Our Christmas party in pictures 

My heart is incredibly grateful, thankful, joyful & all the other “fulls” for last night! I wanted to get lots of our friends together to celebrate the season since this will be our last chance to do something really fun for a while. 

(No clue what I’m talking about? You can read about my upcoming surgery here.)

The night exceeded my expectations. Over 20 of our beloved friends showed up to celebrate an early Christmas with us! Last weekend I had the idea to have a friends Christmas party. It turned out that this Saturday was the only date some of our besties could make it. Then, I found out on Monday that I would be having surgery in a week…so this weekend would be my only chance to do anything. Tyler’s work Christmas party also just happened to be this Friday– the only Friday we would be able to do. Isn’t it funny how that works? Thanks, God, for coordinating every tiny thought & logistical detail in our favor. 

When I mentioned the party to my Dad he immediatelty offered to give us the reign of my parents home. Our apartment never would have fit everyone. My Mom decorated the whole house to be a perfect Winter Wonderland. And my Dad, who is now infamous for his culinary skills, happily made some of his delicious appetizers. Everyone brought something tasty to add to the goodness. Let me tell you, this party had quite the spread. Seeing everyone chow down seriously makes me so happy. The smells, the sights of all the goodies are fulfilling for me. Too bad I never got a picture!

My brothers & sister all offered to help clean, decorate, cook, & buy whatever was needed. I love how protective my brothers & me are with each other. Phil was concerned I’d try to do too much & get extra weak right before surgery. He was happy to do anything I asked! I’ve said it many many times, but truly God blessed me with an amazing, amazing family beyond what I deserve. I’m so grateful for these people with whom I get to share my live, love, laughter & blood. 

And of course, Tyler. My heart ❤️ who patiently listens to me babble about all my crazy ideas & helps me bring the good ones to life. He does anything & everything to make me smile. After last night we decided this Christmas party would be a new holiday tradition for us! Since this is our first holiday season as a married couple I’ve been constantly communicating how important it is to establish traditions. I’m thankful that we now have one! 

Thank you to everyone who came last night, I can’t tell you how much joy & gratitude I have in my heart! There is nothing quite like a night of laughter, gag gifts, & carefree fun with your best friends & family. Tyler & I are blessed with many true, genuine, wonderful, big-hearted friends. We love you all!

This week was crazy; but I feel like we got to do lots of the Christmas things I knew we would miss while I’m in recovery. I’m ready to take on tomorrow & all the hard stuff to follow. I’m ready to start this process that I know will be painful & hard, with the overwhelming hope that a better future lies up ahead. Bring on this next season as I continue to trust in the Lord’s plan for my life. Whatever it is, I know He will use it to be something beautiful. 

 ” for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 

2 Timothy 1:7

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