How I’m healing my complicated disease with a raw fruitarian diet

This is one of few categories that makes me nervous to write about. Eating with others, in front of others and sharing how I actually eat is scary for me. With my medical history it’s no wonder. Eating has been excruciating, isolating, and debilitating…why would I want to open up that part of life to the world?

Yet, I love sharing my story, good and bad, with the world because I know it is full of purpose. God is using my experiences to speak to others and for that I’m truly thankful.

Today, I’m sharing openly and honestly about this new healing journey I am on. My prayer is that this inspires even one other person to be courageous, do the work, and never give up. I’m also sharing this because it will hold me accountable to continue on this path.

Okay, here we go… if you’re new to the blog (welcome!) I encourage you to check out these posts (here, here) so you are familiar with my story and medical challenges.

In summary, I was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor in 2013 at the age of 20. I had to immediately withdraw from college, close out my life and head into the storm. I had a Whipple surgery to remove the cancer along with half my pancreas, my gallbladder, pieces of my duodenum, intestines, stomach, and lymph nodes. It is a brutal, torturous surgery and very long recovery. 6 weeks into recovery I developed pancreatitis for the first time, thought to be a surgical complication. This sickness never went away; I would briefly get better before my pancreas erupted all over again. The only way to treat this horrific disease is through pain meds, IV fluids, and keeping a patient NPO in the hospital. NPO means you have nothing to eat or drink by mouth for a period of 24 hours – several days.

After multiple hospital admissions, my pancreas continued to worse. Therefore I was eventually put on a 24/7 feeding tube, anchored deep in my intestine bypassing my stomach, as my sole source of nutrition. I consumed small amounts of clear liquids during this time but DID NOT EAT A SINGLE BITE OF FOOD FOR 300+ consecutive days. Healing was not happening. I was fighting for my life and dying very slowly, very painfully. I was a 21 year old who was practically bedridden, unable to do anything other than hope and pray that the next day would bring miracles.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and I had to make the difficult yet life-saving decision to go through another brutal surgery to remove the remainder of my diseased pancreas along with my spleen and have an auto islet cell transplant (you can read about the surgery and recovery here.)


Things definitely got worse before they got better and though I was now “able” eat again, my body had completely forgotten how to eat and digest. My entire GI tract had be cut into, rearranged, partially removed, and sewn back together. Anatomically I am like Frankenstein at this point. Also, because of the extended amount of time that I spent on total digestive rest, I developed gastroparesis, bowel dysmotility, and chronic constipation along with a myriad of other residual damage from having a sick pancreas.

I continued to dramatically lose weight, getting down to 85 pounds although im 5’7.5″ with an athletic body type. At one point I had lost over 50 pounds from my starting weight which was lean and muscular. Through most of the last 2.5 years post-op, I’ve been slowly fighting to recover and discover life again…a new life in this new body.

Hard doesn’t even begin to cut it. I’ve been living off mostly pureed foods for years; mainly vegetables blended with herbs, spices, and broth to make some nutritious creations that my body could somewhat digest though never without extreme pain, nausea, and vomitting.

I’ve gradually gained weight and am around 105 pounds currently. I’m MUCH MUCH better and look like a completely different person. But the eating/digesting stuff, never really improved. And without being able to properly absorb nutrition you cannot fuel your body for deeper healing and progress forward. I could not continue on, for the rest of my life living that way. Doctors never knew what to tell me to do. Some would say “Whatever you think is best,” and others tried to convince me that I was “Doing great!” because I was better than before. Dieticians NEVER had any healthy advice. I was left to figure this whole thing out on my own.

So, I continued learning. During my period of not eating I spent tons of time thinking about food…what would I eat if I could? What foods would be the best to promote healing? What foods had I spent my entire life eating that would have contributed to my cancer and diseased pancreas? Why were we being taught to drink milk for our bones, cover our veggies in “heart healthy” olive oil and eat copious amounts of animal protein when THESE foods were the very culprits behind much of America’s sickness, obesity, and suffering?

Over and over again, from a variety of sources and perspectives and experts in medicine, science, and nutrition, the plant based diet proved to be the optimal diet for health and vitality. I read incredible stories of healing from nearly every imaginable disease. I knew that vegan was the way for me! I continued to wonder, how can I heal myself with food if I cannot eat? How can I heal myself with food when my body keeps thinking food is poison?

