Summer Devotional Help

How many times in my life have I vowed to make quiet time with God my priority yet failed to make it a habit?


Too many.


Seriously, I’m not someone who quits at ANYTHING…well besides the most important thing which is spending time with Our Creator.

Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

One month into married life and I’m on an emotional mountaintop. I feel connected to God through my husband, our love and the blessings that surround. Yet I’m honestly having a hard time getting into a solid routine of journal, study, prayer time. Life changes force us to adapt our habits and most of my habits transformed with ease. Again, with the exception of the most important one.

Why is it so easy to put anything in place of the God of everything?

In the last two weeks I’ve had multiple people ask me for advice on studying the bible…


What to study? How to study? Resources that I personally find helpful?


Wow, I’m flattered.

I’m prayerfully working on a post with insight and advice on what works best for me in hopes that it also works for you. I want to experiment some more and truly see what to recommend before I advise anyone. Above all, I strive for TOTAL HONESTY in my writing. I will never talk the talk to my audience unless I am authentically walking the walk.
However, today I encourage you to GET INTO THE WORD SOMEHOW. The Internet is an amazing resource filled with lots of FREE devotional guides geared towards every type of Believer.

The “challenges” below are all designed for at least 28 days of growth, to jump-start your walk with Christ and get you into a HABIT of daily meditation. The only way we can grow in faith is by spending time with God. The only way we can hear, or begin to know what God is saying is by reading His word and connecting through prayer.


How can we know God’s desires if we never speak to Him? How can we say that God comes first in our lives yet only reach out to Him on Sunday?

Join me in growing closer to God by committing yourself to Him through daily devotionals. Scroll through the list I have compiled below and find something that works for you and your family (simply click on the underlined title to view). These are all FREE and available on your cell phone, so you can literally carry your study with you wherever you go. Set a reminder/alarm on your phone, scribble it into your calendar- whatever you need to do get it done!

No excuses people!


FREE Guides:


  1. Colossians: A 28-Day Study— relevant to EVERYONE! Not gender or age specific. This is the one I’m including into my own study time. I like to read the passage, journal what stands out to me, journal the questions/answers, then end with whatever prayer & praise is flowing from my heart. Day 1 sparked many thoughts for me!

2. Author Rachel Wojnarowski studies- day to day reading guides for one month at a time. I’ve linked up two of her studies below, one focused on peace, one for conquering an overwhelming life. These guides are a wonderful way to stimulate your heart & mind; I encourage you to journal the verses each day then write down questions, thoughts, feelings, prayers. I love that Rachel includes additional resources and teachings on her website to help you along.

  • Perfect peace: Yes, this study was from last June, though it has not lost any relevance. The topic of peace, I’m finding, is one that many Believers continuously struggle with.
  • Winning over worry: Yes, this study was from last July, again no relevance has been lost. I encourage you to follow these two studies and you’ll have the summer covered!



  1. Whatever is True— family Bible study. A breakdown of Philippians 4 verse 8, highlighting every key term along with discussion questions. You can do one word each night, each week or every few days around the dinner table! This is a great way to get your children involved in a study… though I believe it’s applicable to any group of two or more. I’m a huge fan or breaking down even the most basic terms in order to grasp deeper understanding of their weight in the Holy Word. Even adults can benefit from taking a simpler approach to study.

4. Summer reading guides by Cheri Gamble — 10 weeks of reading for your children/teens along with discussion questions. Encourage your kids and teens to include this reading into their summer routines. Ultimately, faith has to come from one’s own heart… I hope this helps your beautiful kids find ownership in their walk.


  • The Call for young independent readers – geared toward your younger independent readers. The link includes all resources needed.
  • The Call for teens– study materials for teenagers! I believe this guide would also be helpful for baby believers of any age who are just learning the Bible and basic concepts of Christianity.



My Favorite Apps:

5. John Piper: Solid Joys — Relevant to anyone! Not age or gender specific. Daily devotionals along with stimulating questions and linked scripture. You can finish this devotional in five minutes, or if you have time to sit and write and think, it could take you 50. I love that many of these resources can serve as both a starting point and an entire devotional that you can personalize according to your own preferences. Get the app, here.

6. Redeemed Girl Ministries: females, age 18 and up. This app is more to supplement your faith as it does not include daily devotionals. However, the podcasts are wonderful (try listening to one during your workout, commute to work, lunch break, while relaxing in the evening) and so are the blogs which post every few days. Get the app, here.


For Purchase:


  1. Ecclesiastes: Wisdom for Living Well— Ladies, this is a 6 week study beginning June 13 through the book of Ecclesiastes. Each Monday the author will post FREE resources for the week of study and on Fridays she will share a video. All you have to purchase is the actual book! This would be a fun one to do with a group!


Brothers and sisters, time with God is invaluable in this life and even more in the realm of eternal life. I cannot say this enough… MAKE DEVOTIONAL TIME A PRIORITY!


If one of the above studies does not peak your interest, shoot me an email and I will happily help you find another. I can’t wait to hear all about your progress and growth! Which summer reading challenge are you taking on?


Through His love,






3 thoughts on “Summer Devotional Help

  1. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is a great daily devotional book that includes verses to read for that day. I find it is an uplifting, comforting book.

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  2. Your post was very relevant to what is going on in my life right now. Even though my children are grown and gone the aging process in our family has not been kind to others in my family. In fact, we have had two members of our family in the ER at the same time more than once. WORRY is my biggest problem because I am constantly thinking, “What if…?” Thanks for the list of excellent resources. I’m sure God will lead me to find just the right one for me. It’s great when the student becomes the teacher.:)

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