#ThoughtofThanks: April roundup + the start of May 

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a #ThoughtofThanks post…maybe I’ve been too busy having fun? 
Honestly, April was such a fun month! Overall I’m making strides that are actually big in the scheme of my health progress & am finally starting to feel better again. Prayers for this to continue! 
Let’s take a look back at the last month & all the special, memorable moments that I’m thankful for…

EASTER 2017: This was the first year since becoming ill that I’ve been able to celebrate Easter with our extended family. Church in the morning  followed by an afternoon in Louisville with my mom’s side of the family. 

ANNIVERSARY + WEDDING WEEKEND: In honor of our one year wedding anniversary as well as in celebration of the end of tax season (YAYYY), Tyler took a Friday off work & we headed to Nashville for the day. We did a little shopping, found delicious vegan restaurants, & spent the night relaxing together at the hotel. After lunch on Saturday we drove to Bowling Green for a wedding. The wedding was beautiful & the whole night was a blast spent with some our best friends. 

FRUITARIAN LIFE: Y’all know that I’m constantly experimenting, changing, & tweaking the things I eat to accommodate my delicate system. It will ALWAYS be an oil free, plant based diet high in complex carbs and low in fat. But for the last three weeks my diet has essentially been super ripe/juicy fruit & leafy greens like romaine. I’ve been eating raw, easy to digest, high water/fiber foods that are gentle to breakdown. Right now this is working better than even my super-cooked, puréed foods. My body is responding well & I’m getting the best, purest nutrition by keeping it very simple with monomeals. To learn more click here

PHILLIP’s BDAY: Big bro turned 27 on the 26th & we had an awesome time celebrating on the following Saturday. A cookout, presents, sitting outside under the stars, playing darts, listening to classic rock & hanging out until midnight… We all genuinely love spending our free time together. We really are best friends! 

FRESH DO: I made a spur of the moment decision to take the plunge and totally change my look. I LOVE my dyed red hair but I needed the color to look more natural for the summer as the sun lightens it. I also loved having super long hair but a great deal of it was grown out, dead, sick hair. It looks so much thicker & healthier now! Sometimes you need a big change!

DERBY & SLEEPOVERS: Tyler spent Saturday in Lexington celebrating his friend’s last weekend as a Bachelor. I hung out with my parents, uncle & brother. We ended up making an awesome vegan spread (yes, my parents & Vince have been primarily living & thriving on this lifestyle) & Cameron even made some beautiful derby drinks. Of course, virgin for me 🙂 

After the derby, Erin came to our apartment for a Bff sleepover. We definitely don’t get to see each other enough so having the entire night to talk was awesome! Forever thankful for rock solid friendships like the one I have with Erin. 

Smoothies bowls for the sleepover 

I love sharing posts like these, expressing gratitude for the amazing gifts The Lord is constantly showering onto my life. No matter your circumstances, there is ALWAYS much to be thankful for. Let’s make Mondays better…rather than a dreaded day! Share your gratitude with us on social media using #ThoughtofThanks & don’t forget to tag @stillwatersBlog. 
That’s all for now! Until next time, wishing you a blessed week.


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