But when I started eating again, my doctors just wanted me to get calories and they didn’t care how. I also had just spent nearly one year without eating anything so I wanted to try (and deserved to) bites of things that were not good for me. I wanted to taste everything again! But nothing really tasted good…there was way too much salt, sugar, and oil on everything. My palate had not been stimulated so for the first time in my life I was tasting the real flavor of foods. My brain was not doped up on chemical taste enhancers (though I was doped up on other things) and I realized that the “normal” foods were so altered they no longer tasted natural… yet people will never notice that when they continue to shove their mouths full of unnatural things.

About five months post-op, I had finally had enough of trying to eat solid foods which did nothing but damage and caused excruciating suffering. I was living off of hot and sour soup broth from a local Chinese restaurant. I needed more calories, nutrition, strength… all my hair was falling out in massive wads and I was severely malnourished. I looked awful and felt even worse.

My dad suggested I try making my own soups with the vegetables that I love so much. I’m not picky at all– I love all food. When I say that, I don’t mean that in the way that most people mean when they say they like everything because usually that implies junk. I have never tasted a vegetable or fruit that I don’t love (besides grapefruit) and I thank God for giving me a family that raised me to eat all things. This has been a huge help in healing. So, I began experimenting and figuring out how to make delicious pureed soup out of any vegetable. My calorie intake was still way low but my nutrient/vitamin/mineral intake was sky-rocketing. Very, very slowly I was able to reverse the extreme deficiencies and heal many issues. I remained quite ill, as expected, because my recovery is projected to be 3-5 YEARS followed by a life time of chronic illness.

For the last 2 years I’ve been mostly vegan, eating dairy in the form of ice cream or a few bites of cheese about once a week. I also used coconut or olive oil to cook my veggies in and would buy veggie chips cooked in oil. I was under the illusion that these oils were “miracle foods” and health promoters. It wasn’t until January of this year that I truly learned the dangers of oil for our epithelial cells, cardiac health, blood flow and overall bodies.

Six months ago I had another abdominal surgery to insert a gastric stimulator device which works like a pacemaker for the stomach. This device can greatly improve quality of life by lessening nausea, vomitting, and helping the digestive process. It has certainly made a big difference in my world. I had 10 days that were amazing for me until we changed the settings on my device and threw everything out of whack. Things with the device are better now but have yet to return to their former glory.

Since January of this year I have been 100% vegan and have not consumed anything with an animal product. I’ve also been completely oil-free with the exception of a few meals at restaurants/vegetables at a wedding that probably were cooked with oil. While my simulator was helping I focused on eating a starch-based vegan diet (promoted by Forks Over Knives and Dr. McDougall.) I loved it. But, once my device stopped helping as much I could no longer eat this way. I went back to being on 95% pureed foods and felt some better, yet eventually felt worse again. Until my learning and experimentation led me to the raw fruitarian diet and juicing.

What the heck is a fruitarian diet?

A raw fruitarian diet is a style of eating comprised mostly of properly ripened fruit along with tender greens (think salad greens like romaine) and easy to digest vegetables, along with the optional addition of seeds and nuts, herbs and spices. This lifestyle is mostly free from added salt and sugar.  It is a vegan diet that DOES not include OIL. The fully raw diet means you do not eat cooked food. The fruitarian diet follows this macro nutrient ratio: 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein, 10% fat.

Some of you are probably thinking this sounds bananas! Way too high in carbs (because all that fruit sugar will make you fat, cause diabetes, rot your teeth) and there is not way that’s enough protein, oh and the fat intake is too low. And isn’t that boring, or tasteless, or way too restrictive?

No, to all of the above.

I understand those reactions. But I also know the science behind this and I know and am confident that this is one of the most natural ways to feed our bodies and the body responds amazingly. I plan to write a post dispelling all these popular misconceptions (but this post is already super long, so let’s save it for another day.) You can learn more here.

This diet is SUPER high in water, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and magical healing properties found exclusively in plants. Super ripe fruit like spotty bananas with lots of brown areas along the peel, sweet melons, amazing oranges, the juiciest mangoes and crisp, watery romaine are the easiest foods for our bodies to break down. Digestion becomes effortless because of the high water content and the high fiber content. These fruits are gentle, do not cause bad gas and when eaten properly (meaning NOT in combination with animal foods, oil, processed foods and cooked foods for those of us with digestive issues) they can digest quickly and oh so efficiently. Mono meals are the best for easy digestion. Mono means ONE, so a mono meal is when you eat only one food for your entire meal. I’ve been eating 2 cantaloupes at a time, or I’ll eat as many ripe mangoes as I can comfortably consume, and sometimes it’s a meal of several ripe bananas. When you give your body only ONE element to digest, especially a food full of water, fiber, and nutrients, the body does not have to expend as much effort and can use energy for other functions like healing.

