Still Waters Blog turns 6! // A walk down memory lane

Happy six birthday Still Waters!

It’s hard to believe that six years have already passed by since I started this site.

In October 2014 I was a very sick 21 year-old, stuck in a life that felt like a nightmare. I was utilizing social media to update friends and family on my condition and to express the sorrow and joy that was within me. My faith was stronger than ever as I was leaning HARD into Jesus to pull me through every second/minute/hour of the day.

After a few Facebook friends suggested I jump into the world of blogging, I prayed about it and felt the Lord giving me the green light. I had zero expectations for this blog. I knew it would be therapy for me, I knew it would be my journal and my song, and I knew it would be a way for me to connect with the outside world while stuck in a season of isolation. I prayed God would use it to speak through me.

And boy did he answer!

My first few blogs were about saying goodbye to my diseased pancreas with hope for a greater future. These posts included Farewell Captain and Oh, Happy Day!. I also expressed my truest feelings about my 300+ days of no eating in Food Is Overrated. I wrote about my gigantic surgery and post-op hospital time in Pictures Are Worth Infinite Words.

After my surgery I felt extremely misunderstood. How would normal people understand the excruciating process of a 3-5 year recovery. It seemed like I was expected to fully return to my life as the way it had been before sickness. So, I shared my most vulnerable self in posts like Honest Heart and Don’t Give Up and Waiting to bloom.

Still Waters Blog also became a space for me to write about the special people in my life. Uncle Vince was featured many times, but my favorite post about him is Contagious Joy. I wrote about Tyler often such as in our engagement story Love Never Fails.

And of course my wonderful parents, brothers, additional family and friends often showed up in my weekly #ThoughtofThanks series that was a way to put gratitude at the forefront of everyday life. As healing happened more and more I was able to write exciting, celebratory posts about travel, weddings, bachelorette parties and FUN!

Every time I shared a blog, the Lord would reveal His purpose in it. I always received some comment or message saying, “THIS is what I needed to hear today. Thank you.” I am constantly encouraged by the fact that the Lord Almighty would use my thoughts and experiences to somehow inspire, encourage or help others.

My favorite topic to write about is my faith and the extravagant love that God has for us- see God can use you wherever you are and He is able to do immeasurably more and “Come play with me,” says the Holy Spirit // Lessons from the snow.

Friends, you’ve been with me as the topics of Still Waters Blog shifted to utilizing food as healing and my juicing obsession. You even took on the The 7 days of green juice challenge & MAKING JUICE WITH A BLENDER.

I was humbled and blown away by the incredible response to my #PurpleforPancreas campaign in 2015 and 2016. You all know how to make me feel loved!

You continued to support me during the months long lulls of posting and the times when my inspiration was non existent. You encouraged me when I was down and feeling like this space was silly or worthless or not special. You listened to my podcast. You prayed for me fervently through the last 6 years and you celebrated with me when miracles happened such as… We’re having a baby!! // All about our unplanned miracle!

If I could talk to that girl, 6 years ago, who took a chance on blogging in the midst of great suffering, unsure what this space would become… I would tell her to keep hoping for the beauty from ashes because what God has in store for you is beyond your wildest dreams. Keep writing and sharing, even the vulnerable things and especially the ugly things because through that the Lord will speak to many who need hope. I would tell her that the time you spend on social media is not worthless because it will connect you to friends all over the country and the world! These people will become so special to you and will encourage you to remember you are never alone in anything. I would tell her that though the topics of the blog may change, the driving force behind it will remain the same. Keep your eyes on the prize and trust God to speak through you as you stay rooted in Him.

I would tell her that you won’t believe the love that will surround this little space. Don’t worry about the number or likes or follows, just share truth.

So, friends, family, acquaintances and strangers… thank you for reading. And loving and mourning and praying with me and for me. I’m truly humbled and incredibly thankful. Thank you for supporting this space and enjoying and sharing this space. Thank you God for using this for you! I’ll keep writing and I hope you will keep reading!

5 thoughts on “Still Waters Blog turns 6! // A walk down memory lane

  1. Hi Still Waters,

    Your life story is amazing and very powerful! Could you please tell me whether you use digestive enzymes to maintain weight, and which type?

    Many thanks,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to take enzymes every time I eat because I no longer have any pancreas. I take creon as prescribed by my doctor, at a dosage that corresponds with my weight and eating amount. Best of luck to you ❤️ Oh and thank you so very much!!


  2. It definitely seems God is speaking through you and showing the way to those who read your articles. Thank you.


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