The testimony of God instantly healing my ears!

I’ve always believed in the ability of God to heal ANYTHING, instantly and miraculously if He so chooses. Yet it wasn’t until late November that my heart was absolutely wrecked and I began to believe that healing is the will of God. His good, perfect, pleasing plans are to PROSPER us- not to harm us- to give us a hope and a future- not death from terrible disease. The THIEF comes only to steal, kill, & destroy. Sickness comes only from Satan.

Knowing these truths, believing them with my entire soul… how could I believe that God’s will would ever be for me to be sick?! How could I live my days believing that He must be keeping me sick for a reason… to refine me… to show His strength in my weakness?!

YES, God absolutely DOES use the ugliest of situations to display His glory, to develop our character, and to refine us… that doesn’t mean HE ordained the bad situations. He is just THAT GOOD that He can take the most devastating circumstances and work good from them so that it appears like the bad was a part of His plan all along.

He is just THAT GOOD of a FATHER that He overcomes all evil and creates beauty from ashes! Again, that doesn’t mean He ordained the bad. To believe that God is intentionally putting sickness upon His children is to believe that cruelty is a part of His character.

Not my God. There is no darkness in Him and His light overcomes the darkness every time. He is not cruel.

My heart was wrecked…. torn to pieces when I realized I had been believing lies about who GOD IS. If I believe that God is WHO HE SAYS HE IS then I must believe that His will is for my healing! My total, miraculous, wonderful healing. Jesus didn’t heal people half way… he didn’t bring them to a place where life was more manageable but sickness still abounded. NO! He healed. Instantly. Fully. And as a human, nonetheless, just like you and me, with the power of God flowing through His veins.

I can’t explain why healing doesn’t happen for everyone or why horrible deaths from disease happen among God’s children. I want to understand. I want to make sense of it all. I want to take away all the hurt and suffering and I want to understand God’s will.

However, faith is walking in what we know to be true even if we can’t see it. Faith means God doesn’t have to answer my questions… I love Him and trust Him with the unknown.

Since November, when my faith was transformed starting with my encounter with the demonic in a grocery store,   I have been lustfully chasing after the Holy Spirit. I want to know HIM!! I want everything He has to offer! I want Him to be living in me with such power that everyone I encounter would praise HIs great name! I am pursuing the Holy Spirit with everything in me. Worship is no longer a piece of my day it is becoming my lifestyle!

I’m hungry to see the spirit move with signs and wonders through this community, igniting revival and FIRE to fall on us! Oh yes, oh yes! I’m hungry for miracles. But most of all I’m hungry for His presence.

I’m believing in a total, miraculous healing for my body with creative means from Heaven. I’m believing in new organs to grow inside me!

Anyway, all of this is background information for the healing testimony I’m about to share with you. I’ve been praying for healing over anyone I can encounter to pray for… in the grocery store, on Instagram, on the side of the street with a homeless man missing an eye, with the pizza delivery man, with my own family, over the phone, with my bible study girls, and of course laying hands on my own body. The Spirit is moving and I want to be a part of His disciples who are vessels for the glory to flow through! I’ve been praying to see breakthrough from these prayers.

Well I have been sick with the flu for over a week. The flu is hard for anyone but for someone like me who already has a mountain of healing needing to happen and is dealing with chronic sickness on a daily basis, the flu hits harder. I’ve barely moved off my couch this week (only get up to make myself juice or use the bathroom) but I’ve been flooding my house with healing worship and sermons. Jesus is making it clear that He wants this time to be spent in His beautiful presence… I love it!

On Friday I was watching a healing conference from Bethel Church. The man preaching and his team were giving words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit on those who would be healed during that service. They spoke incredibly specific conditions, names, dates, etc. and if anyone connected to that information they would stand to be prayed for. The preacher also acknowledged that those watching from home were also included in this (and no I wasn’t watching live.) One of the words of knowledge spoken was “Morley.” When they said that name my heart fluttered… no, my name isn’t Morley it is Mallory, but the man who received the word said he wasn’t sure of the spelling or if he was communicating it exactly though he felt very strongly about a name that sounded like that or similar.

I lifted my hands as they prayed. I believed God had something for me in that service. I did feel the tension in my head ease up a little bit but really no changes. Still, it was a great service.

On Sunday, Tyler and I had “home church” since we couldn’t go to actual church. We listened to a sermon from Bill Johnson at Bethel Church. The message was titled “The Prophetic” which is a topic I am drooling at the mouth the understand more and see in my own life. His message was great, the scripture was great (check out Isaiah 51) and I wasn’t ready to be done with our service. We turned on another youtube video with soaking music so that we could be still in His presence. Words flashed across the bottom of the screen, “Be Healed in Jesus Name!” I read that and prayed to myself that I am healed in Jesus name.