Juicing has become my MEDICINE and my daily must have. 16-32 ounces of pure celery juice (just celery run through my juicer) on an empty stomach before eating or drinking anything else is literally a miracle worker. It gets my paralyzed digestive system moving while facilitating nutrition absorption, detox, starving unproductive yeast/mold/viruses, and restoring hydrochloride acids levels in the stomach.

Take it from someone who did not have functioning bowels and a semi paralyzed GI tract… juice & fruit will clean you out and move through you. In fact.. I’m 2.5 weeks laxative free! If you know me, you know I’ve been living on at least 6 types of laxatives PER DAY for the last 2.5 years. I decided to remove myself from them (something I’ve tried many times and regretted within a day) and push my body to re-learn this process on its on. After learning proper food combining techniques, my digestion has improved ten fold. It’s not perfect and there are some days I’m left frustrated, BUT, this recovery has been years in the making and I cannot expect that one month of fruitarianism will bring me to my healing goals.

Why RAW?

Basically, “raw food is living food and cooked food is dead.” I’m not in the camp that thinks properly cooked plant-based food is bad. However, raw food (with the exception of some vegetables that are very hard to digest raw) is best. Raw foods like fruits and greens are overflowing with perfect enzymes that are killed off during the cooking process thus decreasing their nutrient bioavailabiliy. When you eat them raw you get all of their water and antioxidant power. For someone trying to heal from complicated disease, I want to eat whatever is the MOST nutritionally dense. Also, for me, I either have to eat all cooked food or all raw food. My digestion does not like it when I try to mix. Until recently I could never eat lettuce although I craved salad constantly. I figured out that when I’m eating completely raw, romaine lettuce is not an issue for me…it’s actually quite soothing to my system. To learn more about the raw food benefits, please check out this amazing story at

I’ve been living off raw fruit and leafy greens since April 17th with the exception of a few meals when I had cooked vegan foods (vegetables, rice, tofu, multigrain bread.) I enjoyed those meals immensely though they were NOT worth it at this point. My intestines slowed down significantly in the days following and actually, I’m still feeling the effects of some cooked veggies nearly a week later.

This week I made the decision to go FULLY RAW for as long as it takes to heal on a deeper level and get my digestion working properly, because I 100% believe I am going to make this happen with diligence, discipline and hard work. I never thought digestion would truly improve. Now, I’m seeing many glimpses of a bright future and I keep visualizing myself with the body I want, running around, working, having babies and thriving. I’m going to keep my eyes fixed on this. I’m going to keep my eyes fixed on THE LORD, my shield, my strength, my guide and my Healer. I know He is leading me on this raw journey. He is answering the prayers of so many of you by showing me a way when I thought there wasn’t one. THANK YOU for continuing to fervently pray over these last 3.5 prayers. And thank you for continuing now!

I feel like I am praising Him with every bite I take. Why? Because I’m eating directly from the Earth He created! I’m treating my body the BEST I possibly can. I’m honoring Him with my body and decisions and listening to what He asks. This is a hard journey. And yes, I’m loving the taste of everything I’m eating ((I love that fruit is basically mush when it’s ripe so I feel like I’m eating fully solid food even though it’s mostly water)) BUT I still live in a world where I cook (vegan) for my husband, drive by restaurants on every corner and eat COMPLETELY different than anyone I’ve ever met. This is hard. I remind myself that this type of action and willingness to take responsibility for my life rather than playing the victim card, takes COURAGE. And it’s okay for me to call myself courageous. Courage is DOING something in the midst of fear and the unknown.

Fruit is nature’s candy! One bite of sweet, juicy fruit feels like an indulgence..a dessert! You could literally eat banana ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. add in a salad somewhere or make your banana ice cream with the addition of greens and BOOM, you’re all set! Fresh, good produce feels like such a treat to me. I even love and crave the taste of a crisp head of romaine lettuce. It’s a gift to eat so simply, without the needs for flavor enhancers, chemicals, processing, tons of salt or sugar. Fruit is truly the best type of fast food– simply wash and peel, chopping is required for some…but it seriously does not get much easier, healthier or more delicious.

