Reflecting on month 4 with our miracle baby, Atch.

Ahh October, one of the greatest months of the year. Fall colors and weather, football season, scary movies, Halloween and the anticipation of the coming holidays. For me, October has proven to be a historically difficult month yet I still love it.

October 2020 was TOUGH for this mom. The first two weeks were filled with tons of crying and major refusal to sleep. I hit a low mentally and emotionally and struggled A LOT. I felt like I was breaking. I think I went through a wave of post partum depression. There were scary thoughts and dark emotions. The Lord gave me clarity and pulled me through. Although, Octobers are always hard for me and typically bring about depression because of my traumatic history during this month.

The lack of sleep did not help matters and baby boy did not sleep any on his own. No independent naps, no sleeping in his bed at night. He demanded full contact for every moment of sleep. Nothing helped besides snuggling him close.

But, the sweet baby smiles and cuddles, the belly laughs and the developmental growth all brought such JOY to my world.

We shared some precious moments together, moments that reminded me of the truth that God loves us unconditionally and He will provide for our needs. We found your new favorite song, “Sing” by Ellie Holcomb. And your new favorite book which correspond with the song, “Who Sang the First Song.”

Atchison was a baby bear for Halloween. He was entertained by the trick or treaters who came to our porch and we enjoyed snuggling him as we passed out candy.

This month Atch received endless snuggles from multiple family members (what else is new?!) He spent more time playing on his belly and trying to roll over. Oh so close!

His bald head started to fill in with some soft fuzz. We love that bald head! And we love our sweet baby boy. Thank you Lord.

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