When the world labels you remember these words

You are chosen.

You are called.

You are a work of art: designed, created, & admired.

You are accepted–never rejected.

You are enough.

You are strengthened, restored, & upheld in righteousness.

You are hand picked to be exactly who you are.

You are a child of the King.

You are one who belongs.

You are not lost, for you’ve already been found in Him.

You are forgiven & free.

Most importantly… You are L O V E D.

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Lee Photography

He who began this good work in you will carry it out to completion… and He is the only One who has the power to do. Of this promise you can be sure.


Friends, you will NEVER be good enough.


But God still says:


“You already ARE enough.

Stop trying to earn my grace… you’ll never be perfect.

Stop taking credit for the good works in your life…you’re not the one who makes it happen, I am!

Stop waiving conditions in my face or threatening to turn your back if I don’t show up in the way you please.

I AM the I AM. That means I don’t have to answer for you to still have faith.

And I alone am MORE than enough to fill every inch of your soul.

I am on the throne no matter who is in power.

I am in control no matter how hard you try to take the reigns.

Let me steer.

I AM your Father, so why won’t you obey?

I AM also your friend, so how come you rarely talk with me?

I AM your King, so why are you hesitant to hand me your life?

I AM life abundant, so what’s stopping you from living in me?

I AM the Maker of everything, so why won’t you acknowledge me?

I AM the way, truth, & the life, so please my dear child, stop fighting me & just let go.”



You were created for a perfect purpose. You were formed to face your fears with a shield of faith. Your purpose far exceeds human understanding. And when the thought of acting in faith has you scared to death, remember that Jesus never leaves our side. He is the one orchestrating our lives, changing hearts, & winning souls. He is the one leading us to higher ground.

Jesus wants you… ALL of you. He chose you when He created you. He will never reject you, label you, hurt you, turn His back on you or leave you alone. We are His children, His chosen people. And In Him alone we are fully embraced & accepted unconditionally.

This world viciously tries to tell us differently. Satan plants evil lies that make us question our worth, our belonging, & our reason for living. Disagreements among us lead to name-calling, character assasinations & total misunderstandings. But in the middle of this confusion & lies, God’s word remains steadfast & unchanging.


CLING to His promises, people.


C L I N G.


We have H O P E in His glory. And we have an identity in Him that can never be shaken. When the world tries to tell you everything you aren’t, I beg you to remember all the things that YOU ARE.


You are loved.


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