At that moment my ears were ringing at a very loud, very high pitch. This incessant ringing began two months ago and never stopped…not even for a moment. It was a constant high pitch ring in both ears that hurt like an ear infection, made it hard to focus and listen, and was extremely obnoxious. I hadn’t really told anyone about this symptom other than Tyler, because honestly it was just one more thing to add to the mile long list of things that hurt all over my body.

So, in this moment listening to the soaking music the issues in my ears was at the forefront and I decided to ask God to heal them. Pastor Bill had ended his sermon saying something about how we tend to try too hard, we still think we can earn God’s grace and oftentimes we don’t see healing breakthrough because people are trying too hard. It is when they relax in worship that they see the Spirit move. I know I’m guilty of trying too hard and focusing so hard on what God can do through me that I lose sight of Him.

Very gently I opened my hands as if ready to receive something and I gently spoke these words over my body, “God’s word says that I am already healed by His wounds. Ears you have to fall into obedience with His word so you must be healed in Jesus name.”

Immediately I felt the ringing grow quieter and quieter… I felt them pop and open! I imagined Jesus with a big volume knob that he kept turning lower and lower. The pain disappeared and I had a sensation that they were draining. Tears immediately fell from my eyes but I stayed paralyzed in the moment, wanting to make sure this was the real deal before telling Tyler.

After a minute I could no longer hold it in… I turned to Tyler, crying, and said “My ears!! They stopped ringing! I just prayed for them and God healed them! He really did! Jesus just turned down the volume!”

A gigantic smile poured over his face and tears filled his eyes too. Tyler laid his hands on me to continue praying as we remained in the quiet stillness of His presence. I found my mind starting to panic… what do I do to make sure this stays…what if I do something wrong to make it go away… Lord please let me keep this healing! Then I felt the spirit of peace wash over me as the Lord reminded me, “Stop striving, my child. Stop trying to earn it. I healed you, I gave you a Heavenly gift. Soak it up don’t try to understand it. Just share my goodness and keep on loving me.”

“Yes, Lord… I can do that!”

The phrase, “Word of Our Testimony” had been flashing through my mind for a few days. As soon as I received my healing I knew why I had been hearing those words… as a reminder, a command to share this testimony for that is how we overcome evil! I immediately hopped on Instagram to make an “Insta-story” which is a series of short videos, I knew this was the best way to reach a bunch of people and planned to write this blog as soon as I was physically able. I received a flood of responses from others on Instagram who seemed to all say they were crying from God’s goodness, they were believing in healing, and they were blown away by His work!

Revelation 12:10-12:

Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:

“Now have come the salvation and the power
    and the kingdom of our God,
    and the authority of his Messiah.
For the accuser of our brothers and sisters,
    who accuses them before our God day and night,
    has been hurled down.
11 They triumphed over him
    by the blood of the Lamb
    and by the word of their testimony;
they did not love their lives so much
    as to shrink from death.
12 Therefore rejoice, you heavens
    and you who dwell in them!

What is so important about the word of our testimony? I love this explanation from Diane Lake in her article “The Overcoming Power of Testimony.”

In the Old Testament, the word testimony comes from a word meaning “do again.” Hence, testimonies reveal what we can expect God to do again. Sharing our testimony encourages and imparts faith to others, and releases God’s power to perform similar acts or exploits. God is actually limited when we do not recount His acts of blessing and power. Psalm 78:40-42 reveal that Israel “provoked Him in the wilderness, and grieved Him in the desert… and limited the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember His power” (emphasis added).

Three days later my ears are at least at 95% healed, I would say 100% but they seem to be getting better and better all through the day. I have felt them pop and open up more, my hearing improve, and the pain and ringing has stayed in the past where it belongs. I find myself crying every time I remember this great thing that God has done! And I praise Him countless times a day for healing my ears. Thank you Jesus! To YOU be ALL glory, honor and praise, my King!!

I had completely forgotten about the word of knowledge “Morley” until today. And I have a feeling in my heart that this prophetic word, spoken to a Brother in Christ in California many days before I ever listened to the message, played a part in this healing. Isn’t it incredible how God works all the tiny details together to tell One breathtaking story of His love?!

We are viewing this healing as a foreshadowing of more healing that lies ahead. I see it as the first of many signs and wonders to take place in my life and in our community. I see it as another confirmation of the confidence God has placed in my heart that He is working miracles. I see it as a revealing of the power we possess as believers who carry the Holy Spirit. I see it as a picture of what the normal Christian life should look like… full of miracles, healings, acts of the spirit. Revival is here and I can’t wait to see it crash in like a wave that drowns all of us in this place.