I’ll touch on this more in the future…currently I’m experiencing a deep level of detox and it stinks. It feels like the flu. My body hurts extra. My skin looks terrible up close. I’ve never had much acne but now I have all these little bumps covering my face and  part of my neck. They feel/look gross. This tempts me into wanting to get a hot broth based soup to soothe me or a big plate of steamed veggies or dive into some soft bread. Don’t get me wrong, these foods can be healthy and wonderful! But, currently, they wreak havoc on my body. After removing added salt (plants have natural sodium-I am getting enough but not too much sodium each day) and spices, my puffiness has decreased and I’ve put less stress on my body. I HAVE to stick with leaning on the power of raw fruits and greens to heal my body and I know that quitting and giving in simply for the feeling of comfort or conformity is NOT worth it. I’m actually thankful for this level or detox because my body is entering into a “healing crisis” which means a deeper level of healing is happening.

DO HARD THINGS, people! LIVE with courage. LIVE with faith. LIVE different. BE BOLD. and PUT IN THE WORK. LISTEN to your body and your Creator.

The challenge for most people with this style of eating is learning to re-think portion sizes. 300 calories of cantaloupe means I have to eat 1.5 medium melons while 300 calories of cheese pizza is one slice. You have to eat large volumes to get the calories and honestly, it hasn’t been hard for me to eat larger quantities because the water content helps the food to still light and never heavy.

I’m excited to have you all along with me for this journey. If you see me at a wedding this summer, a restaurant, a family/church function you’ll understand why I have a giant bowl of romaine, or an entire cantaloupe or huge green smoothie. My calorie intake is still at least 600 calories below my minimum goal (we must rethink calories and stop considering them all bad– we need ENERGY to thrive– think about WHERE you are getting your calories from rather than how many) but my nutrient targets are maxed out every day.

For example, I’m getting a minimum of 3,000% of my iron needs every day… 200% fiber… 2,000% Vitamin A, 3,000% Vitamin C and 1,300% Folate… I am a little low on protein (I’m so close) ONLY because my calories are low. If you eat sufficient calories of any diet, you are getting adequate protein. In America we need to be concerned that the majority of the population is getting way TOO MUCH protein and NOT ENOUGH fiber, nutrients and essential minerals.

Anyway, I’m planning to post an update each week along with sharing informative posts answering questions such as how do I grocery shop? How much do I buy? What do I eat in a day? How much does the food cost? How do I handle social situations? What benefits am I noticing? And many, many more, IF there is something you are specifically interested in knowing please let me know!

If you are still reading, thank you. Thank you so much for your interest, support, encouragement, love and prayers. I am incredibly grateful for this little platform the Lord has given me to tell of His glory and His story.

Until next time… eat your fruit and veggies, my friends!

For more: listen to Still Waters Blog Podcast available for download, here.

38 thoughts on “How I’m healing my complicated disease with a raw fruitarian diet

  1. Hi Mallory,

    What a story! You’re a very brave woman. This makes my own health problems seem so small and insignificant, so thank you! But I know for sure you’re on the right track. I’m on a raw fruitarian diet also, for 1 year already. There are many others like the Texas fruitarian, dehappy5 , and Megan Sherow. You can also look at all the dr. Robert Morse YouTube videos or the Arnold’s way Youtubes. The 80/10/10 diet is very healing. It may take a while, but the body can heal itself! You must believe that. I wish you all the best on your journey!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well, I don’t know yet. That depends on my healing. Right now, I can’t digest any starches because of a leaky gut (meaning: too little stomach acid+too little gall), but when I’m healed, maybe raw till 4, like Lily Koi Hawaii? And maybe a raw eggyolk once in a while like the doctor in Denmark who healed her breastcancer, Kirstine Nolfi? Or perhaps a tiny little bit of raw goats cheese once in a while? It’s hard to say. But right now I’m reading The Live Food Factor of Susen Schenck. 650 pages of rawfood information! It’s wonderful. Maybe something to read for you too. Inspiring stories from others too. My skin is absolutely amazing on 1 year raw and I used to have ulcers in my intestial tract; but not anymore! I’m a lot less stiff, I sleep better, mood is better, the toilet is better, energy is a lot better …


  3. I haven’t read your entire blog yet, but I understand you have NO pancreas at all? Am I correct? Then you’ll need all the enzymes from the raw living foods. There’s a whole science behind it. The body also requires no insuline on digesting the mono sugars from fruits. So no pancreas activity. That’s why diabetes type 2’s heal on a raw fruitarian diet. Listen to dr. Robert Morse! I’ll never go back to my SAD eating patterns, that’s for sure! I’ll always stick to healthy eating. As much raw as possible. Just watch your teeth extra carefully with all those fruits. There’s also something magic about the combination fruits+greens. Fruits=vitamin C. Greens=chlorophyl/oxygen. Vitamin C+oxygen=healing. Yeah! You’re on the right path Mallory! Hang in there. It took me 3 months of detoxing and then the energy came.


