#ThoughtofThanks: Rounding out summer

We blinked & it seems summer (as determined by the school year) has come & gone. School is back in session. Since my mom is a full-time educator this means that my days with Uncle Vince have started back up. On the days that he isn’t at his day program, I spend the workday hours with him at my parents house. I am his caretaker & he is my giant cuddly teddy-bear. We definitely take care of each other.
As always, there is MUCH to be thankful for! I’m starting today with an attitude of gratitude & sharing a #ThoughtofThanks roundup for the end of the summer.

August 2, 2016…my first solo drive since Oct. 13′!

Once we got married Tyler started dropping me off (to be with Vince) on his way to work. When my dad got home, he would drive me back to our apartment. Luckily we live exactly ONE MILE apart. Still, I’m eager to gain more independence in areas that I can…and my car from college was just sitting on the driveway waiting for me to use. So with encouragement & cheerleading from my family I decided to do something brave. I started driving myself…for the first time in almost THREE FULL YEARS. I’m not ready to take off all-around (that takes more stamina & strength) but I am good enough to take myself around in our end of town (I went into the store alone!!!) If nothing else, to my parent’s house & back. I feel FREEEEEEEEEE from adult prison…so confident….so blessed…and so much more ready to take on the world.

August 5, 2016…Vincent Wayne’s birthday!

The infamous “Uncle Baby”had his 53rd birthday! Doesn’t he look closer to 33?! Anyway the day included a birthday celebration at daycare with his friends (they had cupcakes & presents)… He got a new tshirt that he absolutely LOVES & had to put it on as soon as he got home that day. That evening we had a family party complete with vibrant decorations, McDonalds burger & fries for V (he has that every Friday night & it’s his FAV), lots of presents (his favorite was a new baby doll), and a scratch-made chocolate cake! Vince & I baked that up the day before (you can follow our adventures on snapchat @malloryc26.) It was a great day. Honestly though, as long as Vince got his Diet Coke & burger, a cake, and had all his kids around him to sing him Happy Birthday…he would have been just as happy. He loved the special attention & was so cute to watch him clapping for himself before & after blowing out the candles.


August 6 = five year class reunion!

It’s unbelievable to me that I have been graduated from high school for FIVE YEARS ALREADY! That makes me feel a little old. High school was such a wonderful, fun, challenging, growing, & blessed time for me. Central Hardin was an awesome school & I forever have my Bruin Pride! So when I heard we were having a five year reunion, I knew this had to be a big goal for me to attend. Fortunately this plan has been in the works for nearly a year. I loved getting ready beforehand with one of my high school BFFS, Kelly (top left.) I kept saying it felt like old times when we did everything together…sometimes the best part of going to an event is doing your hair & makeup with your girlfriends then talking about everything after! I felt like Kelly & I had a friend date night that brought me back to a carefree time in life & made me forget the worries of life. I also loved seeing & catching up with some of my other high school best friends.

bottom left: Taylor, I went on my first date with him! 😉

Big picture: left, Kaylee, we played soccer together & track for a few years. Towards the end of high school & the summer after we were attached. Right, Drew, you may recognize her as my MVP wedding planner! We also ran track together & have gotten super close again in the last two years. Love these wonderful people!
This weekend was JAM PACKED:

Friday date night at home!

We had a trying, painfully hard week. I wasn’t feeling up to going out for a date but thought my husband deserved a special treat for the way he selflessly cared for me with extra love this week. I made his favorite butter/garlic steak (seared in a cast iron & finished in the oven) with homemade Alfredo sauce (his favorite!). For me, of course a puréed vegetable soup also homemade. We used this as an excuse to finally eat at our kitchen table, use our gorgeous China, monogrammed glasses & wedding napkins. I’m a huge fan of date night at home!

A shower for dear friends!

Our good friends, Jenna & Caleb, had the sweetest couples shower. Every couple got a different holiday & bought a gift that went with that holiday…I think they are set for all celebrations through the year. It was great to spend a few hours with our friends from church, both our age & above (my parents were there!). Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!

We decided at the last minute to hit the road after the shower and surprise Tyler’s mom with a sontaneous visit to Somerset! Shelly’s birthday was on Subday. We knew she would be both surprised & thrilled if we showed up at the house at 10:15 on Saturday night. On Sunday we were able to worship together, have a birthday cookout at the house, then enjoy some time around the pool with everyone. Our little girl cousins (ages 2 & 4) are always SO much fun to play with…they make me feel loved & they give Ty baby fever. I wish I had gotten some pictures on my phone but the fact that I never even pulled out my phone, means we were having a blast living in the moment!!

This week I will focus on REST. Taking care of my body is my priority & there are times I push myself much too far.

I choose JOY. Today & everyday. I choose to focus my attitude towards gratitude & praise rather than focusing on my pain & hardships. Jesus is more than enough for us all yet He continues to shower our lives in BLESSINGS. The good ALWAYS ouweights the bad. Today I challenge you to seek out reasons to be thankful!! Share them with me using #thoughtofThanks #SWB & don’t forget to tag me (Instagram: stillwatersblog.)

As always I am eternally grateful to all of you who faithfully read & support my journey…THANK YOU!

Wishing you a blessed week,


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