Instagram video roundup for your encouragement 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

First off, thank you for your heartfelt, uplifting responses to my last post. This week I was able to schedule a last minute appointment at the motility clinic. They re-adjusted my gastric pacemaker device to the previous settings in hopes that I will get back on track to improving. 
Thank you for your prayers 💙

Lately I have been loving the Insta story feature on Instagram. I’ve gotten into a routine of sharing encouraging messages about 3mornings each week, creating them into a movie with the Quik App, then sharing them on Facebook a few days later. 

So, in case you missed them the first time  on Instagram (@stillwatersblog) or the second time on Facebook (Still Waters Blog) here are a few videos for your encouragement:

Healing germs the natural way

He will renew your strength 


A prayer for you 

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