    1. That’s correct…no pancreas. I have to take pancreatic enzymes to be able to break down ANYTHING that isn’t a clear liquid because my body can’t produce them on its own. But the fact that the living foods are full of enzymes is amazing! I had an auto islet cell transplant which means my insulin making cells from the pancreas (what I had left) were harvested and transplanted to my liver. So my body is capable of making insulin when I need. I’m trying to preserve those cells for as long as possible. I didn’t realize that fruit sugars required no insulin…wow…that’s extra amazing for me!! Thanks for the encouragement!


  4. I was just as surprised as you are, but that’s what doctor Morse says: the digestion of fruits requires NO insulin. The fruit sugars are absorbed directly into the bloodstream (if I remember correctly) But regular doctors don’t know that. As a matter of fact … they know nothing about digestion and healthy food (sorry to say so). All they’re taught is pills and potions by the pharmaceutical industry. It’s not their fault. But no pancreas … I didn’t know it was possible! You poor thing. Are you taking digestive enzymes as well? Or papaya enzymes, pineapple enzymes, kiwi enzymes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The pancreatic enzymes are digestive enzymes. I’m not taking any papaya enzymes…maybe something to try? I’m watching his videos right this second to learn more. Living without a pancreas is very very rare and considered quite new in the medical field. It’s certainly not ideal but the options were either get rid of it and have a second chance to live or keep the diseased one and continue to suffer endlessly and eventually die from that sickness. I’m sort of a walking miracle!


      1. No, no, the answer was the 80/10/10 or the fruitarian diet all the time! Even with pancreatitis. That’s the sad thing. Have you checked your email adress yet, by the way?

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      2. I know! I wish I would have known this before everything happened I definitely would have given it my all before resorting to the extra suffering and permanent damange. I just looked! Thank you SO MUCH!!


  5. I have several autoimmune conditions and I have been eating mostly raw, mostly fruit for about an year and a half. My conditions have improved dramatically! I am on my way to healing fully and it is the most exciting time in my life. I’ve been isolated from family and friends because of the mystery surrounding my illness(es) for so long that now that I’m feeling better and out-and-about again, I feel like I’ve been re-born. Here’s to life anew for you and me! The way you’ve managed your health situation is remarkable. Way to go. You are a rock star!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sandra, that’s very interesting to me because I have an auto-immune condition myself. A hair disease called Brocq pseudopellade. I’m getting bold. I’ve been a raw fruitarian for 14 months now, and so far I see no improvement in my hair. But I do see other improvements. Maybe it takes longer, because I’m 59. Mallory certainly is a rock star! And a model …

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      1. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had much luck with the raw fruitarian diet when it comes to your issue with hair loss. Maybe you might try thyme for this. Steep fresh thyme to drink as a tea or use the oil of thyme on your scalp. I’ve read it helps. I’m following Anthony William (Medical Medium) protocol and have had tremendous results. Thanking God every day. I wish you well, Cherise. Take care! 🙂

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      2. Hi Cherise, you could try what I am doing – adding a whole cucumber to my regime every day. I add some into my chopped salad and juice or blend the rest with apple. Cucumber is rich in Silica which is needed for heaps of processes in the body. Collagen & keratin production, strengthening connective tissue, preventing & reversing prolapses, for nutrient absorption & utilisation, especially calcium, for keeping bones & nails strong but flexible, for hair, skin, teeth, gums, etc. It is known as the ‘beauty’ mineral.

        All plant foods contain it but the cucurbitae family is some of the richest – and most hydrating. We don’t tend to th8nk of vegetable fruits as fruit, but they can be just as powerful.

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  6. Hi Sandra, thanks for answering me. I can try thyme oil or rosemary, but I believe my hair disease comes from the inside. It’s my liver, I suppose. And maybe a blocked large intestine. And I can’t do the andreas Moritz liver flush because it gives me eye damage. Hilde Larsen from Norway (raw fruitarian too, check the internet) did about 40 of them. That’s my problem. But I hope to clean my liver in time with the fruitarian diet and a little fasting and get my hair back. I know Medical Medium! It also will be published in Dutch – I’m from The Netherlands – in a month. There are many people who are healed by Anthony. Like Marina, the friend of the Texas Fruitarian Rebecca Rosenburg. I wish you good luck on your journey!

