#ThoughtofThanks // My list of weekly joys

Congratulations! You’ve made it through another week of this new quarantine life. I pray this blog finds you well and with a heart of praise on this Good Friday.

Although Easter 2020 will be a stark contrast to the Easter’s of years past, I believe it will be a day that we never forget. Remember: no virus can steal your salvation. No pandemic changes what Jesus did for YOU. No global crisis can take God off of His throne. This time is uprooting everything we know as normal yet the truth remains the same. Thank you Jesus for your death and resurrection and for the victory that stands unmoved no matter what happens in this life!

My #ThoughtofThanks is a simple list of the joys that filled my week.

1. The surprise flower and painted pot that showed up on our porch! Thank you Maggie Haydon for this sweet surprise!! She has a huge heart; what a wonderful girl ❤️

2. Homemade sourdough starter shared with me by Joni Melloan. If you keep up with Joni on Facebook then you’ve seen her quarantine project: baking homemade bread and using it as a vehicle to spread love and hope. She’s even sharing the starter with others so that we can bake our own bread! Thank you Joni!! I’m excited for homemade bread on Easter.

3. My brother, Cameron, mowed our lawn for us since Tyler’s back is still in a rough spot. Thanks Cam!!

4. The gorgeous spring blooms! I’m obsessed with the white flowers in our landscaping. They make me smile multiple times a day.

5. All the platforms that keep me connected to loved ones. Our bible study did a zoom call this week, I FaceTimed with one of my closest friends, and I’m in constant contact with some of my other best ladies through an app called Marco Polo. Next week I have plans to catch up with more loved ones!

6. A drive by visit from VInce and my parents. They pulled into my driveway, rolled down the window and I talked to them from my yard. I miss being able to snuggle with Vince 5 days a week, but he’s doing great.

7. A super active baby! And the start of our third trimester!

8. EASTER! No explanation needed. I’m looking forward to some simple plans we made that will help the day still feel like a celebration.

What are you thankful for this week? Share your thoughts by using the tag #ThoughtofThanks.

Wishing you a great weekend and a very Happy Easter!

One thought on “#ThoughtofThanks // My list of weekly joys

  1. Thankful for the celebration of the culmination of God’s extravaganza spectacular marvelous plan of salvation that included a wretch like me


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