Melon mania +the magic of a mucus-less diet // my raw fruitarian healing journey

Welcome back, friends, to another installment of my raw fruitarian healing journey. If you’re new to Still Waters Blog, HI! I encourage you to check out one or all of these posts (here, here, here) in order to get some background so that this post makes some sense.


Over the last week I’ve taken several day trips to melon island. No, melon island isn’t an actual tropical place (if you find a real melon island somewhere please take me!). In the fruitarian community we use the term “___ island” to describe a full day, week, or number of weeks spent eating only ONE fruit with the option of adding tender, leafy greens for important minerals.


So a trip to banana island = period of time eating only bananas. A trip to melon island = period of time eating only melons. Make sense?


Last Monday I found myself salivating over the most beautiful watermelon I’d ever laid my big brown eyes upon. The outside of the melon was a rich, gorgeous green. When I knocked on it it sounded hollow & felt not too dense. I dug into my melon & felt so satisfied. Melons can be messy… I really didn’t feel like cleaning up the melon & chopping it up more to store in the fridge in multiple containers just to make it all fit. So, I left my melon out (I was home all day) & covered the cut top. When I would get hungry I simply cut off another chunk of the melon. When my husband arrived home from work at dinner time, I declared, “I’ve been on melon island & I wanna stay there!” All I ate that day was one huge watermelon. The next day (Tuesday) I decided to stay on melon island; I purchased my first golden honeydew melon, & I was already stocked up on few cantaloupes & another watermelon.

Honeydew may be my very favorite fruit but there’s a big caveat here. It has to be GOOD. Honeydew is either amazing, perfectly sweet, ripe & refreshing… OR it is tasteless & reminds me of soap.


This melon was the BOMB. Seriously, it may have been the BEST honeydew I’ve ever tasted or it was extra delicious because it has been many years since I’ve had one. Either way I LOVED it. Day 2 of melon island also consisted of cantaloupe & watermelon. I enjoyed everything except for the cantaloupe which I typically loved. I felt queasy just from the taste (which was not bad) & even the thought of eating it was a turnoff.


Day 3 of my impromptu melon island started with cold, refreshing watermelon through the afternoon. I had cut, chilled cantaloupes ready for dinner. I took one bite & was completely grossed out. The smell, the sight, the taste all literally made me gag. My fellow fruity friend, Petra, sent me some info that may have explained the aversion. Apparently, cantaloupes are one of the moldiest fruits & were actually involved in the discovery of penicillin. In no way am I discouraging the consumption of this delightful fruit. However, maybe my melons had mold that my eyes could not detect but clearly my body was giving me signals to stay away. I listened.


Fresh out of watermelons my first “island” experience came to an end after nearly 3 days. I broke the fast with a simple bowl of chopped tomato & mango, one of my absolute favorite combinations. It tasted amazing!

You may be asking, “Why would you do that? What are the benefits? Would you do it again? How did you feel?” Let’s review my experience on melon island:


  1. Melons are POWERFUL. I definitely experienced some detox symptoms more intensely during this time. Flu-like symptoms in the evening, more body pain (but that could also be attributed to the fact that I was only on day 2 & 3 of withdrawal from pain meds.), extra fatigue. From other experiences I’ve read, I’m not alone in feeling stronger detox from melons. They have proven to be one of the most powerful foods for entire body healing & cleansing.
  2. I have never been more hydrated: Each morning I drink at least 1 liter of filtered water but other than that I do not find myself having to intentionally drink. Why? Because when you’re eating water-rich fruit ESPECIALLY melons you experience hydration on an entirely new, awesome level. Melon island brings along an almost constant need to pee. To me, it’s a welcomed side effect that I celebrate.
  3. Clarity of mind is evident: My brain has been highly effected over the last 3.5 years of serious, debilitating illness. The surgeries, procedures, doses of anesthesia, disease, malnutrition, starvation, harmful medications, etc have all changed the way my mind works & even my ability to orally communicate. I used to experience frequent episodes of finding myself unable to form my thoughts into sentences. I grew more embarrassed & frustrated every time this happened. I remember crying to my dad saying, “I already don’t feel/look like myself in my physical body & now I can’t even feel like myself in my mind.” My brain health has drastically improved over the last 4-5 months but going raw has taken my level of awareness, consciousness, deep thought, & even intuition to a new high. Then, going to melon island increased it even more. I can’t explain it in a way that makes sense without actually experiencing this feeling.
  4. Digestion gets a kickstart: When consuming mono meal after mono meal of the exact same one element, digestion becomes easy for the body. The body can use more energy for healing, thinking, living, & having fun when it isn’t using copious amounts of life force for digestion. Digestion is supposed to be easy. And the body is designed to properly, fully eliminate after EVERY meal. If your body isn’t doing this, look at your diet, hydration, stress, & physical activity levels. After making healthy adjustments I guarantee digestion will improve.
  5. Acne worsens: I had more breakouts popping up while on melon island. To me, this is not a negative things it is a sign that my body is eliminating toxic buildup through the skin. I celebrate this! No, I do not like how my skin looks & feels at the moment but I trust the healing process. I would rather have some broken-out skin for the rest of my life than live another day in a sick body.
  6. Appreciation grows: I love the simplicity of this way of eating. It is a gift to taste true, natural flavors with a pallet that isn’t over stimulated from all the salt, sugar, fat, & unnatrual flavors in today’s “food.” But, after eating ONLY melons my tastebuds became even clearer & I found myself much more appreciative of the variety of natural tastes that occur in different fruits & veggies. My first bite of tomato was incredible even though it wasn’t the world’s best tomato by any means. I am incredibly thankful for the variety we are privileged to have in this country.
  7. Food does not consume the mind: If you already know what you’re eating for the day, you don’t need much time to ponder food. Rather, you grow to love every bite of your simple day. And your mind is free to think & do many other, wonderful things. Food does not consume me although I love to eat more than ever. My mind did not wander, crave, or want other foods. At the very beginning of my raw journey I would have had trouble sticking to one food. Now, it was surprisingly easy.

