Magic on a Monday: An anticipated call & a divine encounter 

Yesterday started out like any other Monday. I was woken up by a sweet kiss from my husband as he headed off to work. While my body slowly began to wake, my mind quickly registered the level 8 pain & glaring need  to pluck myself out from under the warm sheets & begin my regimen of medicines followed by IV fluids.

As I made my hot tea & grabbed my pills I played through yesterday’s Instagram stories (no shame here.) Suddenly my phone lit up with the name of my nurse at the GI Motility Clinic. I hurried to answer this much awaited phone call.

“Mrs. Jenkins, I’m calling to let you know your insurance approved…”
My squeals cut her voice off.
“That’s a great reaction! The surgeon actually has an opening for next Monday, as in one week from today. We will see you then for your surgery..”

Okay so the typical response to setting a date for a major surgery doesn’t usually involve squeals. But if you know anything about my history  you can imagine why I’m pretty jazzed about an operation. It means taking a step FORWARD. It means this new new plan that I’ve been hoping & praying would happen is ACTUALLY going to happen. It means NEW plans which could lead to BETTER days & a HIGHER quality of life. Need I say more?!

On Monday December 5th, I’ll be undergoing an abdominal procedure for the placement of a permanent gastric stimulator device. In the same way that a pacemaker uses electronic pulses to help the heart beat, a gastric stimulator (pacemaker) essentially shocks the stomach into functioning better than it does on its own.
Because of my severe GI issues (gastroparesis & low motility resulting in malnourishment & the inability to eat solids or much of anything) I need this device to function for my stomach, to make it move, contract & work instead of being paralyzed & sluggish. While this device is not a cure for the incurable gastroparesis, it is a treatment proven to be effective in many patients by lessening miserable symptoms like extreme nausea, vomiting, inability to eat most foods, & malabsorption/nutrition.
This will by far be the least invasive, shortest surgery in my serious medical history, but it is still real surgery. Real surgery as in knife to skin, cut open & big scars. We are hoping this will also be my shortest hospitalization ever as the plan is to send me home with a pain pump, eliminating the need to stay inpatient for pain management.


I’ll be down for a while. And by down I mean in bed, not leaving the house, Tyler totally caring for my every need, not texting, not blogging, probably not doing much of anything. For someone like me it’s almost impossible to really predict recovery time. I know that my body is constantly fighting through many things & I have to be patient with every long process.
Also, the eating stuff is not going to happen right away. And we cannot predict to what level it will improve.
Again, it’s a long process. It can take awhile (possibly many months) before the patient notices the help of stimulator because the settings are adjusted once a month until it reaches a level that helps. I don’t expect to ever eat like a normal individual. My goal food…a fresh salad with tons of delicious veggies. I believe I will get to that point someday. And the thought of that, a few bites of a runny egg over white rice, an apple, a bowl of oatmeal, grilled chicken, baked potatoes, non-puréed foods… makes me really really excited for the future.


As always I’m asking sincerely for your prayers. Thank you in advance for your faithful requests to the Lord on behalf of my family and me. It means the world to us.
As if the news of having surgery in ONE WEEK wasn’t enough excitement for this Monday, I had a divine encounter, a new God moment I had never experienced before.


A few weeks back I got rear ended while I was stopped at a light. Nobody was hurt. And I was really lucky that it wasn’t worse. The insurance company of the other driver was great to work with & very swift to access the damage & get me a check to cover the cost of repair.


More than anything it was inconvenient. I was a little shaken, especially because this was probably the fourth time I had been behind the wheel in over a month. I thought, “Of course, this is just my luck. One of my chances to have a little freedom & this is what happens.”
I wanted to have my car repaired right away but I had to wait until after Thanksiving because of the short work week.


So, I took my car to the body shop yesterday & waited for the rental company to pick me up. When we arrived at Hertz I walked in & began answering questions in order to get my rental car. The branch manager, Sherri struck up a friendly conversation during the process. She commented that Hinton’s Body Shop was one of the best, everyone had great things to say about their work. I agreed with her & told her I went to church with the owner & his family.


“Really? That’s great…I’m hoping you can help me figure out the name of a former customer of mine. He’s been on my mind and I have to know whatever happened to him.”


“Okay,” I agreed, “I’ll do my best.”


She began to tell me the story of a man who rented a couple time a few summers back. He was making trips out of state, to seek treatment for his sick daughter. She had some type of awful illness that her KY doctors weren’t sure how to treat.
The man always rented an SUV…you see, he needed room to fit the large pole that the girl had to be hooked up to. Plus she had bags of medicine & a wheelchair & she needed to have room to be comfortable for the long trip.


Sherri remembered the way this man loved his daughter. She remembered the tears in his eyes as he tried to explain the pain his girl was going through. She felt his worry & despair, she went into her office & cried then prayed after talking with him.


She remembered their conversation & that money was tight with all the medical bills & unexpected costs… large vehicles are expensive to rent. Sherri always worked to find him an affordable rate, she wanted him to be able to get his little girl to the treatment she needed.


As she told me this story I began to tremble, with goosebumps all over my body, I felt as though I would pass out at any moment. I grabbed my phone… I had to find a picture.


Sherri continued, “One day the man stopped coming to rent cars. There was one trip he was supposed to take but ended up canceling…& that’s all I know. You see, I’ve been trying to find out what happened to this man & his daughter. I’m worried. Worried that he stopped renting cars because something happened to that girl; she was so sick, in really bad shape & I’ve wondered if maybe she didn’t make it. I’ve worried & prayed for these people. Do you know who they might be?”


