VLOG: My 4 day juice feast experience 

Day One


Day Two


Day Three


Day Four


If you follow me on social media or have seen me in the last few weeks, you’re already aware that I’m in the midst of a tough time physically. Coming off of a huge summer then immediately moving into our new home, along with traveling nearly every weekend for weddings, absolutely wiped me out. Plus, flares happen no matter what I’m doing or not doing! 
The severe fatigue turned into digestive flare ups and what I describe as everything “shutting down.” What partial digestive function I was having basically stopped. My body becomes clogged up & foggy. If I eat anything I feel misery but starving feels the same way. Every cell is drained of energy & strength & I have horrible pain down to my bones.

My brain starts to fog up making it difficult to form my thoughts into words. Anxiety heightens, depression comes on strong & soon my mental state is in the gutter with my physical. 

But, I continue to push because life cannot completely stop. And I feel misunderstood and alone… I hear the comment often, “Well don’t make yourself sick by doing that.” Right now…that would mean doing nothing because I’m already far past that point.
SO, last week I randomly decided that pure juice fasting (or rather, feasting) along with daily enemas & extra water would be the best way to give my body a break digestively– meaning all my energy could go toward healing & repair. 

I documented my raw feelings each day through videos on my Insta-story on Instagram (@stillwatersblog.) 

Rather than typing out everything, I compiled a video for from each day to share my experiences (see the top of this post). I hope you’ll watch!
Please feel free to ask me questions & share your juice feast  experiences with me. 
The greatest improvement that came from the feast was rapid healing of my skin which has been covered in painful acne since I’ve been following the 80/10/10 raw fruitarian lifestyle (heavy detox). I am overjoyed by this! 

Since stopping the fast I’ve still been eating in a water-rich, minimally digestive way. 

I’m continuing to juice extra (usually 2 liters a day of celery juice with a little apple & a dark green juice with celery, kale, parsley, cucumber) & mostly eating melons. Along with melon I’m eating grapes  through the day & in the evening having either banana nice cream (frozen ripe bananas blended with wild blueberries ) or homemade  vegetable soups. I like to make a salt-free herb broth with fresh ginger, garlic, turmeric, parsley,  basil, celery, carrot & whatever else I’m feeling that day. I’m drinking a lot of this broth & eating some of the soft veg as well. 

I will do whatever I (prayerfully) feel is best for my body although I hate being in this cycle. What I’m doing right now feels like a starvation phase. My calories have dropped quite a bit & the amount I’m consuming is relatively small… especially for a raw diet. The less I eat, the more it seems I can eliminate waste & boy be as weighed down. Yet fatigue, weakness & ability to live life become more of an issue. This is only temporary & such a hard way to live. However, I’ve lived this way before & I can do it again until further healing happens….

Healing that I absolutely believe in! 

Thanks for reading, watching & sharing this post! Please continue to pray for me & let me know how I can also pray for you. God is more than enough & He truly is the bread of life, our sustainer, lifeline & friend. I hope you feel God presence with you today ❤️

In His love,

6 thoughts on “VLOG: My 4 day juice feast experience 

  1. I’m praying for you too girl! A few things come to mind. Have you ever heard about doing lemon enemas? I never tried one, but they are cleansing for the colon. You can also do wheatgrass enemas, or even foodgrade hydrogen peroxide enemas (under certain conditions). Also I heard Charlotte Gerson say, you can also ‘eat’ by means of an enema. You can put carrot juice in the enema and the colon absorbs it. You can’t do all juices I understood. I would also check out my adrenal health. It sounds like you overdid it this summer, you had a lot of stress. This has an impact on your adrenals. So you must sleep and rest as much as you can. You can also take ashwagandha, licorice root tea, tulsi tea & more and even an adrenal glandular. I heard dr. Morse say, that without proper adrenal function basically your whole digestive function shuts down. You can also listen to Lilykoi Hawaii and her adrenal YouTube video. I hope this helps a little!

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