47 thoughts on “The testimony of God instantly healing my ears!

  1. A powerful testimony! We live in a sinful world and the effects of the fall are sickness and suffering. It is beautiful that God can work through us though and like you said bring beauty from ashes. I am experiencing emotional healing in my marriage from an affair. It’s something that was ugly and I never thought I could survive through, but by the Grace of God I can forgive and He continually affirms He is making all things new. Thank you for sharing your story

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    1. Thank you for reading! And thank you for sharing your story with me. It is so beautiful how He works! The devil tried to bring you down with this brokenness in your marriage and yet God was able to turn it around for His glory!

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    2. Thank you for a beautiful testament of God’s word. In Mathew 7:7
      God wants use to Ask, Seek, and Knock. Entrusting him for all things.
      I will continue to pray for your family and you, our Leaders and the World.
      Crying the blood of Jesus over all things.


  2. Dealing with the same thing in my right ear! Every day I’m praying and striving to believe bigger. It gets challenging at times. The devil likes to hit hard, but Jesus Christ hit him a lot harder 2000 years ago when he destroyed the power he had over us so I visualize and see my ear opening and hearing once again as before by the power of Christ and his body that was broken for my wholeness.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing this testimony. Ive really been struggling with a lot of things in my life lately. Mainly my walk with God and my severe hearing loss. I can barely hold a conversation with people in person or on the phone. It depresses me sometimes because i feel so left out around friends and family. Ive been wanting a breakthrough in healing with both my ears and relationship with God. Your blog gave me hope and reassurance. Please if you can, email me at I would really like you to pray for me. My name is Jon.


  4. Your testimony has encouraged me more than you will ever know! Thank you!! Thank you!! Praying and believing the exact same testimony over my ears in Jesus name! Reading this blog post felt like you read my journal! Thank you again.


  5. I long for a healing from my raptured ear drum and constant ear buzzing over several years . I believe only jesus can heal me.


  6. I too suffer with tinnitus in left ear. I have prayed God’s word and promise of healing for a very long time. I have been prayed over and prayed with. I long to receive my healing. I often get discouraged. Vanessa

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  7. I have been so desperate for the high pitched ringing to stop in my ears.
    I am no stranger to healing & miracles, as I was healed from cancer in 2005…
    That’s not the only healing I have expeirenced either!
    The ear ringing has been prayed for many times. So desperate tonight, that I googled where to find gifts of healing & miracles from it! Then, I read your testimony.
    I too, have desired & prayed about the gifts of the Holy Spirit to pray for others.
    It seemed fasting & prayer might be a key since Jesus told his disciples it wad their unbelief that they could not heal a man’s son, but this kind cometh not out but by prayer & fasting…please reply.

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    1. I pray for healing for Elaine in Jesus name. Thank you, Lord, for holding her in your arms. Thank you for the miracles you have already worked in her and we ask for another. We praise you and thank you! Amen.


  8. Thank you for sharing your story my myself and church family member of mines are currently dealing with this same issue and we have been praying for ourselves and each healing. I shared this story with her and we both are agreement that we will both be healed.

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  9. I am believing God for healing with ringing of my ears and pressure in my head. I know he has healed me . Please pray for me .
    My father and family’s salvation


  10. I am currently going through the same thing with ringing in my ears. I believe in the power of God in me to heal me as well. Please join your faith with me.


  11. Hi Mallory, I had a similar experience and have dealt with excessive ringing in the ears (for 10+ years). The ringing started in my early 20s when I was going thru depression, I was also sinning alot, sex before marriage, drinking, partying. Well fast forward, the holy spirit was talking to me one day, about the importance of obedience (to God). It was telling me I had to go out and spend time with my husband, I didn’t understand because it was Valentine’s day (it just felt like another day/typical date night). But I didn’t realize the spirit was trying to break my bad habit of watching too much television. I listened to everything the holy spirit told me to do, down to what I should wear, not spending too much time in the mirror, etc. I went out, enjoyed my time with my spouse. We got back home, I went off to go be alone in the bedroom, and for the first time I had no ringing in the ears. I could hear the room’s silence after so many years of telling myself I’d be stuck with this annoying condition, to this day it sounds more like static instead of ringing. I immediately realized God was trying to get me to see that he just wants to bless us, but we have to believe, listen, and act on what is right and good. Also I want to stress that I had just finished fasting (my entire church did this as well). Unfortunately some of the ringing came back because I chose to sin again, but today it’s not ten times bad as it use to be. Please pray for me because I have been struggling with my faith as I don’t hear the holy spirit as much these days..But I’ve been telling people that Jesus’ name has power. Sometimes God just wants you to stop doing something that’s separating you from him (Isaiah 59:2). I never once asked for him to heal my hearing, which was the most moving part. In short, yes I got the same message as you. That God truly loves us and he will give us more than we can fathom because he knows our hearts desire. Thank you for sharing. Your story let’s me know I need to stop doubting God, he really wants to work in our lives for the greater good.


