Reflecting on month 6 with our miracle baby, Atch.

December 2020 was a month of many emotions. While we enjoyed holiday celebrations and lots of family time, we also mourned the loss of our beloved Uncle Vince.

This post is written in loving memory of Vincent Wayne Chaney.

The month started with a special afternoon visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. Our friends, Todd and Mary Jo, made my parents house feel like the North Pole! This was a blast and something Nana wants to do every year for her grand babies.

On December 11, 2020 Jesus called Uncle Vince home to Heaven. I want to re-share some words I wrote about my greatest hero on Earth.

“I looked forward to every day with Vince. He helped me through the hardest years of my life. Without him, I may have given up. Without him, it would have been even harder to keep clinging to hope. Without him, I would have remained in a state of isolation. Vince understood my loneliness and he filled that hole simply with his presence. Without him, I would have lost my sense of purpose.

You see, as his “babysitter” it seems like I did everything for him. But the truth is, he did everything for me. He gave me more than words could say. He shaped me, and our entire family, in a profound way. Vince helped make us who we are.

He was the center of our family and the center of our world. To love and be loved by him was the ultimate picture of God’s extravagant love for us.

My dad said it best, “If you want to honor Vince the greatest thing you can do is to go out and LOVE OTHERS AS THEY ARE. No conditions and no judgements. Love like Vince.”

Our uncle was extraordinary. I miss him. I’m overjoyed, though, that he’s made it to the Heavenly home where he’s always belonged.”

The first (and only one of few) pictures of Atch and Vince together.

Vince didn’t get to spend much time with Atch as he went into the hospital/nursing home just a few weeks after the baby was born. He did, however, kiss Atchison before anyone else in the family! He snuck a kiss on the baby’s forehead during their first meeting.

December milestones = rolling from belly to back, playing hard in a jumper and exer-saucer, sitting up independently for as long as he desired and learning to use a spoon.

This month Atch was eager to eat. He would chew his mouth whenever he saw us eat and desperately try to grab the food. We gave him his baby spoon to practice with as we decided to wait until he was fully 6 months old and sitting independently BEFORE trying solids.

Atchison’s first Christmas was a blast. He was loved by both of our families and of course spoiled rotten. He loved playing with/in the boxes and wrapping paper from gifts.

It is hard to believe that next Christmas he will be a busy toddler, walking and talking and ripping into the presents on his own!

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