This uplifting cd will force you to smile

Have you ever met someone famous?

How about this…have you ever known or had a personal relationship with a famous person?


My answer to these questions has always been no.

But now, that’s changing.

I know a soon-to-be celebrity and have the honor of listening to him lead worship on Sunday mornings at First Christian Church.


Meet Mark Melloan.



He’s a Believer, Husband, Father, Singer, Song-writer, Musician, Bandleader, Producer and Recording Artist! Mark comes from an amazing family who are well-known, loved, and highly respected not only at our church but in the Hardin Co. community.

Mark’s latest album, “Hallelujah Love” showcases his talent and range in 13 songs, carefully crafted to entertain, uplift, encourage, inspire, and spread love. His songs are a mix of country, rock, pop and bluegrass all rolled into a unique sound that makes for easy listening.


Every time I listen to one of Mark’s songs I cannot help but smile. From uplifting lyrics like, “There’s no good way to live when you’re outta love” and “No trouble’s gonna steal our joy,” to the distinctive sounds of his guitar, this album is filled with quick to memorize songs that make you feel good from the inside out.


Typically, I cling to one or two songs on an album and play these favorites on repeat continuously for weeks at a time. But the more I listened to “Hallelujah Love” the more I realized I did not have a standout favorite… I wanted to put the entire CD on repeat!! And I truly believe you will too.


My favorite thing about this album is that fact that Mark has utilized every single God-given talent and combined them into something beautiful for the glory of the Kingdom. This album is not overly or obviously in the Christian genre. You will hear the name of the Lord in some songs and the mention of the devil in others. But the witness is subtle with lyrics that talk of finding joy, choosing happiness, standing together, holding onto love, and giving to others. I love that subtlety. I love that believer and non-believers alike could sit down to listen together without it seeming “off-putting” or “pushy” or anyone feeling as though Jesus is being shoved down their throat.



Okay… enough from me! Now it’s your turn to take a listen and form your own opinions of this music that I guarantee will make you smile. Below you will find link’s to Mark’s Facebook page (Go give it a like and share!), to his MUSIC VIDEO, and most importantly to his website where you can listen, learn, and BUY his uplifting music.


So do me a favor and GO check out my favorite celebrity!






One thought on “This uplifting cd will force you to smile

  1. I agree completely with your recommendation of Mark’s cd and appreciate so much your description of the music and lyrics. It’s a witnessing tool to God’s grace, to the importance of true love, to family and so much more without being in your face witnessing. You nailed it when you wrote this, Mallory.

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