Are you talkin’ to ME?!

Are you talkin’ to ME?!

Has that ever been your response to a moment of promoting from the Lord? Personally God has never spoken to me in a loud, booming, audible voice. But the Holy Spirit certainly prompts my heart often, in a variety of ways. And when the Lord is giving you a message…you know.
At Life Group this week we talked about being a witness and we read the story ofAnanias  witnessing to Saul (who later became the apostle Paul.) Read the story here.

Witnessing is… scary…it’s intimidating… We worry about what others will think of us if we share our faith with them. We worry they will feel judged…we worry our words will get jumbled…we worry we will lose their trust or the relationship will change. More often than not, we allow fear to overshadow our desire to be obedient. And so the message God wants us to give, never gets delivered.

Imagine if Ananias had never been brave enough to witness to Saul? Ananias had a real reason to be scared…Saul had a reputation for senselessly KILLING Christians. But God told Ananias to GO, so He did, in spite of his feat. He listened, obeyed, and trusted God to be faithful in what He asked. Aren’t you glad he did?Just try to imagine how different the Christian faith would look without Paul.
The Lord is faithful. You can trust Him. When you feel an unexplainable prompting or urge to DO something for the Lord…Just Do It! (Please don’t sue my Nike).

He will not lead you astray. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Trust what He is saying & where He is leading, even if it seems strange. God has a history of telling his children to do things that make them look a little cray cray. Yet in the end, His plans always prevail. I bet those onlookers who called Noah insane for building the ark, found themselves wishing they had been onboard (literally & figuratively) with his insane actions.
God is faithful.
God provides.
God KNOWS what He is doing.

So next time you hear a tiny voice telling you to GO, I pray that you would act without hesitation. You never know…you could be Ananias witnessing to the next great apostle Paul. You never know if you never try. Better to try & be turned down, than to never take the chance & live with regret.
Let us encourage one another in Christ Jesus with love & truth.

Wishing you a wonderful week,


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