Reflecting on month 3 with our miracle baby, Atch.

September 2020 was another sweet month with our baby boy and also, somewhat of a blur. These baby days all run together and even when the days feel long it seems they pass in the blink of an eye.

Atch’s personality began to shine this month. His smiles showed up frequently and so did the giggles. He proved to be quite moody- he was either smiling or screaming, there was very little middle ground during this time.

We said BYE SEE YOU NEVER to colic! With great relief the nighttime screaming sessions magically disappeared around 12 weeks old. Tyler and I celebrated this… colic is something I will NOT miss as he grows.

Once the colic went away. Atch slept wonderfully for 6 nights in a row. He was happy to lay down for bedtime, which we could finally start, and he would even put himself to sleep when he was drowsy. He slept 8 hour stretches for 6 nights straight. I thought, “We just needed to get over the colic. All the work we are putting into sleep training is laying off.” Little did I know…

After those 6 nights he refused to sleep in his bed, which was right next to ours so close that I could touch him, and he started sleeping shorter and shorter periods. Eventually, we became a bedsharing family as it was the ONLY way he would sleep

Atchison noticed the pictures in his books for the first time this month and they made him so happy! We read tons of books, typically the same ones over and over again. It was amazing to see the wonder in his eyes as he studied the pictures. We could tell that his vision was improving all the time!

Atch’s girl cousins finally got their hands on him and they could not get enough! Mattie and Kelsey enjoyed helping feed him, read him stories and snuggle him.

During this month’s visit to Somerset we saw our BFF Erin and her little boy, Wes. I’m excited to see these boys grow up together!

Atch enjoyed some naps with Pappy. Naps were HARD this month. Sleep all around was extremely difficult. He was experiencing growth spurts and developmental leaps which truly impact his sleep and mood.

Atch met his great aunt, Mindy!

We took him on an adventure to pick up some awesome wood in Indiana for Tyler’s woodworking projects. We stopped at a park for a beautiful hike through the woods! Atch loved looking at the leaves and the treetops. He is a nature baby!

All in all, the third month of Atchison’s life was full of love and wonder. We enjoyed seeing his curiosity of the new, big world around him! He was more fun to play with and more responsive to stimuli around him. As we finished the “4th trimester” he started looking less like a newborn and more like a big baby.

We love you, Atchison!

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