Baby J will be here soon! // 9 months pregnant thoughts and update

Tyler and I are officially on baby watch, wondering every day “Will today be THE day?” As you read this we are 38 weeks along with a scheduled induction on July 2 if baby doesn’t come before. Because of my health complexities we will not go to a full 40 weeks.

We would prefer to wait until baby is ready to enter this world and not have an induction, so, we pray daily that the baby would come just a bit early.

Pregnancy has been beautiful, challenging and the greatest joy of my life. I’m eager and ready to meet Baby J, it will be bittersweet to no longer be pregnant. What a gift and total miracle.

Much sweeter because we didn’t know if we would ever experience it. For every challenge that has come our way, God has provided grace and an answer for moving forward. For every potential harm that could have overtaken our precious baby, God has surrounded them with protection and health. For every hard moment, God has given strength to walk through it with a thankful heart.

My very minimal weight gain has been worrisome at times, but Baby J is perfectly on track, gaining weight like crazy and clearly getting BIG as evidenced by the changes in my belly.

We are thrilled with our choice to be surprised on the gender! It’s making birth-day that much more excited and anticipated. We both strongly feel this is our miracle son, so if this is actually our miracle daughter we will be shocked!

Tyler lovingly built nearly all the furniture for the nursery. From the accent wall, to the crib,to the side table, to the changing table and finally the one-of-a-kind resin lamp… this room is filled with special pieces designed and created by the sweetest dad. I can’t wait to tell Baby J all about what his/her dad did! It’s been a blast and honor for me to act as his assistant in the wood shop.

I’m doing/have done all that I can to prepare my mind and body for a natural delivery. My preference is to go without any type of pain meds or intervention. We will see what happens once things get going.

Every morning I take a 30-40 minute walk and every evening Tyler and I also walk after dinner. Many days we take a short walk after lunchtime as well. I’m prioritizing whole plant foods, just like before, and find that I really don’t have cravings. I also do regular exercises on my birth ball and my rebounder. All of these movements feel good mentally and physically. Walking feels more challenging now but I keep reminding myself, “It will only get harder from here.”

I know that filling my body with nourishing foods and prioritizing gentle movement have helped keep me from swelling.

I’ve also consumed 1-2 mugs DAILY of red raspberry leaf tea since the second trimester. This herb is touted as a cervical ripener and great aid in pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery. More here.

Additionally I’ve been focused on eating a certain amount of dates DAILY since the start of the third trimester. Again, these are said to be a magical food for aiding in easier vaginal delivery, reduced labor times and less bleeding after birth. There’s some cool research here.

Most of all I’ve focused on preparing my mind for labor the entire pregnancy. Besides reading some amazing books and taking a private birth class, I’ve been listening to daily meditations. These affirmations are meant to prepare the mind for birth and are also designed to be listened to/focused on during delivery.

Yes, I know I have no idea how this birth will go or what may need to happen medically. But, I am entering into this marathon with full confidence and total peace. I feel no fear surrounding childbirth- only excitement and a “game on” attitude.

Next time I write a blog post it will likely be introducing Baby J to the world! Thank you for your love, support and prayers.

MIRACLE. That’s the only word to truly describe all of this.

Thank you God for this amazing miracle.

9 thoughts on “Baby J will be here soon! // 9 months pregnant thoughts and update

  1. So happy for you all! You are amazing! Baby J will be blessed with wonderful parents and extended family! God Bless!


  2. You are beautiful, inside and out, I love the post with all it’s great information about choices you have made along the way as well as getting to see all the work Tyler did for the nursery. Your journey is nothing short of amazing.

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