I will do this again! I don’t think right now is a great time to put my body through the more intense symptoms of healing that come with melon island. I think 1-3 days are great stretches of time for me. This weekend I focused each day on eating mainly watermelon for the majority of the day. I felt great overall doing this.


As you can see just from my own (new) experiences on the raw fruitarian there are many ways to keep meals interesting. The combinations are endless! The strategies are numerous. Finding what works for me has actually been quite exciting and fun.


Speaking of exciting… check out my latest victory!


“Another victory: Today, after church, Tyler & I went for a long walk at the lake. That’s definitely an accomplishment all in itself! But, I decided I wanted to jog. Every time I walk I find myself itching to run, something the old me loved to do & was quite good at. I used to have dreams about being able to run & feel independent & free again. I’ve jogged for little spurts off & on but this was the first time I ever attempted to continue trotting for more than a minute. I ended up making it almost 3/4 of a mile without stopping. And honestly, my pace wasn’t that slow. The time flew by & though I knew it was time to stop, my heart wanted to keep going. This particular victory is one I’ve often thought about & longed for. I can’t believe how far I’ve come from those days when deaths door was too close in sight. I can’t believe how much accelerated healing has taken place over the last 1.5 months of a raw fruitarian diet! It is absolute healing MAGIC & I’m a living testament…healing more in a month than I have in a year! God follows through on every promise! He makes a way when we can’t see one! He hears every prayer, catches every tear, & sustains through every excruciating day. He leads us to the knowledge we need in order to put in the work required of us to become who HE has in store. My God is greater than any evil, disease, hardship, or stumbling block in this world!!”


Did my title deceive you? Wasn’t I supposed to tell you about the magic of a mucus-less diet? Yes… but I already wrote enough for one blog… I guess you’ll have to keep following my journey to find out about that magic. For now, here are some pics from the week.


As always, God bless you & thank you for reading, supporting, praying, & loving on me. More than anything I pray that Still Waters Blog brings glory to the Lord & shines a bright light on His faithfulness in all things. More than fruit, health, disease, healing or anything else that I write about, this space is FOR HIM as I am only capable of writing THROUGH HIM & BY HIM.


We had a wonderful time at the Chaney family reunion, hidden in the mountains in Ary, Kentucky.
At nearly 91, Aunt Ruth is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known.


Romaine “tacos” filled with bell pepper, oranges & fresh salsa.
Berry, banana & greens smoothie.

4 thoughts on “Melon mania +the magic of a mucus-less diet // my raw fruitarian healing journey

  1. Interesting, darling girl. So proud of you! I actually drove myself to Sunday School Sunday. First time driving I
    Since Jan. Got a wig and was so happy to be with some of my prayer warriors.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re doing great! I prayed to God to for a solution and he gave me a dr. Morse video that afternoon. I never looked back. And then running again! I know the feeling. Years ago I slipped and fell and hurt my knee. I couldn’t play tennis anymore. I was never a big runner, or even a runner, but I couldn’t run to catch a bus. But when I was on the raw fruitarian diet, one day my body just wanted to run! I was hesistant, but I tried it. I was 58 years old. And I was able to do it! I was amazed. A 58 year old woman who starts running, instead of stops running. Your pictures are lovely too and your writings as well. One day a book perhaps?

    Liked by 1 person

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