Five Encouraging Nuggets from my Journal

I wasn’t sure what to write about on this post. Yet, I felt a pull to share something today.

“But.. what, Lord?”

Most days I scribble away my thoughts, prayers, things I hear from sermons and wise people, and of course what I learn from studying God’s word, inside my trusty journal.

Since I don’t have one cohesive message, I’m sharing random nuggets from recent journal entries. Hopefully these messages will encourage and build you up!


1. We should all be like Paul.


I’ve been studying Paul’s letters in the New Testament. His recipe for loving people is perfection. Like Paul, we should start our interactions with encouraging and uplifting words! Reminding others that God loves them and subsequently, we love them too. Paul repeatedly tells his audience that he is praying for them and he is proud of their growing faith. I want to follow his example of encouragement as a priority!


2. 1 Thessalonians 1:3 “We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”


What motivates me? What would this world look like if all my work was produced by faith, my labor prompted by love and my endurance inspired by hope in Jesus?

If we truly worked hard because of our faith we would be willing to go the extra mile, knowing our work is never in vain. If we labored out of love, we would be willing to face the hard, messy, and dirty situations because LOVE is a stronger force than all else. And if our endurance was birthed from hope, we would NEVER give up because our hope does not disappoint us!


3. Stand F I R M.


Hold tight to the scripture. Cling to His promises. Remember what you have been taught and meditate on that truth constantly. Just because your circumstances change, it doesn’t mean God’s promises will. Plant your feet on that which NEVER moves or changes. Keep your head high and trust that God is working all of this for His ultimate good.


4. “Stop trusting the darkness with things only the light can handle.”


(Said one of the incredible speakers at CIY Move- which is basically a summer camp for high schoolers. I was blessed to be a chaperone this year.)


Are you hiding in the darkness? Like Elijah did you retreat to a cave when you found yourself in a state of despair?

Don’t do it. Don’t run. Don’t hide. Come out into the light.

You can’t handle your life on your own. You can’t overcome the despair, danger and worry without the Lord. The solution to your pain is always found in His grace. So why are you hiding from the One who desires to rescue you?

Maybe you are hesitant to trust because you have been burned too many times; you think you can only count on you. Or maybe you are comfortable in the darkness. You’re used to it, you feel safe in it and you’re scared to step out into something new… even if this new thing could be better.

When you step out of the darkness into the light, it is going to hurt! The light will expose everything that the darkness could hide… but with exposure comes healing, peace, relief and rescue. Your eyes will be blinded at first and you’ll long to retreat back into that dark cave. Don’t do it!!

God will you meet me here? God will you find me in my dark cave?

“Yes, yes, my beloved.”


5. God is able to move despite any limitations standing in the way.


I’ve witnessed this first hand over and over again in my own life. God moves even when our eyes see a steel fortress standing in the way. God is real. Despite even the worst circumstances, He can and He will keep working. Nothing can stand in His way.

This summer has been amazing (next blog post will be about Summer 2019!). I’ve been stretched beyond my physical limits and somehow I’ve recovered. I’m doing really well! After reflecting on all God has done, I can see, even clearer, how miraculous His story is through me. I shouldn’t be here, yet I AM.

Our Father faithful chose to rescue me despite giants standing in the way.

He is a God who knows nothing of limits. Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus.


I pray these words touch your heart today and reach those who need them most. In the midst of this crazy life, never forget that you are LOVED unconditionally by the God who Created you and desperately desires to have your heart.

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