#ThoughtofThanks: Cold photoshoot & cozy Saturday

This was a good week.


I’m not quite sure what was so different about it but I felt extra happy, joyful, & grateful. I think getting away last weekend to Somerset was the refresher I needed to get re-encouraged after many extra-hard weeks.


This week I saw more people, places, & things than I have in a while. My normal weekly routine involves staying with my uncle, Vince, a few days a week while my parents are at work. But because of my recent setbacks & hard weeks of being extra sick, we haven’t gotten to spend any of our normal days together since the end of September. Thursday was a victory for me!


This weekend was a good mix of having some fun & getting lots of rest. My new friend, Mackenzie, is a talented photographer responsible for the professional quality pictures I have been sharing. She got a new camera, & Tyler & I had the honor of being her first human models. We had a great time with this cold morning, quick shoot. I’m excited to see the pictures & begin sharing them with all of you!


Here’s a preview:

Picture courtesy of Mackenzie Lee Photography
Picture courtesy of Mackenzie Lee Photography


It’s a total God-thing, the way Mackenzie & I began working together. I had been praying about Still Waters & asking God for clarity on the direction He would want it to grow. I know that pictures are a HUGE part of drawing in readers, especially on social media sites such as Instagram. My low-quality Iphone pictures weren’t cutting it…& I could not keep using wedding pictures to go with my messages. As I prayed for help finding someone local to take my pictures as an act of love (I do not make money blogging) I came across Mackenzie’s photography page & felt lead to reach out. She responded with such excitement & told me that God had actually laid this idea on her heart as well! Isn’t it awesome how He does that?! I’m thankful for this new friendship with my talented sister in Christ.



Check out her business here.



The rest of Saturday was spent watching football & shows from the comfort of our couch…along with our special visitor, Vince! Vince had a sleepover with us while the rest of our family attended the U of L/Wake Forest Game at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. They had an awesome time tailgating, cheering on the Cards & celebrating a victory! Though I’ve been missing out on things for three years now, it’s still hard for me to constantly have to say “no” or to not even have the chance to say “no” because it’s already understood that I cannot participate in many things.

However, we very much enjoyed our cozy night with the best uncle around!

Finally, I want to share my heartfelt thanks for every veteran who has served in the history of our great nation. I’m proud to be in a family with a rich history of service: both my grandfathers were Korea & Vietnam war vets & career servicemen; my uncle, cousin, dad & multiple great-uncles also served & sacrificed. 
After a tumultuous week of dissension among the American people, I pray all veterans still felt appreciated for their courage & sacrifice. Thank you for fighting to protect our freedom which is too often taken for granted.

God continues to amaze me with His grace, mercy, love & blessings that never cease. Everywhere I look, He is there! Thank you Lord for going before me & standing beside me.

What are you thankful for, today? Share your attitude of gratitude with the world using the tags #ThoughtofThanks & #StillWatersBlog. Don’t forget to tag me @StillWatersBlog 🙂

Sending lots of love,





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