Navigating through social life on my raw fruitarian healing journey

{I am not a doctor or dietician nor do I claim to be one. These are my own experiences, all I can speak for is what I have felt firsthand.}


In today’s world it’s not uncommon see/hear frequent complaints about dietary restrictions. It seems like everyone you meet has some type of intolerance, allergy, or new fad diet that sets boundaries regarding what one can and cannot consume. Not to be insensitive, but as I have navigated through a life of completely not eating by mouth for over nine consecutive months, going multiple weeks without even a drink of water or piece of ice, living mostly on pureed veggie soups, and now being a raw fruitarian (read more here here)… I have little patience for these complaints.


It seems like all our society can focus on is that which we CANNOT have rather than the abundance that we DO have. At certain points in my life just being able to suck on one small Popsicle per day seemed like the most amazing gift in the world. At other times, a few sips of water was liquid gold. And as I have progressed more and more my goal is to never lose sight of the days I dreamed of being able to take one drink or one bite.


That being said, I completely understand how eating differently/having legitimate dietary restrictions can feel isolating. When we go to a party, restaurant, wedding, church event, etc. we want to join in the act of “breaking bread” together. Ultimately, we want to be like everyone else. We hate feeling as though we are missing out.


God has truly blessed me with unspeakable peace through every phase of my journey though there have been/are MANY instances where I’ve wanted the same food as everyone else. After going so long on pureed I craved to simply eat a salad… a big piece of fruit…raw veggies… a bowl of rice. Because of my unique perspective on what it actually feels like to starve and NOT eat for long periods of time, I’m able to hang onto an attitude of gratitude. Thankful, to be eating ANYTHING. Thankful to be sharing in moments and experiences and memories.


What I’ve learned over these last 2 months as I transitioned into a fully raw fruitarian diet is simply amazing. My attitude of gratitude for food has gone through the roof. WHY? Because juicy, water dense fruits and greens (romaine is my jam) are healing me and allowing me to eat more in a day (volume wise) than I was previously eating in almost a week. They are magical, medicinal, healing foods straight from the Lord. When I went fully raw and decided to completely cut out cooked foods, my body allowed me to start introducing those foods I craved most… greens and fruits. Seems wild, right?


Things are not perfect. No, I have not come to where I want to be… this process is years and a lifetime in the making. But, my healing process has accelerated times ten. Seriously, I am recovering from day to day life and all these busy weekends in 1/8 of the time I was before going raw fruitarian even though I was eating 100% plant based, oil free. This is what’s working for my body. High carb, low fat, raw fruitarian.


Even though I have a little ways to go before I can start meeting my adequate calorie needs, I feel completely satiated and satisfied. And I feel like I am eating in total abundance!! I know that I’ll never have to count calories, carbs, protein, fats, portion sizes as long as I listen to my body and give it proper nourishment. Plant based eating is all about FREEDOM not LIMITATION.


You’re probably thinking I mistyped the above statement. You may be thinking, “Mal, this raw fruitarian thing seems totally limiting and very restrictive…how can it make you feel free?!”


BECAUSE, I’m not a slave to fat… or processing… or dead animal flesh… or white sugar… or caffeine… or stimulants…. or salt….or hanger… or blood sugar spikes and dips… or fast food… or dehydration… or soda…. or 20+ pharmaceutical drugs… or laxatives…. or misleading vitamins/supplements and I’ve only just begun!!

I’m not a slave to the toilet because of vomiting and all-consuming nausea… I’m not a slave to a body that is trying to run on fumes 24/7… I’m not a slave to recovery that takes over 1 week to feel “okay” after one day of fun… I’m not a slave to the scale… I’m not a slave to negative body image… I’m not a slave to diet pills…. I’m not a slave to calorie restriction… I’m not a slave to food addiction…


I am FREE in so many new, exciting, blessed ways because of what I eat. I believe everyone can find this freedom.


And can we talk about the outrageous variety of produce that surrounds us?! Walk through the local produce section at any grocery… check out the farmers market… Phil’s Produce Stand (if you live in Hardin Co., KY), or go to Bud’s Produce (where I shop to get my fruit and veggies for HALF the price of supermarkets) and simply be amazed at the colors, sights, and smells.



