Reflecting on month 8 with our miracle baby, Atch.

February 2021, a month of pure joy with Atchison! What’s sweeter than a 7 month old baby?

February started off busy! We formed a Stay-At-Home-Moms Bible Study that quickly became a cherished group.

In February we also began babysitting our little cousin, Jaxson, a few times a week. Atch is three months older than Jaxson and they became best friends right away!

We enjoyed the two weeks of snow and ice. Atch was content to sit by the glass door and watch the snow fall. He also enjoyed sledding in the back yard and going for walks in the snow.

My first Valentine’s Day!

Atchison tried over 15 whole foods this month! The list includes: mushrooms, sardines, spinach, artichokes, pork tenderloin, farro, pumpkin, oranges, cantaloupe and his very favorite… asparagus!

We also introduced the concept of open up drinking. He took to it rather quickly, although, this skill is a messy one to master!

Though a short month, February was memorable in many ways.

Milestones: attempting (unsuccessfully) to army crawl, rocking back and forth on all fours, purposefully saying “Mama”, assisted drinking from an open cup.

We love you, Atchison Elijah!! At 7 months old you were sweet and happy as could be!

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