I made a podcast! What this means + How you can listen 

Last Friday I did something a little crazy… I recorded my first podcast. A few hours later, I recorded my second.


I downloaded a free podcast app & set up Still Waters Blog Podcast. I continued recording over the next few days & by Tuesday decided to submit it to iTunes for approval.


The process was supposed to take 3-10 days.

Instead, it only took two hours for my podcast to get approval.

It was not supposed to show up on iTunes for two days after approval.

Instead, it was published for the world to see later that same day.


The process of creating, recording, downloading, submitting, & gaining approval of my podcast was super smooth. And the fact that everything has fallen into place is validation & confirmation that podcasting is definitely a job God has called me to pursue.


Maybe you’re reading this & you’ve already listened to some/all episodes of the podcast. If so, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.


Maybe you’re reading this & you don’t even know what a podcast is! Don’t worry, you’re not alone, allow me to explain.


Podcasting is essentially internet broadcasting. Podcasts are audio files that appear as episodes, available for Internet download that can be played on a smartphone, iPod, or computer. New podcast episodes are automatically downloaded onto users devices once they hit “subscribe” to the podcasts they enjoy.


Basically…podcasts are like pre-recorded radio shows of all different lengths, covering virtually every topic you can imagine.


The beauty of podcasts lies in their accessibility & flexibility. Once a podcast is downloaded to your smartphone or device, you can listen anytime, anywhere, without using your data plan. I know countless people who listen to podcasts on their drive to work, during their workouts, as they get ready in the morning, during lunch/work breaks, on a walk, while cooking or cleaning, or as an intro to quiet time. As a podcast listener you have the freedom to access the episodes at your leisure, according to YOUR schedule!


How to listen to Still Waters Blog Podcast

  1. Visit itunes.apple.com/store
  2. Once you’re in the iTunes store, search “Still Waters Blog Podcast” (Also, you can search through the Podcast app on your apple phone).
  3. Click on the download button (looks like a cloud with a downward arrow.)
  4. Hit “subscribe” to automatically get new episodes each time I upload them.
  5. Listen!
  6. If you feel inclined, please leave me a review. Reviews help other listeners to find this podcast more easily.


Here is the direct link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/still-waters-blog-podcast/id1217853454?mt=2


In my first episode I explain why I decided to start podcasting… I won’t re-explain it on here so you’ll have to listen to hear that story 🙂 Listen here!


Still Waters Blog Podcast  is an extension of this blog. Podcasting gives me an effective, fun, personal way to share messages with all of you. You can hear my voice, you can hear my emphasis, you can hear my heart, & you can hear my personality in a way that written words cannot express. Podcasting gives me an opportunity to use my greatest God given talent: speaking. And even better? I can record a podcast anytime, anywhere… from the comfort of my bed, in my pajamas, without any fancy equipment, no matter how I’m feeling, podcasting is something I can realistically do.


I feel as though the possibilities are endless. Finally, this is something I CAN DO & keep up with because it requires less energy & less hands-on time than writing.


I’m beaming with joy over this new adventure! And I am so excited to share it with all of you. I have a wide variety of topics & ideas for the future of this podcast but I would love to hear from you… Do you like podcasts? What are some topics you would like to hear about? How about questions you’d love me to answer?


Please send me lots of feedback! This podcast is an intimate yet casual & HONEST conversation from me to you; I want you to enjoy listening as much as I enjoy talking.


Thanks for riding this roller-coaster with me!





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