I turned my phone, showing her the picture I found.


“Is this the man?”

She zoomed in & her eyes widened.

“YES! How do you know him?”

Shaking, crying I answered:

“That’s my dad…I’m the sick daughter.”


Sherri looked back at me in total disbelief. In fact, I think she almost fell out of her seat. She put her hands over her mouth in shock & cried many tears. Both of us were short of breath, partially laughing, but mostly crying. Trying to make sense of what had just happened.


I could see her brain processing the entire conversation, analyzing & processing me. I began to tell her a small bit of my story from where it left off two & a half years ago as she gathered herself. We hugged, multiple times. We took a picture together. We talked about my dad & the lasting impact he made on her life.


We talked about faith.


We talked about how this moment was so clearly orchestrated by the Lord. If I had never been in a wreck we wouldn’t have met. If I had chosen another rental service, we wouldn’t have met. If I had been able to have the repairs done last week, we would not have met because she was on vacation.


Even one different choice, however meaningless it may have seemed, and we wouldn’t have arrived at this moment.
We would have missed out on this divine, God filled, God centered moment.


Many tears continued to fall as we finished the actual business of issuing a rental car. But both of us were distracted by the goodness of the Lord & His perfect timing, His perfect way of bringing all things full circle.


I began to pray in thanks to Him for this Holy experience. I thinked Him for working through my story touch & impact the lives of others. I thanked Him for the geneority & prayers of total strangers, like Sherri who blessed me in ways they will never know. And I praised him for how far He has brought me; thank you that those worst days of all seem so far in the past. I’m guilty at times for feeling stuck in my present suffering/sickness & failing to acknowledge how much worse it all used to be.


I don’t quite have the words to illustrate the magic of that encounter. I wish I could make you feel that crazy-cool feeling which surged through my system when I realized I was hearing a story about my life.


I wish I could show you a video of her reaction upon realizing who I was & the genuine love I felt in her hug.


My God is not a God of circumstance but a God of intentionality & perfect planning followed by flawless execution. He knows what He is doing. And when you trust in that truth, He will reveal Himself all around you one ways you never ever imagined.

My God is certainly a God of magical moments & magical days like this Monday. He knows when, how, & where to answer our prayers. Tonight I go to bed with an anxious, courageous, & full heart for all the things that were & all that is to come.


We had the blessing of spending the evening decorating Christmas trees at church with our life group! We haven’t been able to join them since the end of September.


Thank you for your love & prayers, especially as I prepare to head into surgery. And if I don’t get a chance to write to again before next week, I wish you all a Merry (Jesus centered) Christmas & a Happy New Year!

See you in 2017, friends!

21 thoughts on “Magic on a Monday: An anticipated call & a divine encounter 

  1. Praise His Holy Name! I am rejoicing with you and my heart is full of wonder and amazement and thankfulness to God for working in your life on this Magic and Miracle Monday.

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  2. Wow, you certainly had a remarkable day yesterday! It’s so amazing that you met this woman at the same day your surgery was approved & scheduled. I can’t even imagine how the two of you must have felt when you realized that she was talking about you & your father.
    This was truly a day of God’s divine timing & miracles!

    Sending love & prayers ❤️

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  3. Mallory, you continue to inspire with such beautiful testimonies. I will continue to remember you in prayer in hopes that brighter days will soon be yours to enjoy.

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  4. Mallory, so happy to hear that you’re going to be able to have your surgery.
    Thank you for sharing and realizing that it wasn’t by chance you met Sherri, it was orchestrated by God. Thank you for using your beautiful talents for God.

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  5. Omg what a beautiful. Story magical. Tears. Thanks for sharing you and your family will always be in. My prayers so happy for you and your news. Prayers from my heart always

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  6. What an awesome GOD moment. It is hard to comprehend but HE is intimately involved in each and every persons life and uses them to turn others to HIMSELF. HE is using you Mallory in ways you will never know this side of heaven. GOD bless you and your upcoming surgery. And you’ve caused my eyes to leak something awful.

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  7. Prayers for you on your upcoming Journey! God is good always! I work at First Christian in the Preschool program, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for decorating the trees so beautifully! All of the kids are in awe of the beautiful Christmas trees! One even commented on how special Jesus must feel to get to see the tree all day! Prayers flowing for you!

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  8. Mallory – your story was shared by a friend. I am very happy for you and know EXACTLY how receiving that telephone call felt. I had the same one a few years ago. Praise God for his work in your life. I will pray for you and your surgical team. And for a very speedy recovery. It will not be easy but God will reward your faithfulness and will get you through.

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  9. I LOVE the story of this Divine meeting!!! AND for the quick approval and scheduling for your surgery!!!! May God do “exceedingly and abundantly BEYOND all that you ask or can even imagine!” Praise God!! Love you Mallory!

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  10. I literally cried buckets of tears reading your story of meeting Sherri. Oh wow, that is a divine intervention. I will keep you in my prayers sweet beautiful girl!


  11. Praising God for answered prayer through this surgery Mallory! I loved your sweet story of how the Lord connected hearts and lives through compassion, prayer and even car accidents. Amazing Grace:) Looking forward to hearing more about your improved ability to eat in the days ahead. What a perfect Christmas gift ! Thank you Jesus.


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