There are so many different varieties of fruits and veggies that there’s no way I could feel bored or restricted. I really don’t even want most of the other food that I’m around because I know (1) The damage is causes to the body and my body is sacred and precious so I will not harm it (2) My taste buds are coming to a place of total purity, not clouded with artificial stimulants and chemical flavors (3) My meals have EVERYTHING I need and nothing I don’t. Filled with tons of pure water, gentle fiber, carbs, just enough fat & protein, vitamins, minerals and AMAZING, DELICIOUS flavor, fruit and veggies are totally satiating and healing.


For the last six months I’ve finally come to a place where I don’t wish I was eating that fast-food meal or cheesy pizza or slice of cake or hunk of meat/chicken. No, I honestly don’t crave ANY of that at this point. It does take time though and it does take a large amount of self-discipline to stay away from unhealthy cravings, long enough to starve them out rather than giving in and perpetuating the cycle.


What I crave is this: community, understanding, HEALTH, peace and love. I honestly wish there was someone around me to share in this with… Although I am so proud and GRATEFUL for my husband, parents, & uncle who mostly (5.5-6/7 days a week) eat plant based! They’re the best. As well as other family & friends who have transitioned either all the way or made small changes. You know who you are! That definitely gives me a greater sense of belonging!


Honestly though, I do feel lonely many days… not necessarily because of the diet but because of my very long, rare, unique battle with disease and healing. Praise God for social media which has connected me to special people who are not only like me in disease (I love you Soley, Courtney, & Liz) but others who are teaching me & providing that sense of community when it comes to raw food healing.


Since I’ve already written more than anticipated (thanks for staying with me), below are bullet points of the highs & lows of my raw fruitarian journey over the last 2 weeks:



  • Memorial Day Weekend = Friday night wedding. I brought my own container with a fresh tomato, mango, & cucumber salad. I also had a bag of fresh cherries in the car for some delicious fast food.


  • The next day I went kayaking!!! This was a huge personal victory & definitely a physical challenge that felt surprisingly great. I want to do more and more of this!




  • On Sunday we had an awesome day of family & fellowship with Tyler’s family. After church everyone went to a Mexican restaurant… I brought a purse full of juicy oranges! I literally pulled them out of my bag one by one until I was satisfied. I ordered a plate of lettuce and tomato just to get something… I would have been happy without it.
  • Sunday evening we had a family cookout and I knew I wanted to make a dish that others would eat with me. Inspired by the amazing picos/salsas that my dad makes, I created a mango tomato pico/salsa/fresh salad. I finely chopped red bell peppers, cucumber, radish, tomato, mango, red onion, and avocado (the overt fat is a treat for me, not something I eat regularly, maybe 1x per week. Onion is also a rare food for me.) I added the juice of 2 lemons, 1 lime, some apple cider vinegar, chili powder, black pepper and salt (I don’t typically add salt to my food but wanted others to like it) then let it marinade in the fridge for a few hours before dinner. I ate mine on a bed of romaine and extra mango but it could definitely be a meal by itself.
  • The highlight of that night was when my father-in-law LOVED my dish and requested I make a big batch of it for our upcoming vacation. I saw a few others eat it also– that made my heart happy. VICTORY!


  • During a “sister day” in Louisville with Jamie (she’s married to my brother) we got lunch from the salad bar at Whole Foods and sat outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. Yes, it was ridiculous to pay $16 for a salad but what a treat this was! I loaded up on greens, cucumber, berries, jicama, shredded heriloom carrots, and sweet peppers… usually lemon juice is my dressing but they actually had an oil-free tomato dressing that I squeezed on top.


  • Raw vegan “Spaghetti”: Raw turnip noodles (spiralized turnips) from Whole Foods with a raw marinara sauce that I made from blending cherry tomatoes, peaches, italian herbs, and lemon juice. I love turnips and their unique flavor! This was a fun breakup from my typical meals.


  • How about some fresh celery juice with lemon for a refreshing pool side drink?! Celery juice is said to be a powerful cleanser & one of the most beneficial juices for total healing. Celery provides us with important essential minerals and sodium. When your palate is clean and un-stimulated, you will find that celery tastes super salty!


