Let’s Beat Breast Cancer! Reduce your risk in 4 simple steps #FightWithYourFork

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so instead of the standard campaigns like pink stickers slapped on carcinogenic foods… I’m teaming up with Wellness Forum Health & Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to spread an initiative that can actually REDUCE breast cancer risk.

This campaign asks women to sign pledge cards committing to 4 proven protective actions:

1️⃣ Choose healthful plant-based foods

2️⃣ Exercise regularly

3️⃣ Limit alcohol

4️⃣ Aim for a healthy weight

When you sign the pledge cards you will receive an educational video teaching the WHY and how to put these actions in place! In addition you’ll receive a $100 credit toward any classes offered through Wellness Forum Health. I personally love them! I’ve completed classes in Children’s Health, Digestive Disorders and Cancer 101. They are not college courses but practical classes on a variety of medical conditions and topics which can help you to become an informed consumer and a protected patient.

Men can sign the card too!

This challenge is meant to give you action steps that take you toward the lifestyle habits that are proven most protective for your health! You don’t have to go entirely plant-based & if you aren’t at a healthy weight this DOES NOT EXCLUDE YOU from this, please consider participating. I encourage you to take it one step/day at a time!

Who is willing to take on this approach so we can beat breast cancer together? I truly believe prevention is the best cure!

🎀 Did you know that fiber- which is found only in plant foods – helps the body eliminate excess estrogen? Lower estrogen can help reduce breast cancer.

🎀 Vegetarians eating a lower-fat diet excrete between 2-3 x more estrogen in their feces than women eating an omnivorous diet

🎀 2018 meta-analysis of 15 studies showed that women with highest consumption of processed meat had a 9% higher risk of breast cancer than women consuming the least

🎀 Life After Cancer Epidemiology study found that women consuming 1 or more servings of high fat dairy products daily (cheese, ice cream, milk) had a 49% higher breast cancer mortal diet rate, compared with women consuming less than 1/2 serving daily

I have a personal goal of signing up 100 people! Will you help me get there?

If you want to join the challenge please contact me for your pledge card stillwatersblog23@gmail.com. Once you fill it out, I will turn it in for you and you’ll receive your gifts shortly after. Please share this pledge with your friends… you never know whose life you could be saving!

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