The Christian resources I’m currently obsessed with

In a world that is oversaturated with blogs, websites, social media accounts, & thousand of books written on every topic, how do we decide which ones to use? 

The truth is that many of these resources are valuable, well-written, & potentially life changing. I encourage you to never stop reading, researching, & investigating 

However, below I’m sharing with you some of the Christian resources that I’m currently obsessing over. 

1. Favorite YouTube Channel:

Jon Jorgenson. With nearly 215,000 subscribers I’m clearly not the only fan of this quick-talking, witty man whose biblical teachings are not only interesting, but super easy to understand.


Jon got his start by sharing performances of spoken word poems he had written about the Lord. 

I love his “7 minute sermon” messages which are perfect for a day when I’m needing to hear truth but don’t have time for a full length message. 
Perhaps my favorite thing about Jon, is that he reminds me my beloved minister, Chris Kiger.
2. Favorite album: 
Chris Quilala, lead singer of Jesus Culture, released his first solo album in November entitled Spilt the Sky. 

Several songs on the album were written following the tragic death of his infant son, Jethro. In his mourning he writes of trust in Jesus, total surrender & His infinite power. 
The worship sounds a bit futuristic…it’s definitely unlike any other praise album I’ve listened to. I especially love the acoustic version of the album! 

3. Favorite ministry:

Soul Scripts By Jordan Lee is AMAZING. SS originally started as en Etsy shop with cute calligraphy & has since evolved into a full blown ministry (sorry guys, it’s super girly.)

I first discovered this resource from the Instagram account which provides daily encouragement & truth about being a lady after God’s heart. In December the website launched (its brand new) & it is pure gold. Jordan has “soul sessions” which basically virtual bible studies. 

She has also done live webinars & meetings to help other Christian bloggers figure out purpose & a business plan (Thanks, Jordan!)
Not to mention this website provides a way to connect with other believers in your state, online accountability groups, mentoring sessions & E-books!
The “Sisterhood” does require a monthly due for membership of $7… but honestly, this ministry has endless possibilities so I truly think it is worth it. 

4. Favorite devotional book:

Typically I am NOT a huge fan of using a daily devotional book. I think they can be a great help for quiet time, but also many tend to be very surface level which I don’t like. 

However, this one is wonderful. 

God’s Wisdom for Today: My Daily Scripture Devotional 

There is one study for every day of the year. 

The book takes you through Psalms, Proverbs, & Ecclesiastes. 

It is leather bound yet affordable. 

It is beneficial for believers of all ages & all walks. 

It is NOT surface-level stuff. 

At the end of each week there are extra questions to get you thinking/praying deeper. 

You can buy it at Barnes & Noble or online here

I like to use the book every few days & do 2 or 3 studies at a time. I use it more as an “in addition” to my Bible reading & journaling. But there are a variety of ways you could use & benefit from these teachings
This book is a great way to get into a daily habit of communion with Jesus. I’m currently going through it with a new friend as we walk through a mentoring/accountability relationship ❤️

And there you have it, 4 Christian resources that I am currently obsessing over! It’s super important to remember that your walk with the Lord is ultimately a personal relationship that FIRST needs to be built on prayer, scripture, & daily communion. 

However, utilizing available resources has truly helped my walk to grow in new, deep, fun & exciting ways. 
What resources are you obsessing over?

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