Reset & recharge in Folly Beach

Who says you have to be in school to recognize/celebrate Spring Break?!
Not me!
Last week I spent spring break in beautiful Folly Beach, S.C with my in laws! Tyler, who is in the midst of all-consuming tax season, had to stay behind for work. We missed him greatly but I’m so thankful for a partner who encouraged me to get away and enjoy the trip!
For good reason, I had my hesitations going into this trip. For one– other than our honeymoon I haven’t gone on a vacation since before I first became ill in Oct 2013. Second– trips aren’t typically realistic for me for a number of reasons. Third– Tyler or my parents are always with me if I go somewhere or do something. They are my safety net & they know how to best care for/help me. 
The idea of this trip felt right, however. I would be going with Tyler’s parents and sister (his brother & sister in law also showed up!) with whom I have a close relationship. I knew they would never put pressure on me to do something that would make me sick & of course they would be understanding on my needs. 
Emotionally & physically I was having a very tough time, feeling like I was going to explode, more ready than ever to NOT BE SICK. The timing of this trip turned out to be perfect. 
Our quiet, relaxing, peaceful week in Folly Beach brought much needed restoration for my body & mind. 
We (the girls) started every morning with gentle yoga on the deck, overlooking the ocean. Yoga has become quite therapeutic for my mind, body & soul. I absolutely loved listening the the sounds of the ocean while using my body to release pain, all the while praising God for His beautiful creation. 

The weather was warm but windy. On the beach the breeze was enough to freeze me out even wrapped up in sleeves and towels. So, we spent much of our outdoor time on the deck where the wind was less severe and the view was perfect. This made it easier for me go in and out of the house as I needed for rest.
Usually we went for an afternoon walk, up and down the street lined with colorful beach houses. Our house was only one mile from town where all the cute shops & restaurants were. There was so much to see in such a small area! 
We also had a girls day in Charleston (20-30 minute drive from Folly) where we shopped in the market full of local goods, then adventures through the city to gawk at the stunning real estate. 

Overall it was a super low-key week. The Lord definitely restored, renewed, & refreshed my soul in ways I desperately needed. He reaffirmed the direction of my dreams & re-encouraged my heart to continue working on my projects. 
I LOVED all the conversations, laughs, connection & growth in relationships that this vacation encompassed. I’m incredibly grateful for the family I married into who are some of my favorite people & close friends… What a blessing! 
It’s always a little sad to come back home after a great trip but coming home meant being back with Tyler, & there is nothing sad about that! We celebrated by going to a wedding & fun cookout where we got to visit with several close friends. 
I’ve got tons of recovering to do but my heart is full of smiles! Thank you to my Jenkins family for an amazing week. Thank you to my husband for pushing me to do great things. And thank you to my God for pulling me through & blessing every moment. As always I’ve got much to be thankful for! #ThoughtofThanks 

Enjoy the pictures! 

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