I saw Satan… another divine encounter

Until yesterday I had never seen a physical representation of evil. Raised in church I’ve always known and believed in the reality of evil here on this earth. Though my mind understood spiritual warfare, my eyes had yet to truly see it. And my heart had yet to be catapulted into battle. All I can say is SATAN IS REAL… He is attacking us in various forms every minute of the day. Spiritual warfare is powerful. And the closer and closer we grow to Jesus, the more Satan will come after us… the more he will send his despicable demons to chase us down. Yet, the power of Jesus is VICTORY and in His name every knee will bow, every force of evil will shutter and flee.

Allow me to start from the beginning…

(About  a year ago I had a divine encounter that many of you raved about; you can read that story here.)

On Tuesday afternoon, a little after lunch time, I ventured out for two quick errands. First, I needed to drop off a coat at the dry cleaners. And second, I needed to grab a few items from the grocery store to make a specially requested dish for Tyler’s dinner. I made a fast stop at Etown Cleaners then decided to run into Save-A-Lot since it’s in the same shopping center. I️t is a small store, therefore it would require less energy from me to get in and out. And it didn’t looked packed… remember, this is two days before Thanksgiving so all the stores in town were a mad house.

Just minutes after walking into the store I ran into Julie, the mother of a girl I️ went to school with from elementary days until graduation. I️ never really knew Julie though I’ve always known who she was.

Julie has been so sweet, praying for me through these last four years and sending the occasional Facebook message of encouragement.

We waved to each other and she immediately struck up a conversation. Completely indicative of her love for Jesus, Julie’s first words to me were on the topic of prayers. She boldly offered to (whenever I’m ready) lay hands and pray powerful, healing prayers over my sick body along with some of her friends who TRULY believe in the power of prayer and healing. She shared testimony of the healing they had witnessed through prayer along with a little of her own faith background.

The conviction in her voice shined a bright light on the One who holds her heart. Her countenance, her body language, her laughter were all evidence of Jesus Christ living in her. As we spoke I thought, “Wow, I pray that my every motion would be a witness for the Lord just like Julie right now.”

I told her I was experiencing some intense physical pain in the moment and rather than simply saying sorry, she offered to pray over me. Right there, in the middle of the grocery aisle she wrapped her arm around me and prayed convicting, believing words. I was grateful. And I felt the Holy Spirit beside us. Where two are gathered in His name He is certainly there.

We said our goodbyes, and hugged, then proceeded to the shopping. I grabbed my items and hopped in line. While waiting my turn, I noticed a man walking into the store. This man looked bad. He looked about my age. He was a similar height. And he was very thin. His cheekbones were sunken in and I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a substance abuse problem ruling his life. He was wearing a big jacket and had his hands hidden inside, not inside pockets but inside the jacket as though he were hiding something.

What really grabbed my attention was the color of his skin. He was sickly pale… so washed out and void of color that he appeared green. I immediately thought of the days when I too looked that color. I felt sick looking at him.

I also immediately felt a negativity as he walked into the store. We made eye contact and I got chills. For some reason I knew that he was in that store to cause harm and not to just anyone, I knew he was there to hurt me. I can’t explain it…I sensed imminent danger.

Rather than picking up any items for purchase, he walked straight to the checkout line. He got directly behind me and stood much too close for comfort. I checked over my shoulder and his arms were fidgeting inside the jacket. Did he have a gun? A knife? Was his intent to rob the cash register?

I was planning my escape and thought of stepping out of line to pick out a few more items then step into another checkout lane. While my mind raced I felt someone grab my shoulders.

Jumping, I let out a little shriek!

“I️ didn’t mean to scare you!” Julie said, “But as I️ was shopping I️ felt like God was telling me to come and say something else to you.”

“Okay… please do.” I️ replied breathing a sigh of relief as a sense of comfort grew from having her beside me. I️ decided that if she tried to walk away I️ would insist that she stay with me or I would walk with her.

Also, I️ thought it strange that she completely cut line in front of the scary guy. That would surely make him angry.

The wisdom from Julie continued,

“Anytime you feel a darkness, an oppression, your pain, (etc) you must claim victory in Jesus name. Say ‘I claim power over this in the name of Jesus.’ We know that nothing can stand in the way of the name of Jesus. When you speak His name everything evil must flee!”

As soon as she spoke those words, the threatening man turned to the side and walked right out of line. And even though I watched him walk away I️ couldn’t find where he went.

My eyes could not believe it.

Did she just say that everything evil must flee in the name of Jesus? And did that very threatening man literally flee when she spoke His name?


Still feeling shaken I️ paid for my items and stood with Julie while she paid for hers. She didn’t seem scared or threatened by the man. She didn’t say a word about him. I️ was still on the lookout, worried he was going to come back. But once I️ knew he was gone I️ told her,

“Thank you so much for walking up when you did. I was frightened by that man. That’s why I jumped when you touched me. I’m convinced he was hiding something in that jacket and he meant to cause me harm.” Partially distracted by the process of paying for her groceries, Julie seemed confused. She let me know she was a little confused by what I said.

