Instagram roundup + #FacesofFaith

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I’m not the most consistent blogger.

I would love to be, I try my hardest to be, but with the way life looks for me it’s just not possible to stay on a multiple posts a week schedule. 

And that’s okay!

Social media helps make up for gaps in posting content. Instagram & Facebook are life savers. It’s quite easy for me to post a catchy picture & short message of encouragement. This keeps readers engaged (I hope) & encouraged to continue in their faith. 

Spreading the love of Christ is most important. 

#FacesofFaith is a new series I created to showcase the fact that followers of Christ do not look any one way. There are many faces of faith! Everyone has a unique walk with Christ & a unique perspective to share. I wanted to give readers a chance to share their heart with others. #FacesofFaith is a weekly feature you can find on the Instagram & Facebook pages!  

In case you missed them, here are the first four lovely ladies & their stories:


Up first… My amazing cousin, Aly 💕 

“Faith to me is so much more about a relationship than it is about religion. Every action that I do or don’t do is based on that relationship. So in my daily life when I’m making decisions it’s less about “is this right or holy” to me and 100xs more about “is this the decision of someone who loves her maker and her savior or the decision of someone who loves herself?” If I have a right relationship with God, I will not willfully choose to do things that hurt that relationship. If all I’m doing is following rules then it’s so much easier to fall away.” 

PC: Allison Grace Thompson Photography

Meet my beautiful BFF Erin….

“I grew up with two parents who love the Lord. This meant going to church was never optional, bible verses were engraved into my mind, and being a Christian was just naturally a part of who I was. As I’ve entered into adulthood, it’s been challenging, amazing, and interesting to make my faith my own. I had periods where I wanted to be far, far away from the person I had always been- but somehow God always finds a way to bring me back to Him. I’ve learned so much about myself and about my God during my post college years and I’m growing more thankful every day for a Father who loves me despite my flaws.”

PC: Allison Grace Thompson Photography


Introducing the infectious Ms. Taylor…

“Coming from a small town in KY & a loving Christian family, God has always been part of my life. However, I don’t think I truly understood how immaculate God’s love & mercy were until I grew up & figured out faith for myself. From my initial plans in college changing, leaving me to feel like a failure, to an engagement that was ultimately not meant to be… there was one constant through all the hard times: the love I felt as a child of God & that feeling of knowing He truly had a plan for me. I’ve learned to praise God in the hard times, just like I would in the best of times because ultimately He has better plans for me than I ever would for myself! I believe in God not because my parents raised me to think that way, not because there’s a church on every corner of my hometown, but because I have seen & experienced the magnitude of how awesome He is.” 

📸: @storybookphotographybyindia

Last but not least, sweet Emily…

“I grew up in a military, Christian home, with parents that loved the Lord. As I got older, my faith could have moved mountains. However when I left for college, I struggled immensely. Around my second year I felt alone, afraid, & my faith was dwindling. I could feel myself struggling to stay above water in every aspect of my life. I lost sight of God. I doubted everything that he had done & blessed me with. But one night I opened up my dusty bible & read Psalm 143:8… everything changed. God put someone in my life that opened my eyes & reminded me of God’s wonder. My husband has pushed me to grow in Christ & that’s what I needed. God never turned his back on me even in my darkest days. Although days of struggle will come, I know His plans for me are beautiful.”

PC: Emily Wakin Photography 

If YOU would like to be featured on #FacesofFaith shoot me an email at 💕 I would love to feature more faces & more stories! 

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