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  7. Thankyou for writing this Blog Stillwaters. I too
    After 21years of chronic illness (stomach caused) have been led to eating fruit and apart from a few ocassionally where I’ve eaten cooked food which has made me sick and set me back I am finally starting to see progress and not suffer symptoms from eating fruit. I can relate to all the social aspects of eating or not being able to eat like others and all the lack of understanding around illness and the isolation it causes and the physical debilty etc etc.. I just want to say that reading your journey does help me and give me strength to go on after all these years of suffering and no one having answers or their answers causing me more suffering as when you are sick and unsure of what to do you try anything. It’s not easy by any means but just having a system of eating that helps more then hurts is a major breakthrough for hope of recovery as that is fragile on my sick days and after so many years of no hope.
    Thanks again and I pray you are improving more and more since writing this and if we can help each other at all that would be great.
    Love and blessings
    Yana xx

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    1. Hi Yana, the same here! Your illness is stomach caused? You probably have too little stomach acid? This is often caused by stress (a low adrenal function). Read Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You by dr. Jonathan Wright. The fruit diet can be a real solution for sure! For both adrenals and stomach.

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    2. Hi Yana!

      Wow, thank YOU for sharing your story with me, thank you for reading this blog and for replying with such encouraging words. You have blessed me today with your comment!

      I’m sorry for what you’ve been through and thrilled that you are taking steps forward. I️ know the healing journey is truly a lifetime in the making and some days we feel completely frustrated and defeated.

      I’m so so thankful that my story somehow helps you and gives your strength. That makes me feel important and shows me purpose form my pain! Such an answered prayer.

      I️ would love to keep in contact if you wish! Please feel free to email me anytime!




  8. I just want to thank you for sharing your story. Reading about what you went through has given me the hope that I needed. I truly believe that a raw plant based diet of mostly fruits can heal the body. It’s only been a week for me, but I feel like I’m finally healing my candida overgrowth/leaky gut after years of suffering and wanting to give up. I think God lead me to this post, I can’t even explain how much hope your story has given me. So thank you thank you thank you for being so brave and sharing this. You will help so many people throughout your journey. Prayers and love being sent your way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jillian!!

      Thank you so much for reading and responding to me!

      Everytime I️ post I️ pray that God would lead His words and message to whomever needs them at the time. Reading your reply is an answered prayer for me!

      I️ wish you all the luck in the world on your journey and I’m sending prayers. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need help or just want to share!
      I️ would be glad to talk about anything!




  9. Hi Still,

    From what i read in books on digestion think you can also digest without pancreas, stomach acid and gallbladder foods like raw honey, iasmine rice, sushi rice other rice varieties need amylase from pancreas because their starch is amilose but sushi rice have amylopectin which seems to need only enzymes from small intestine for digestion. Also raw coconut oil can work but you have to make it yourself because what they sell is not raw and it will need lipase for digestion, when it is raw is have lipase, the same is true for avocadoes, it have lipase, olive oil is bad because it have no lipase.

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  10. I am so proud of you! Keep it up and do not ever stop being a Fruitarian. I am a Fruitarian and I am healing my daughter from Autism on a Fruitarian lifestyle. Make sure you are consuming 80% fruits and 20% vegetables. Make sure you stay away from GMOs and man made vegetables. Stay the course and you will have a wonderful recovery!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Stillwaters,

    You are such an inspiration and I am so grateful for your story! I have recently discovered Dr. Morse and his fruititarian diet which I have yet to implement. People of course think I’m crazy and then I tell them about your blog. Your story gives me so much hope! I have narcolepsy and cataplexy. Cataplexy is losing muscle control upon a sudden change of emotion. Anytime someone makes me laugh I would collapse without my meds. Were the bumps you got super itchy? Dr. Morse says it’s fungus trying to come out. I have started detoxifying through an ozone steam sauna, called the HOCATT, it stands for Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology, it essentially detoxes at the cellular level and whatever is coming out via my skin (third kidney) is making me super itchy so I had to stop for a bit. I’m worried that detoxing with fruit will make me super itchy as well. I scratch until I bleed and have developed cellulitis which is a skin infection. My dr gave me an antibiotic steroid cream because cellulitis can be deadly if it spreads without treatment. But dr morse says cream like that pushes the fungus back in. What’s one to do? I haven’t read your entire blog yet but wanted to say that my mantra going forward is, if stillwaters can do it, so can I. What you’ve been through is insanely tough!

    – Monika


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