#ThoughtofThanks: Slumber party & church shower 

“Here’s a story 

Of a bride named Mally

Who was having fun with very lovely girls 

All of them were partying 

In cute pajamas 

Before the 23rd…

The bridal bunch 

The bridal bunch 

Oh how I love this bridal bunch!”
What a joyous Saturday & Sunday!
I’m still in disbelief that this weekend brought our pre-wedding festivities to a close as we are UNDER two weeks out from the big day.

On Saturday, my best gal pals (bridesmaids, wedding planner, my guest book girls, plus a longtime friend) threw me the perfect Bachelorette Pajama/Slumber Party.
Knowing a typical Bachelorette party was out of my wheelhouse and even dressing up and going out to dinner (where there is nothing I can eat) feels more daunting than fun…this type of old fashioned slumber party was perfect for ME!

Plus, everyone wore cozy pajamas the entire night & ate their favorite sleepover snacks …sounds pretty amazing, right?!

From the festive decor, to the hilarious games, fashion shows, & karaoke, my maid of honor did a fabulous job organizing every detail. Erin did GREAT creating a balance between planned activities & time to relax & truly enjoy the experience of simply being together. 


Did I mention that our one and only INTERNATIONAL WEDDING GUEST arrived to cherish this month with us? Marie, along with the help of Andrea (Ty’s sister) completely surprised the entire Jenkins family by traveling from GERMANY just for our wedding?!!!! We did not think she was coming…not at all. 

We are over the moon to have our beloved German sister (she was an exchange student who became a member of the family during her time in America over 4 years ago) here to make wedding memories with!! 


I loved sharing my embarrassing, funny, & sappy memories of each girl so the other ladies got a sense of every special relationship. Each of these gorgeous gals hold a special spot in my heart. 


Thank you:
Erin, Jordan, Jamie, Andrea, Marie, Drew, Kate, Sarah, & Kelly (Aly too!) for your beautiful impact on my life. Thank you for loving me, flaws & all, and making the effort to celebrate this upcoming wedding with me! Thank you for loving Tyler & encouraging our love to grow & grow. Thank you for giving me one of my favorite nights ever…and my first real night with friends in over 2.5 years. 

The party felt like a piece of my former life that I so desperately miss. 

 After the slumber party, we slept in late, took the morning slow and headed to my church around 2 for my final bridal shower.
First Christian Church has been a second home my entire life. The church nursery was probably one of the first outings I had as a newborn. Through my life, the people of FCC have been a constant. A constant source of comfort, strength, prayers, and encouragement in every valley and on every mountaintop.

Throughout my illness, this church family has absolutely gone above and beyond to show our family the love of Christ. They have prayed without ceasing for answers and healing and strength. They have provided for us emotionally, physically, financially, & spiritually. Without the support of our First Christian family, I believe my life would look drastically different. 

There are no words to tell them thank you, not only for this special shower but for a whole lifetime of selfless love. 

Thank you especially to this lovely group of women, who have known & loved me since before I was born, for your hard work & planning to throw a beautiful spring shower in honor of Tyler & myself.


Thank you Kathryn Hinton, Gena Mitchell, Angie Kiger, Pam Earles & Sherry Cofer…I love you all!!

 We are getting so close to the big day!


My role models: Shelly, my soon to be mother in law, and Maria my momma!

 Seriously, how beautiful are my friends?!


My wonderful aunts, Sandra & Mindy, and my Abuela! 


I squealed with joy when Marina, my GSP roommate showed up to celebrate!

Right now my heart is overflowing with gratitude for all these wonderful, selfless, & truly sweet women who bring great joy into my life. God continues to bless Tyler and I with the greatest support system which we are undeserving of, but praise Him for!

Thank you, thank you!

With less than two weeks until the wedding I am asking for extra prayers for rest, stamina, strength, & peace. I know He has already answered prayers for the big day & it’s going to be amazing! 

What are you thankful for today? Share your gratitude with me by posting your Thought of Thanks using the tags #thoughtofthanks #SWB 💕

One thought on “#ThoughtofThanks: Slumber party & church shower 

  1. All I can do is grin and cry as I read this post. We are all touched by– all things Mallory!!!!! (I loved your brothers, too,) This all goes back to a prayer that I said when we moved to Hardin County. Two jobs were offered to me here and I was led to teach at Lincoln Trail Elementary. That was where my path crossed with you and your family. God has been so good to me.
    I am looking forward to your beautiful day and the beginning of a new chapter in your life.
    Debby Couch

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