Ten things you need to know about me 

Ten things you need to know about me:
1. I’m obsessed with my new hair. It’s lightened up a bit with every wash so it’s not as purple/mahogany looking. I feel confident and fiery and like a new version of me.

  1. I’m also obsessed with hair buns right now. The double space buns are my jam…my space jam. I also love the half bun (which I swore I hated when the trend began) and you just can’t beat the ease and cuteness of a classic messy topknot.

  1. I LOVE the fall. Yet fall does not love me. Would you pray for me?

  1. Fall is realllyyyyyy hard for me. The season marks 3 full years of serious illness. October/November are the anniversaries of my major surgeries. October was the month we found my tumor, I withdrew from college, suddenly dropped my entire life & entered into the world of fighting to live.

  1. I struggle with depression & anxiety more than ever in the fall. The changing leaves & cooler temperatures bring a cloud over my soul. It forces me to remember hard things. Nostalgia can be such a thief.

  1. This morning I found my work badge from my internship at the Corvette Plant. I was employed there when my life turned upside down. I cried when I found it. How different I looked, how different I was…how different it all was.

  1. I’m itching to bake an assortment of treats with all the gadgets and pretty things we got as wedding gifts. I just don’t have the physical stamina right now.

  1. Lots of ideas are floating through my mind of material I want to write and someday publish. Journals, devotionals, studies, cookbooks, etc.

  1. We’re finally plugged into a life group at church and we love it. It’s awesome to have a community of friends in our age range to fellowship and praise Jesus with.

  1. Over the next month we will celebrate my brother’s birthday, our five year dating anniversary, our five month wedding anniversary, and the marriages of 2 sets of dear friends!

For everything good and bad, easy and hard, joyful and saddening, I praise Him.

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