#ThoughtofThanks: Babies, Besties, & Big Wins 

In my last post I shared a bit of my heartache after an expected disappointment last week. On Wednesday I’ll be sharing the story & feelings of what lead to my despair.

A dark cloud seemed to look over me through the week. I allowed myself to cry & journal, to stay silent & process, but also express my frustrations when the words came upon my lips. The Lord made His presence known to me & as the days went on I began to feel more whole & hopeful.

And the timing of this weekend couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve shared many times that making plans of any kind is quite frustrating. I never know what kind of day I will have even from hour to hour. Tyler & I try to make plans for fun as much as we can but we are often disappointed when having to say “no.”
After working overtime several days, Tyler was able to take the day off on Friday. And so our weekend began early!

It worked out for us to visit my cousin (who played a big brother role for many years in my life) and his growing family. Aaron & Bekah have two precious kids, just adopted a beautiful baby girl, & are barely a month out from giving birth to a baby boy. On Friday we had the opportunity to visit with them and meet our newest family member, Mia. Holding a newborn in my arms totally melted my heart ❤️ Catching up with my cousin & his wife, & watching Tyler play with the kids elicited all sorts of fuzzy feelings!

On our way home from Lexington we stopped by to visit some of our besties, The Dowells (Steven & Tyler were each other’s best men) and ended up having a sleepover. I love when fun opportunities pop up without requiring much effort or planning! Spending a Friday night away from home, in a different environment, surrounded by so many people we love was a great blessing!

Saturday included an AWESOME football game! As a die hard U of L Cardinal fan, Saturday’s defeat over No. 2 FSU may be one of my favorite football games EVER. We watched, cheered, & celebrated with my brother, parents & uncle! 

THEN, it just so happened that our other best friends, The Ruby’s (Erin was my MOH) came for a visit! The whole day felt like a slice of Heaven to me. I’m always amazed at God’s perfect timing. When I’m weary & in need of rest, He finds a way to deliver. When I’m sad & in need of a pick-me-up, He flawlessly orchestrates time with loved ones & schedules that magically sync without prior planning. 

On Sunday we made it to church! Worshipped our Lord & spent some time with my dear Abuela & uncle who has been battling major health issues since July. I’m so thankful to see him doing well in his recovery, full of smiles & ready to tell stories! 
On this Monday I’ll admit that my body is extra fatigued yet my heart is extra full. My cup surely overflows!

 What are you thankful for today? Share your Thought of Thanks using the tags #thoughtofthanks #stillwatersblog 💕

4 thoughts on “#ThoughtofThanks: Babies, Besties, & Big Wins 

  1. Of course one of the many blessings I receive is having someone like you that takes the time and makes the effort to share their life with me. God puts people in our lives for a reason! I am so very sorry for your health issues. I would take them away if I could. However, you are so ready to find peace and joy and to spread it around. I really look forward to your posts. They remind me to appreciate what I take for granted. You are one of my “m’s” in my prayer list. Marcia, mallory, marla, martha, ms. Miller. Have a great day even if it is monday.

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  2. As I was fumbling my way through The Welcome yesterday in worship I recognized you and Tyler. Often times when I speak I scan the crowd, see faces, but rarely does my brain say, “Hey, that’s so and so”. On rare occasions my brain will connect the dots, I’ll see a face, and then have the name to go with it. Yesterday when I saw you and Tyler my brain connected and said, “Hey, It’s Mallory and Tyler!” So, just know that in my ignorance, immaturity, and sometimes aloofness I do have moments of lucidity where faces have names. (Did I just use aloofness and lucidity…correctly…in the same sentence?? Have a good day Mal. hug Old Man Jenkins for me!

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