  • Graduation party: at a graduation party for my cousin, I brought something small in my purse and planned to have a mono meal of bananas when we got home… Tiffany (mom of the graduate) was so incredibly kind to make sure they had fresh fruit and veg at the party. I nearly cried when she said, “I know you can eat fruit! We wanted you to be able to eat with everyone at the party!” That simple gesture of kindness and inclusion meant the world to me.
  • img_9273
  • Social situations are honestly not hard to navigate, they simply take planning. We went to another out of town wedding on Saturday (4 weekends in a row!) and I made sure to eat some calorie dense fruit beforehand, brought a tomato/cucumber soup with me and was able to find some raw fruit/veg at the reception, then I had a small lunchbox with organic peaches to have on the way home. It seems like a lot to take yet I would rather have too much than find myself in a bind, feeling weak and tempted to have something I shouldn’t. Also, fruit is nature’s perfect fast food. The only prep work may be to wash the outside of the fruit.. then simply peel or cut and enjoy!
  • Last week I began dry brushing my skin to help detox, lymphatic drainage, and skin tone. It makes my skin feel/look great while stimulating my circulation enough to give me a burst of energy! Learn more about dry brushing, here.
  • Weekly acupuncture is the best natural therapy for pain management and healing for the entire body. I’ve been going once a week since April and can see real progress with each session.
  • My skin is continuing to break out with little bumps all across my face. I welcome this cleansing & celebrate all the toxins being released. Eventually, my skin will be perfectly clear!
  • Digestion is not consistent. I seem to be in a pattern of 2-3 days of smooth, effortless digestion, followed by 5-6 days of a slowed down, super bloated/gassy/backed-up/extra nauseous system. I continue to stay off laxatives & trust my body to heal itself. It’s going to take time. The longer I go without toxins from unnecessary medications, harmful laxatives, and unnatural foods, the better things will get. Having even one meal of smooth digestion is literally a miracle for me! During the times of intense pain I remember how far I’ve come and cannot be anything but thankful to My Healer.
  • Detox continues to be tough. At times I’m feeling GREAT & at others I’m feeling AWFUL. I love taking ginger baths to help flush out toxins whenever I’m puny.
  • I’m down to 3 prescription medications (plus a probiotic) one of which is pancreatic enzymes that I must take for life (since I no longer have my own pancreas), another I have dramatically reduced, and the last is a pain med that I only take 1/4-1/8 of a pill per day. A few months ago my medication list was 20+…. I have made the decisions myself, without a doctor to remove the meds. I am VERY in tune with my body. I am not recommending others do this without consulting their doctor. However, I have some wonderful medical professionals who are aware of my decisions and support me.
  • In the last 24 hours I’ve begun my second attempt at completely coming off the pain meds. Withdrawl and detox from this will be BAD.. I already know this. I do have LEGAL hemp oil as a natural pain reliever to help through this process. I’ve come off the strongest narcotic cocktails & felt the misery, yet I’ve always had a “smaller” drug to take for pain rather than going cold turkey. It’s time to come off this medication and I might as well do it when I’m in the midst of this other detox.



As always, I could write a novel.


Thanks to everyone reading, supporting, praying, cheering, and loving on me. I’m one blessed girl!


Please pray for me over the next few weeks as I come off the pain meds as unpleasant withdrawal can last 60 or more days. Please share this post with anyone who may benefit from these words.


Want more from Still Waters Blog? Check out the podcast, here.


Wishing everyone a wonderful week,




2 thoughts on “Navigating through social life on my raw fruitarian healing journey

  1. Mallory, you’re doing great! And you’re so right: we must be grateful for what we have, rather than focus on what we don’t have. And you’re right wanting to quit al that medication. Because pills and potions come with side effects. They are not the solution. They don’t cure anything. The body can heal itself, when given the right tools. As for your pancreatic enzymes, that’s a different story. You need those. Have you ever thought of Epsom salt baths or Castor oil packs for extra detoxification? I’m taking CBD oil myself. 6 drops a day. I also have a small bottle of cannabis oil for pain medication, for emergencies, should it be necessary one day. I hope you can stop with the pain meds without suffering!


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