#ThoughtofThanks: Wedding Pictures!

We’re just over a month into married life and there’s one word that sums up our experience:




Total bliss in the mundane routines of life,

total bliss in paying bills,

total bliss in doing dishes and laundry,

even total bliss in the suffering and sickness because I have a selfless husband who makes me feel totally taken care of, valued, and loved.

Today, and every blessed day of life, my heart oozes gratitude for bliss.

However, today’s #ThoughtofThanks is in honor of the WEDDING PICTURES that our gracious photographer just posted on her blog! I could go on and on regarding my love for pictures (especially these) — capturing a priceless moment in time in one tiny frame makes me seriously giddy!


I met Allison during my last two months of college when she was a new member of our sorority. I never had the chance to build a friendship with her but right away I did notice her talent for photography and hard work ethic. On the night of our engagement she texted me with genuine words saying she was interested in being a part of our story which she had followed and prayed for.

Gods hand was blindingly evident through the entire planning process as the perfect vendors, perfect situations continued to fall into our laps.

And Allison was definitely the perfect photographer.

We are so grateful to Allison for capturing every special moment, every laugh, every tear, and every terrible dance move on film! Follow the link here to see all the gorgeous pics!

What are you thankful for today? Post your pictures and thoughts of gratitude using the tags #ThoughtofThanks and #SWB; and if you are on Instagram give @StillWatersBlog a follow!

Wishing you a week of bliss,


One thought on “#ThoughtofThanks: Wedding Pictures!

  1. I am thankful for the joy you share with us and the bliss you share with Tyler and how God has blessed you both with your Miracle Wedding. Our God is so loving and caring.

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