Baby J’s Shower: Social Distancing Style

Months ago we started brainstorming ideas and making plans for a May 9th baby shower. When all this COVID 19 craziness happened, my mom was quick to propose a new plan and come up with ways to keep it special. Though the plan sounded great, part of me was still sad about the changes and I wondered if on shower day I would feel emotional about it all.

Instead, our drive by shower was perfect! From the gorgeous sunshine and clear skies, to the adorable decorations, the vegan food I requested, and of course all the loved ones who showed up in support, I honestly think this was even better than the typical baby shower!

Although I missed the physical gathering of so many special ladies, we gained the presence of Tyler, my dad, my brothers and Vince. I’ve been surrounded, protected and supported by males my entire life. They are a huge part of my happy place and my safe space. Now, I can’t imagine a shower for Baby J without all of them there to celebrate.

Thank you to everyone who drove by and made us feel extra loved. Thanks to all those who couldn’t make it but sent precious gifts our way and/or those who are faithfully praying for our family. You mean the world to us.

Thank you to my Mom and Dad for saving the day and putting together the sweetest celebration that we will never forget! Perfect is the only word I can think of to describe it. Thanks to my siblings and Brenden for fixing food, helping with decorations and celebrating with us the whole day. Thanks to Shelly and Andrea for making the drive to be a part of it all! It wouldn’t have been a true party for Baby J without the Jenkins.

And finally, thank you to Mackenzie for capturing all the fun and giving us the gift of pictures and a video. See her wonderful work below.

Wow, we are blessed! Wow, God is faithful. Only about 8 weeks until we welcome this miracle baby into the world.

2 thoughts on “Baby J’s Shower: Social Distancing Style

  1. I missed the news about the “drive by”. Thank you for posting these pictures for others to enjoy. I LOVED the movie. What a treasure.

    Sent from my iPad Debby Couch



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