Worship is how we invite Him in

Rays of sun peak through the clouds to shine warm upon my face while the light December breeze raises goose bumps from my arms. It’s unseasonably warm for winter in Kentucky, so I take advantage of another day I can spend sitting, writing, and worshipping on my deck.

One of my friends texts me the link to a worship song I’ve never heard. I plug in my headphones for the full surround-sound experience while I load “Hope Will Rise” by Warr Acres onto my phone.

I rest my legs on the cushy chair in front of me and place the buds into my ears. The song begins as I admire the clear, blue sky above me. I set my mind and heart on whatever the Lord has to teach me through these song lyrics.

Faithful forever, are you God, are you God.

Merciful healer, are you God, are you God.

Mighty redeemer, are you God, are you God.

Shield and defender, are you God, are you God.

Those verses repeat as the music starts to build. The drums and guitar grow louder while the singing voices power through with conviction. I find myself rocking my head back and forth, in agreement with the lyrics as if to say, “Amen.” My heart begins to pound; feelings of conviction sweep over me… yes GOD! You are faithful forever! You are my merciful healer, my mighty redeemer, my shield and my defender! I want to worship you!

I stretch out my arms, palm facing the sky as though I’m expectant and ready to receive something from Heaven. The moment I stretch out my arms the song reaches its climax. There is a loud clanging on the drums, voices are at full volume, and the guitar is rocking! It was as if I was the conductor of an orchestra, demanding the musicians to give it all they got!

But, something amazing also happened at that moment. When I stretched out my arms in praise the soft breeze turned into a powerful wind that swirled in front of me. At the exact moment that I threw out my arms in worship it was as if Jesus blew right through! The trees swayed in the wind in a circular motion…as if the nature in my yard was swirling… the sun shined almost blindingly bright as the song continued to build.

It was a scene out of a superhero movie.

The hero was in the midst of battle looking as though he would be defeated. But then, his powers are ignited and he’s ready to defeat the enemy! The triumphant music blares as he throws his arms out to release his supernatural powers. The wind sweeps through on his command, swirling in a circle, commanding the trees to dance in his favor! He has the power to control nature. The sun shines when he says, the trees sway when he says, and the wind blows when/where he says!

That’s what this moment felt like and looked like. My heart was sure that God was showing himself through the wind. It was as if I put my hands out and God commanded the wind to blow strong, revealing His might… revealing the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit that dwells inside of those who believe.

His power, His presence surrounded me! I leapt out of my chair to dance with the wind and trees, raising my arms in full praise to the One who is Worthy! Tears immediately dripped down my face as I considered the beauty of my Father that lives all around me.

Here you are! Here you are! You are here with me!!

Jesus, here I AM! Make me your servant, your disciple, make me your voice! Inhabit my body, Lord, speak through me- speak for me – give me your power so that others may see YOU!


The song continued,

We are boldly interceding

For our children lost and bleeding

We’ll see slavery bow to freedom

And the sick restored to healing

We’ll see joy defeat depression

Liberation from addiction

For when we are at our weakest

Then your power is completed!!

As the song wrapped up, a bit of understanding swept over me. Worship….that’s where He meets me. Worship…not striving, not over-thought carefully-planned out prayer… worship, that’s how I invite Him in. Above all, my Savior wants to BE WITH ME in a relationship of true love and commitment. He speaks to me through worship. He teaches me through worship. He gifts me with precious memories through worship.

My Father loves me enough to make His creation dance for me! Why? Because He delights in me. He is in the details, in the little moments, in the sweetness all around. He delights in us! He takes joy in making me smile, in amazing me, and in putting on a show for my eyes to open wide in amazement.

My confidence and hope were rising as I declared, “You can do anything and everything through us!! Your power lives in me. The power that rose Jesus from the grave, raised the dead, healed the sick, cleansed the leper, and defeated sin… that power lives in me because the Holy Spirit lives in me!! I can trust you with my HUGE God-sized dreams! I don’t have to ask for the bare minimum when my Father is the King who promised me the inheritance of the Kingdom!!”

In that moment I felt the call to LET GO. Let go of my striving and struggling, let go of my need to control and the bogus idea that I already knew what God was going to do/not do. I let go of the perfectionist mindset that was holding me back and causing resentment. I let go of the lie that I could somehow earn his healing and his grace.

I let go and decided to simply worship.

He is calling… come be with! Those other things that are taking up your time, they don’t matter. Come be with me a little bit longer my precious child.

Yes, Lord… I’m coming!


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