Check me out on Youtube! // Fun shoot with Mack Lee Photo

Do you have any friendship that you just know were specially designed by God himself?

I do! And one of my special “God-friends” is Mackenzie 🙂

All of the professional photos that I feature on Still Waters (minus our engagement/wedding pictures) are taken by my generous, loving, talented friend & sister in Christ, Mackenzie. Mackenzie is the beautiful face behind the camera of Mack Lee Photo and we always have a blast during our shoots together.

I love working with her and I love any excuse we have to get together and talk about Jesus, because honestly…that’s always the direction our conversations take! During a recent juice themed photo shoot, Mackenzie decided to take some video as she’s been wanting to experiment with videography.

Below is the finished project! I absolutely love the way this video turned out! I’m blown away by the quality & the way it perfectly captures the way Jesus has radically changed my life!

Thank you Mackenzie…I love you, girlfriend!

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