#ThoughtofThanks: Halloween happenings

BOOO! Are ya scared? 

Happy Halloween, y’all! 

Halloween can be such a fun day. I know there are lots of people, especially in the Christian community, who do not believe in acknowledging the holiday because of the dark undertones. And I totally respect, and understand that. 

For me, however, Halloween was always a blast. My mom is super creative…growing up she could convince me to be just about anything she had in mind. Every year we had a great time putting together ideas, creating homemade costumes from stuff we already had, and truly getting into character.
 I was everything from Rapunzel (fitted with a homemade crown that sprouted fake hair longer than my 6 year-old body), to a colonial soldier (My Mamaw made this for my dad when he was in elementary school), to Pippy Longstockings (I had wire in my hair and a monkey on my shoulder.)

Halloween to me means escaping your reality for just a bit to play dress-up as someone else…someone you would never be in your everyday life. 

Tyler & I are scary movie lovers. If a film has been made in the last 10 years under the “horror/scary” genre, chances are we have watched it. Probably more than once.

We have been watching spookies non-stop the last two weeks. Our lights were turned off for most of this weekend to set the perfect atmosphere for watching classic horror films. 

Halloween to us means spending quality time together watching “our” type of movies…for Tyler it’s actually all about the candy! 

On Friday we had the chance to get out of the apartment, spend time with friends and socialize. Normal things like going to the grocery store, grabbing a bite to eat, going to someone else’s home, seeing friends, going to a movie, or into a store… those are things we treasure having the opportunity to do. Because normal things are not a given when serious sickness is your third wheel that never leaves. This continuously teaches our hearts to be grateful for every single blessing no matter how small or mundane it may seem. 

If you keep up with me you know that the month of October has been especially hard. And full of set backs, new problems, immense pain, and debilitation. 

So, this week’s #ThoughtofThanks is in honor of our first/only night out of the apartment in the month of October! My brother Phil and his wife moved into their first home last month. They invited us, my other brother, and 4 close friends over for a Halloween hangout. Although it was not labeled a costume party, I sure as heck was not going to pass up my single opportunity in years to dress up! My dad suggested a “Vampiress” in light of my red hair, pale skin, little body and the fact that I love to wear leather. Perfect idea, Dad!

Even vamps have to take their medicine.
My handsome victim!
Just your typical group of friends…plus a vampire.
The Chaney siblings…someone doesn’t quite belong.

Thanks Phil & Jamie, for a night of laughter, good conversations, Cranium, and fun with friends! My heart is still smiling! God continues to give us more than we deserve to be thankful for. 

What are you thankful for today? And what does Halloween mean to you? Share with me on Instagram @stillwatersblog or on Facebook–> Still Waters Blog; using #ThoughtofThanks. 

Wishing you a wonderful week & a safe Halloween night! Don’t let the ghouls get ya! 


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