Reflecting on month 2 with our miracle baby, Atch.

In real time Atchison is already 3.5 months old! When I think back to him at only five weeks old is seems like a different life. The exhaustion of it all causes a new parent’s memory to become a blur.

Luckily, we took tons of photos to help us remember. Here are some highlights from the 2nd and 3rd months of our miracle son’s life!

We prayerfully made the decision to slowly introduce him to our close friends. Steven and Kate were about 7 weeks away from the birth of their own son, Drake.

Atchison spent many hours outside- his favorite place! During his fussy times we would find a way to get him outside where he could calm down. Nana rocked him on her porch over and over.

We spent a weekend in Somerset! We celebrated Gma’s birthday, took Atch on his first boat ride at the lake and relished a weekend away from home.

We enjoyed some walks at the park with Atch’s cousins, Isla and Anna. These babies (born five days apart) are the perfect addition to our family.

Then the really hard days started. The ones filled with discomfort from an immature GI tract. The ones with hours of daytime crying and heartbreaking tears and exhausted parents who began to lose their minds. I found myself torn between the dichotomy of baby bliss and baby blues. One minute I’m over the moon and the next I’m believing the lie that I’m not cut out to be a mom.

But just as the good days end, so do the hard ones. And the words I journaled when he was nine weeks old, remind me of the sweet joy that came with a two month old baby.

“Your personality is starting to emerge. You’re especially happy in the mornings and most likely to smile when I talk to you. If I kiss you on the mouth and say “Atchison” you typically smile real big and give a little giggle. In the mornings after you eat and burp I lay you on the changing table for a fresh diaper and outfit. You love to talk and coo during this time! You have a lot to say as if you’re making up for lost time while we slept. I adore your bright eyes that seem amazed by everything they are seeing in this giant, foreign world. When we talk to you we can tell you are listening, engaged. Daddy recently taught you how to play peek a boo and even though you can’t actually do it, you love finding daddy when he moves his hands away and says “Peek a boo!”

Recently you’ve started clinging on to me. I can see when someone else is holding you you will look around to see if momma is nearby. For the first 6-7 weeks of your life I wasn’t sure if you even liked me. Now, I can tell you love me and that makes my heart soar.”

During his second month of life we found a bit of a groove and routine. I discovered more confidence and comfort in motherhood. Atch grew to 11 1/2 pounds and over 22 inches. Overall, August 2020 was such a sweet month.

At five weeks old we began cloth diapering and elimination communication. Seeing a five week old baby poop over a potty is both hilarious and amazing!!

Atchison Elijah we love to watch you grow!!

4 thoughts on “Reflecting on month 2 with our miracle baby, Atch.

  1. Atch is such a cutie. I am so happy for you and glad you finally found a routine…all parents go through that struggle, but the sweet baby moments make up for it! Thank you for sharing his milestones and letting us all watch him grow.
    Betty Grusy

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