#ThoughtofThanks is back! A focus on gratitude in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic

When a global pandemic threatens to still our joy, what should we do? Although the Coronavirus poses a threat to our peace, health, sanity and joy now is the perfect time to center our hearts on gratitude.

I’ve remained quiet the last two weeks. Observing, pondering, praying and meditating upon what this pandemic means for me personally and on a global level. For the first time in many of our lifetimes, we are faced with a visible, physical enemy that impacts us all.

I’ve prayed about my role in this. Besides completely isolating and focusing on growing this miracle baby… is God calling me to do more? How can I use my little platform to bring forth joy in the midst of crazy times?

Then I remembered #ThoughtofThanks. A few years ago I posted a weekly #ThoughtofThanks blog to celebrate something/somethings that I was personally grateful for. It’s clear to me that right NOW in the midst of COVID19 God is nudging me to resurrect the forgotten #ThoughtofThanks.

So, I’m asking and challenging you to join me in this CHOICE of gratitude. Set aside a few minutes everyday to jot down what you are thankful for that day. Then, share your thankful hearts with us on social media using the tag #ThoughtofThanks and #StillWatersBlog. Heck, you can even tag me if you’d like! I’m not asking you to post every day although you’re certainly welcome to if you feel that calling 🙂

Once a week I’ll post a #ThoughtofThanks on my blog and a few days through the week I’ll post share gratitude on my “stories.”

This week I’m praising God for:

  • The perfect growth of Baby J that resulted in us being released from our high risk OB! We are rounding out week 25 of this pregnancy.. I cannot believe we are just three months away from meeting our miracle babe.
  • Sunshine, daily walks outside, and the reappearance of my freckles which is a sweet reminder that the a new season is upon us.
  • Morning devotionals on Facebook live led by Stuart Jones.
  • Extra time with Tyler as he works from home during the end of our life as a family of two.
  • A washer, dryer, and vacuum that make spring cleaning MUCH easier!
  • Access to fresh produce for nourishing baby and me.
The beautiful accent wall in our nursery! 100% designed, built and painted by Tyler. 


Your turn! What are you thankful for?

Our God is with us, for us and very much in the midst of this pandemic. Everywhere I look I see the beauty that He will command forth from the destruction of this virus. Don’t lose sight of Him!

2 thoughts on “#ThoughtofThanks is back! A focus on gratitude in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic

  1. I’m grateful to be content in our home during these trying times. I’m grateful that my husband has helped in some deep cleaning projects. I’m also grateful for a cleaning lady who cleans so thoroughly that it is difficult to find deep cleaning projects for her to do today. I’m also thankful for four friends who share Scripture and expressions of love each day via text.


  2. I am grateful to be working in a pharmacy where we are practicing social distancing. I grateful that my father is safe, well taken care of and thriving in a new facility. I’m grateful for my son being healthy and reasonable happy in his group home. I grateful that I have a heavenly Father who is there for me everyday, especially during this time.


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