As we walked out to the parking lot I described the man and how I felt when he walked in and asked if she felt the same way upon seeing him.

“Well, let me think about it for a second.” Julie continued, “When I️ walked up to you there was a women who was going back and forth over which checkout line to go in… but… I️ didn’t see any man.”

“You’re joking!” I️ laughed, “The guy was right behind me… you cut him in line!”

“I’m telling you… there was no man.”

My mind couldn’t keep up with the words coming from her mouth. Had I dreamed him up? Was I going crazy?

Or was this the manifestation of evil at work?

“I know what this is,” Julie said the words before I could, “That’s Satan attacking you. Spiritual warfare is real and right now God is refining you to do something amazing for Him. But you have to keep fighting. And you will be attacked as you grow closer to Him.”

She went on to tell me more about the spiritual warfare she had seen/heard about in other people’s lives.

She didn’t seem rattled at all. She seemed so confident in the protection of the Lord and in the truth that evil lies all around but it cannot defeat the name of Jesus.

I truly feel like Julie was the angel sent to protect me that day. Her timing was so clearly from the Lord and I cannot thank her enough for being obedient enough to listen and act when He told her to move.

I was quiet…trying to process my feelings, not sure how to feel or what to say. I told her of my love for horror movies and was encouraged to give up anything in my life that welcomes darkness. I always thought that since I didn’t play with ouija boards or believe in witchcraft, I could not be hurt by watching scary movies/shows.

Julie opened my eyes to the truth. Our eyes are a gateway to our souls. If we expose ourselves to darkness we are welcoming the evil, saying it is okay for that darkness to come into our lives.

My body is sensitive in every way. To medicine, to food, to feelings, and I’m realizing I am sensitive to anything in the spiritual realm.

I agree with Julie… right now God is preparing me to do something big for Him. I’m being tested. I’m suffering and being asked to fight. I WILL be attacked because the beautiful glory of God is a soul-crushing threat to Satan. He knows he cannot win over the light. He knows he must flee at the name of Jesus. He knows he will have to bow down and praise our Great God when all is said and done.

Every knee will bow and every tongue will proclaim!

My eyes have been opened wide to the reality of spiritual warfare all around. My heart has been ripped open, desiring a new growth in every area of my faith. My mind is blown by the surpassing greatness of God which now seems even grander and more unfathomable than ever before.

Friends, we must be prepared to fight the very real fight of good versus evil. We are fighting against dark forces of evil in the heavenly realms! We can equip ourselves each day with the armor of God, the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the sword of the Spirit… we are fully protected by Him. In any and all scary situations we have to call on the name of the Lord and command evil to flee in the name of Jesus.

We must start praying BIG PRAYERS in deep faith and full belief that God is who He says He is, capable of MORE Than our tiny minds could ever begin to comprehend.

Our Lord is sovereign… ruler over all.

This blog post was not intended to scare you but to wake you up to the enemy we are all fighting together. God HATES lukewarm. He created us to be warriors fighting for His kingdom.

Attacks from Satan are absolutely inevitable. Are you prepared to fight those battles? Are you confident in His protection? Are you willing to be someone’s “Julie” stepping in to protect, cover, and boldly pray in the name of Jesus?

As I️ reflect on this divine encounter it all seems surreal. I’m sure I’ll decipher more clarity and meaning as a little time passes and these initial feelings wear off.

But tonight, my heart cannot stop singing of His great name.

Your name in VICTORY

All praise will rise to Christ our King!

By your spirit I️ will rise

From the ashes of defeat

The resurrected king in resurrecting me.

In your name I come alive

To DECLARE your victory

The resurrected king isresurrecting me.

10 thoughts on “I saw Satan… another divine encounter

  1. Thank you so much for this much needed post. I need to be braver and speak out more. Yes, evil is all around us. When did we ever hear of such terrible things happening? You can blame it on poor parenting, drugs or whatever. I choose to blame it on the work of the devil.

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  2. I agree that our world has a lot of evil in it. I teach kids at church that we have to work harder to bring more good back in the world and spread our Christianity by our actions. I encourage them every Sunday to not be afraid to pray outloud and I’m teaching and encouraging them to take lead roles in their families and outings by leading prayer! The devil comes in many forms. We have to be careful.

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  3. This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. Two bible studies helped prepare me for this very real battle we face on earth— Breaking Free by Beth Moore and Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer. The devil counts on everyone discounting him. But, he’s real and he is active. Prayers to you as journey on.

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  4. Thank you for this post! One of my former Sunday School teachers talked to me about an encounter that she had with Satan too. When she was telling me, I was really confused. But now that I’ve read your story, I think I am becoming more aware of how real the spiritual world is.

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