The parable of the lost script 

Today was supposed to be my second edition of “Wednesday Wake Up Call” on the topic of Identity theft! 
No, I’m not talking about literal identity fraud…more like the ways Satan works as an identity thief to make us believe our identity lies in things of this world.

I have the post written out in my bed, just not on paper. And I could have used all of my energy late last night to work on it, but honestly, I don’t want to post anything that isn’t well-written. And I don’t want to make myself physically ill over a deadline that I set.

So, please forgive me. I WILL have a wake up call next Wednesday for you. 
In the meantime I have a quick story to share. 

The parable of the lost script:

On Saturday I spent a good chunk of my morning searching for the script (prescription) of an important medication. It was a medicine that I have to have to get through the day (although I believe many prescription drugs do nothing more than damage our bodies.) 
I thought I knew exactly where it was. I had seen it on our kitchen table…or was it magnetized to the fridge? Wait, I know I stuck it in my journal…did I move it to the desk? Oh! It was in my wallet…my purse? The end table in our living room? My nightstand?
No where to be found.
I began to feel frantic so I stopped searching in order to clear my mind, rest, & decided to let Tyler search with me when he got off work. 
He’s been finding my lost items practically since the day we met. I frequently misplaced my student ID & dorm room key freshman year of college. Tyler always found them within one minute of searching. 
When he came we started looking almost immediately. Two sets of eyes are better than one. Twenty minutes passed…no luck. Panic set in. I had enough medicine to get me through the weekend. On Monday I would have to either set up ANOTHER office visit to get the script or maybe I could reason with one my healthcare providers to write me a new one. 
I felt so stupid. 




And flat out MAD at myself. 
Yes, I am known for misplacing small things…but I am a good patient. I am so organized when it comes to my healthcare. It is my job. So why had I been so irresponsible with this important piece of paper? Why didn’t I fill the prescription the day I got it? 
The script was lost. And it was all my fault.
I sat down on the living room floor, beside the bookcase, and began to pray. I didn’t know how else to remedy the situation or at least calm myself down. 

“Lord, you are the God who finds lost things. I once was lost but now I’m found in you. Can you help us find the missing prescription? I know it’s a relatively small issue yet it feels so big to me. Can you lead me to it? God if I threw it away will you form a new one? You can make a new piece of paper before my eyes, will you? I know this is my fault. I was irresponsible. I’m the one that lost it and here I am asking you to fix it. You are the one who fixes all things. Fix this, please?
Lord, of course I will praise you when this is found. I promise to give you the glory. I promise to tell others of my God who finds lost things… Thank you for everything. I love you. Amen.”

I lifted my watery eyes to the bookcase & let out a squeal. Tyler jumped, startled by the sound, asking “WHAT?!”

Sticking out from the top of one of my books I saw a little blue piece of paper. I had already checked through the books & scanned the bookcase more than once. However this paper was obvious. 

I grabbed the book, opened it & my script fell out. Crying, I silently praised God then showed it to my husband who let out a sigh of relief. He even told me to stop crying, we found it. 

My tears weren’t from sadness. They were from relief, praise, joy & in gratitude of my Father who indeed finds all lost things. 

It made me consider how many times I’ve been lost in my own life. Countless times I’ve found myself back into a corner without a way to get out. Every time, even though my own actions & choices put me into the predicament, I called upon the name of the Lord. And He would find me. He would rescue me. And He would provide a way where there seemed to be none. 

I told Him I would give Him the glory before we found the script… I suppose He really wanted me to tell you this story. 

God is in all things. Even the littlest ones. And His goodness is easy to find when we simply open our eyes. 

3 thoughts on “The parable of the lost script 

  1. Mallory, I will use this story tomorrow as the devotion for the Young at Heart group prior to our traveling to Bardstown for lunch. I want them to understand the intent of your last paragraph–God cares about the small stuff in our lives if we’ll only turn to Him. Thanks for sharing this story.

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