  12. Praise the lord for your healing. I have seen miracles in my life. God reversed my thyroid without medicines. This time I am desperately waiting for my left ear to stop times I loose my mind and think god does not love me.I m desperate for him. Only he can heal and pull me out of this pit. But not sure will he come for me. Please pray for me… world is Jesus.


  13. This is so encouraging! Praise God for His healing!! I’m believing for healing and I’ve been encouraged and my faith has been increased!!


  14. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I chanced upon your website when googling about healing in ears. In the midst of difficulties, i have totally forgotten the power of God, and when i do remember, i only focus on myself to be healed. Read scriptures but it didnt drop into my heart, and mind is in a mess having to deal with hypocrites who quote scriptures like a devil to keep me down and faithless.
    Thank you for sharing once again!


  15. Please pray for mine! That he will
    Open them and I will hear normally again. ( started rapidly loosing hearing several months ago. Drs have no answers .. maybe TMJ related or the extreme stress I’ve been under, ( extreme medical and financial) do not know, but this situations must be healed too! I pray for your total healing! Thank you for this . ( my job is related to being able to hear !)


  16. My ears have been rining since February 2022 from covid, and it’s so loud. Please pray for my ears to be healed as I do. Thank you for your testimony, it is extremely encouraging.


  17. Thank you M for the testimony! I’ve been dealing with tough tinnitus in my left ear for 8 years now. Had to get steroid injections behind my eardrum to help but it stay at a level now that really drains me of strength and faith. I have also been struggling with nerve, TMJ pain on both sides and stomach issues. Just completely drains me. Anger, frustration and doubt towards God have been an up and down hill battle. So much darkness and feelings of abandonment.

    I have had so many people pray over me for so long and to still no avail. As I tell God constantly, this is crazy.


    1. I can identify! I was born with my intestines not working and I have to take around $1000 worth of herbs every week, about 100 pills a night just to stay alive and the side effects from those mean constant pain, and other horrific side effects including feeling like I’m about to throw up constantly. I also have Muscular Dystrophy which is a genetic disease robbing me of heart function , autonomic nervous sytsetm function (meaning my brain does not even know to tell me to breath or my heart to beat so I could die at any minute), lung, heart, endocrine and mostly and worstly killing my muscles rapidly, so again, I can’t live a normal life in any way shape or form and stuffer constant financial problems because of my lack of physical ability to work a job that would pay my rent and bills. And it gets worse as now I’m loosing my hearing, rapdily, have a horrific H pylori infection they can’t cure, and on and on! Yet I’ve been through deliverance, seen miracles , gone all over the world on the mission field and preached the gospel and watched God do miracles when I prayed for people! I’ve been all over praying for deliverance from any thing in my family line too. Now I can’t even go on the mission field. I am thankful I am still able to walk as most w this disease can’t.. but what gives!!!!????


  18. Thank you for this, it’s very encouraging to read. I also have been struggling with severe tinnitus since June 2022, I am house bound and can’t eat as it’s so loud and am suicidal. Praying for a miracle as nothing else works!


    1. To the person who says their struggling w tinnitus… I think mine is from horrible TMJ, but I have found it’s better w quietum plus .. expensive and you may think it’s baloney but I was desperate, and it’s noticeably better when I’m on it. Also speak to the ringing directly and command it to go away in Jesus’name! It’s under the foot of the cross. Try!


  19. Wow this really wonderful, thanks for sharing your testimony. Could you please pray for me to heal my hearing to hear better?



  20. May 30, 2023

    I am experiencing the same thing. One night in February my left ear felt as if it clogged up, the sounds are muffled. My passion for singing has ceased. I’m hearing my own voice and heart beat. I’m in tears daily over it. It’s almost 4 months now. I’ve gone to doctors and they said my ear is clear and healthy. I hear a ringing constantly now 😭 It’s so uncomfortable and unbearable. Even in my sleep I’m hearing it. I do pray, I do believe in the power of prayer. I just want it to heal. This along with my right pupil becoming fullig dialted due to severe Anxiety, Depression, Stress and PTSD after the lost of my father in December of 2019. I pray so much now that I’m starting to think I’m praying wrong..I need help, I want to live! I want to hear and see clearly again. I choose hope and love. I need prayers, please.


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