighbor, Darlene.

We found other families with common goals for outdoor time and formed a little “nature group.” We played at the park, had picnics, visited each other’s backyards and became special friends.

My niece, Isla, tagged along and loved playing with the other big kids!

Milestones: CRAWLING!! first the army crawl and then attempting all fours. Atchison also began pulling up everywhere and walking with his walker or holding our hands. He gained his second word: Dada, which quickly became his favorite to say.

We spent many days with our baby cousin, Jaxson. The boys became best buddies! Whenever we babysat him we took long walks in the double stroller and spent time rolling around on the carpet.

And of course Atch tried many new foods this month as he inches his way closer to 100 foods by his first birthday. Some March foods include: spinach, couscous, steak, brussel sprouts, papaya, beets, sweet peas, coconut, blackberries and polenta. In true Atch fashion- he gobbled them all down with joy.

March was a wonderful month with you, Atchison! We love our miracle boy more and more each day.

Atch walking with his “aunt” Jordan!

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