#ThoughtofThanks: June & July Roundup

If you keep up with me via social media (Instagram: stillwatersblog) (Facebook: Still Waters Blog) then you know that my summer has been CRAZY. From my best friend’s bachelorette party & wedding, to multiple birthdays (Mine then Tyler’s then Jamie’s), to suffering through additional immense physical pain. It’s been filled with wonderful blessings but also many days of misery. 

I try to update those accounts as much as possible, but when it comes to writing actual blog posts…I’m struggling. The desire, drive & passion is there. I have lots to say! So much that God continues to teach me, that I know He wants me to share with you.

But honestly, just taking care of my own needs requires the majority of my energy. And now that I am married, it’s incredibly important to invest everything I can into loving, submitting, & enjoying my husband. Since the beginning of June I’ve been consistently experiencing some new & worsening pain. I’ve felt totally debilitated for the better parts of many days, doing my best to give my body the total peace it needed & trying to avoid the hospital. After being treated by a few antibiotics for infection, I’m actually starting to feel better. And relief of ANY pain is ALWAYS deserving of a #ThoughtofThanks. 

As always I have much to be thankful for! 
Here are some highlights of the summer:
The first weekend in June was spent in Gatlinburg celebrating Erin’s bachelorette party! This was a trip that wouldn’t have been a possibility six months ago. Luckily, I was able to attend and participate in many of the memories. Spending days with friends without any family there to help take care of me is a huge step of independence and something I have not done in years. 

Two weeks later we celebrated my 23rd birthday! Such a blessing to see another year of life. Birthdays are big for anyone, but especially those of us who have felt the scary reality of fighting to see tomorrow. My actual birthday was a pain-filled down day BUT I had a fun time with my family two days before & felt so special & loved. 

The next weekend = WEDDING DAY for the Ruby’s! Friday was Tyler’s birthday…we celebrated the night before at his parents house since his actual birthday night was spent at the wedding rehearsal. Friday night was a sleepover with all the bridesmaids at Erin’s house. And the wedding day was perfect! Gorgeous weather, gorgeous decor, gorgeous dress and a way more gorgeous Barbie-doll Bride! Standing as Matron of Honor was an absolute honor and watching my best friend commit her life to an amazing man was both surreal & beautiful. 

Because the wedding fell on a long weekend, we had some great family time with the Jenkins crew on Sunday!

This weekend, Tyler & I actually got to go on a date!! This is something we would like to do more though it’s not usually realistic. Most of our weekend was spent with just each other’s. It’s great to have fun with family & friends but I think quality alone time is so important for a marriage. We enjoyed going to the farmers market, trying out new recipes, watching good movies & shows, church on Sunday & catching up on valuable sleep. I even decided to start back up my baking hobby. 

When I wake up each morning I have a grateful heart. This is not of my own creating…it’s totally from the Lord. HE changes hearts & attitudes. Through my journey with serious illness I’ve learned to be thankful for EVERY tiny blessing that surrounds my life. Adopting an attitude of gratitude changes EVERYTHING, y’all. Will you try it today? 

What are you thankful for this week?
Share your posts with me on social media using the tag #ThoughtofThanks đź’•

With love always,


3 thoughts on “#ThoughtofThanks: June & July Roundup

  1. Wonderful that you have this full life now, but so sorry you still have so much pain. I have been sick for almost a month now, myself, and it is the pits. Difficult not to be able to go and do as I was used to. Love you, Mallory!

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